Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Indian Doctors

The top 10 highest paid Indian doctors in 2017, most Successful Indian Doctors .

Ancient India has been the base of the medical evolutions and the modern day India is having the most efficient doctors that have created revolution in the Indian medical science. You must be looking for the most efficient doctors, who will be the ideal one to provide the best treatment for you. It becomes a tough job for the patients and their family members to choose the best one. The ideal most of them can be easily identified by their success.

Presenting the list of most successful doctors from the land of India in 2017

The success factor for a doctor definitely depends on their treatment style and the challenge acceptance for critical diseases. Here is the list of the successful most doctors across India, whom you can refer. They dedicated themselves completely to reach this position and proving them as a name of trust in hearts of patient.

1. Balamuali Ambati- He is regarded as the master of ophthalmology. He has made significant change in the history of medical science. He has been a great support for the Indian and the world medical revolution. The significant participation of him in the role of an international doctor has placed him at the top of all the doctors.

Balamuali Ambati, Highest Paid Successful Indian Doctors

2. Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty- He has been a classic doctor who made the cheapest heart surgery possible in India. The success ratio in the cardiac surgery of this doctor has been more than 90% and that made him a star doctor and one of the successful doctors of modern times. He has been a renowned figure in India, in perspective of medical science.

3. Dwarkanath Kotnis- This incomparable figure is one of the top doctors who have dedicated his life for the treatment of the poor and the distressed. He is famous across India and his fame crossed the national boundary and reached China too. He has been one of the top doctors who can be regarded as successful in India.

4. Naresh Trehan- He is another great figure renowned for the cardiac treatment of his in India. He is known for the complex cases of cardiac and has been the chief of Medanta. The doctor has been one of the most famous doctor’s of India and his fame crossed the national boundary even.

5. Deepak Chopra- He has been famous in India, but his fame has been more in US. The doctor has been a great Physician and also has been one of the top doctors who have been known for the ayurvedic therapy in the western world. He has been a great contributor in the medical science in the recent past.

6. Aamod Rao- The great doctor has been one of the top doctors that are renowned for the cosmetic surgery skills and efficiency. The doctor has been one of the top names in the plastic surgery revolution in the world as well as in India. The fame of the doctor has been confined not only to the nation, but it expanded to US and other European nations.

7. Sanjay Borude- He has been specialized in treating the obesity and has been a renowned name in this field across India and in the obesity prone nations like US and UAE. He has been one of the top renowned doctors in the world that have cured patients with obesity, from the level, when all the other doctors gave up hope.

8. Ramneek Mahajan- He has been a master of Orthopedics in recent times. The master of the field has been one of the pioneers in the field across the globe. He has generated success in some of the impossible cases to gain the best success in his career.

9. Ashim Desai- The name of this doctor is pointed out by all the doctors of the nation as the best of the ENT specialists. The most important quality of this doctor has been the immediate success and that came through the cure of some of the critical patients and condition of them.

10. Lalit Panchal- He has been one of the top doctors in the world for spinal surgery. He has gained immense success and that made him a powerful and a successful doctor in his career. The superb effort of this doctor in some of the most critical cases has placed a great vow of the patients on him.

All these doctors are not only renowned in the nation but also in some of the foreign nations. They are ranked according to the popularity and success of them.