Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Lawyers in The World

The highest paid lawyers in the world in 2017, Key factors about the Top 10 highest paid successful lawyers

We often get into some legal issues which sometimes cause immense problem in our life. Such problems mainly arise owing our lack of knowledge in different rules and regulations as prevailed in the country. We will obviously need professional help to resolve such critical issues. Here we like to talk to the best lawyer who can easily make us free from such critical matters. All types of sensitive legal issues can only be resolved with the help of famous and well experienced law years. There are many famous and well renowned lawyers around the world who are paid a good remuneration.

List of Top 10 highest paid successful lawyers of the world in 2017

Depending on the skills, success and remuneration paid, we can take a look at the top ten highest paid successful lawyers in 2017.

1. Benjamin Civiletti: Benjamin Civiletti, aged 79 years, worked as US Attorney General. He is one of the reputed and experienced lawyers from the United States. He is the first US lawyer who charges $ 1000 per hour. He is paid so high obviously because of his maximum success rate. At present his is having a total net worth of $300000.

Benjamin Civiletti, Highest Paid Successful Lawyers in The World

2. Albert Stainoz: In the field of currency exchange we can should take the name of Albert Stainoz as the most experienced lawyer. He is from USA. He also possesses a smooth winning percentage of 99.43%. This is the reason that he earned huge money during his career. He possesses a total net worth of $320000.

3. Howard K. Stern: Howard K. Stern, one of the famous and highest paid lawyers, was born in the year 1968 in California. This famous attorney is the domestic partner of Anna Nicole Smith, famous model. He is presently having $400000 as net worth.

4. Stacey Gardner: Though she started her career as a model, but after completion of the law degree she started private practice. She is the best example of a good combination of both looks and brains. She is doing her work nicely in the high court in California. She is presently having a net worth of $540000.

5. Vikki Ziegler: Vikki Ziegler is one of the most talented lawyers from New Jersey in matrimonial and civic litigation. She handled many high profile cases in domestic litigation and have gained huge success. She completed her law degree from Quinnipiac College School of Law. She is also involved in doing social works for children and women. Presently she is having $570000 as total net worth.

6. Harish Salve: Among the eminent tax lawyers in India, we should take the name of Harish Salve at first. He was the Solicitor General of India for the period from 1999 to 2002. He has earned $ 600000 in his career. He has handled lots of high profiled cases successfully. Besides being a successful lawyer he is extremely passionate about playing piano.

7. Vernon Jordan: Here we can take a look at the profile of Vernon Jordan who is a successful lawyer as well as an activist. He is a civil court lawyer. He pays huge attention towards every case and this is the secret of his huge success. At present his net worth is $ 630000.

8. Thomas Mesereau: Thomas Mesereau became famous in the child molestation case where he defended Michael Jackson during the year 2005. He also handled high profiled legal cases of Mike Tyson, Robert Blake and many more. He has completed his degree from Harvard University and London School Economics. He completed his law degree from The University of California’s Hastings College of Law. He is holding a net worth of $ 650000.

9. John Branca: People from entertainment and fashion industry must contact with John Branca in any type of legal issue. He is the most reliable entertainment lawyers in recent age. He completed his degree in law from UCLA school of Law. His present net worth is $670000.

10. Jose Baez: Jose Baez has an estimated holding of $700000 which he earned throughout his career. After completed his law degree, he started his private practice. He is famous for lead attorney for Casey Anthony. He is also performing satisfactorily as faculty of Harvard Law School.

We will make sure that this list gets updated at regular interval so that you can stay updated about the successful lawyers of the world.

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