Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Ghanaian Footballers

The top 10 Ghanaian footballers who are enjoying good pay and good success in 2017, most Successful Ghanaian Footballers

Ghana may not be a big name compared to the other football nations but has already made a big impression. There are some excellent Ghanaian players about whom we know very little. In the below given list we will not see the ranking but will also get to know some amazing facts about the Ghana football.

Presenting the list of top 10 highly paid and successful Ghanaian footballers in 2017

This is a list of top 10 players who have set a benchmark in the history of Ghana football. The list of the top 10 most successful Ghanaian footballers are as follows.

1. Abedi Pele: The most talented and popular in the Ghana team. The Ghanaian footballer is the winner of African Footballer of the year for consecutively 3 times in a row 1991-1993. He was named as the third greatest African player of the 20th century by the International football federation of history and statistics. Abedi was the only Ghanaian player included in the FIFA 100.

Abedi Pele, Highest Paid Successful Ghanaian Footballers

2. Michael Essien: He is regarded as the world’s one of the best midfielders and he also has the capability of placing himself and playing in the back. He is also the most expensive African footballer of all times. Essien was first seen in the 2006 world cup but was quite unfortunate to be missed for four years due to injury. He has earned four league titles and seven domestic cups in two different countries.

3. Samuel Kuffour: He was first seen at the age of 15 when he became the youngest Olympic football champion in history with the Black Stars’ bronze at the 1992 Games. He was the runner up for two times in the African footballer of the year awards and was the three time Ghanaian footballer of the year. He is best remember for the unfortunate loss against Manchester United after breathtaking match.

4. Tony Yeboah: this Ghanaian footballer was voted Leed’s player of the year award. He has played for FC Saarbrucken as a striker and has also earned the accolade of Ghana’s player of the year. He is a very fine player with good skills for the international level matches.

5. Karim Abdul Razak: He is named ‘The Golden Boy’ and has played for the New York cosmos with Franz BackenBauer and Carlos Alberto after he moved to America. In 1978 he won the African Footballer of the award and the honor was given to three Ghanaian footballers including him ever.

6. Mohammed Ahmed Polo: this footballer is regarded as the most talented and gifted footballer in the Ghana football history and he has once claimed to be better than Lionel Messi. ‘Dribbling Magician’ was his nickname. He was there behind the victory of black stars win the African Cup of the Nations in 1978.

7. Ibrahim Sunday: He has played for the Arica cups twice but ended up losing. Although the loss was totally unexpected, and it is so because he managed to score in both semifinals but still lose the game. He has also won the African footballer of the year award in 1971.

8. Sulley Muntari: He was behind the 2-0 win against Czech Republic for Ghana and also against a comprehensive win against Uruguay. He has played for several clubs such as Udinise, Sunderland and presently playing for A. C Milan. He is best known for the times he played in A. C Milan especially after the Cup and Campions league in 2010

9. Asamoah Gyan: This footballer is highly praised all over and is regarded as one of the key components of the recent times in the Ghanaian football. He has played for Sunderland and is the captain of the national team of Ghana. He is also remembered worldwide for missing a crucial goal for Ghana in the World Cup 2010.

10. Stephen Appiah: he is the one of the most dependable and praiseworthy player of Ghana appearing Two times in the World Cup in the recent times. He was the Captain of Ghana in 2006 and was also seen in South Africa after four years from then.

The list of the names and information of the Ghanaian footballers are entirely based on their stills and records nationally as well as internationally. They are the players for whom Ghana is still remembered in the football world.