Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Female Athletes in The World

Highest Paid Successful Female Athletes in The World in 2017, World’s Highest Paid Women Athletes and Top 10 female athletes who earn most of all times:

Athletes do not make money only with the sports activities but they also have other sources of income like endorsement of brands, celebrity appearance in various events and many more are there on the list.

List of top earning female athletes of the world in 2017

Females are no less than males and to prove this here is the famous female athletes who earn the most. Here is the list of beauty ladies who have earned a lot in the fields and outside the court.

1. Maria Sharpova: – This Russian tennis queen is on top in the list with the annual earnings of the $24 million. She has won titles as well as fame in the field. She has done various modeling shows as well.

Maria Sharpova, Highest Paid Successful Female Athletes

2. Li na: – Again a tennis player in the list from china, she has annual earnings of $23.6 million. She is one of the best known female athletes in the tennis courts.

3. Serena Williams: – She has earnings of the $22million, surprisingly she has equal share of earnings from the endorsement deals as well as the game. She has endorsement deals with the major brands like Nike and Wilson. She is

4. Kim Yuna: – Just a 20 year old girl has created a motion in the world with her enormous skating challenge. She has jumped from two ranks and is on number 4 in the list. She has total estimated earnings of $16.3 million from which the major earning is extracted from the endorsement deals and remaining as usual from prize money. She has deal with brands like Hyundai and Samsung and also she earns from local brands a lot.

5. Dania Patrick: – Among few of the beautiful ladies on the field who run on with the wheels on racing track is one named Dania. She has been on the same position for the earnings for last two years with the annual earning of the $15 million. She has been constantly on number 5. She is estimated to earn $7 million from her win and rest from her endorsements. She has deals with major brands like XM- Radio, Coca – cola, Go – daddy etc.

6. Victoria Azarenka – A tennis player from Belarus who has recently seen a negative turn in her career with few injuries still she managed to be on number 6 in the list of top earning athletes female. She has endorsed deals with the brands like Nike, Red bull etc. he annual earning is $ 11.1 million. When it comes to her ranking from the tennis fields she is at number 2 in female list.

7. Caroline Wozniacki – Again a lady from tennis, she was at the top most position in most earning celebrity but she lost that rank still she makes enough to meet the list of top 10 earning athletes. She has signed endorsement with Adidas in the past year. She has been ranked as number 1 tennis player of all the times. Her total earning is estimated to be $10.8 million from her prize sun and her endorsements. She is Danish from origin.

8. Ana Ivanovic – Number eight on the list is Ana Ivanovic, who has three prizes in her basket for year 2014. Her total worth for year is $7.2 million. She earned 6 million from her endorsements and rest from her wins. She is famous tennis player playing from Serbia. And, one more news in this addition that she has endorsement with Adidas for lifetime. She is beauty queen of the Tennis fields. Her current rank in the tennis list is number 12th.

9. Agnieszka Radwanska – On the number nine, Agnieszka is there with the total earnings of $6.8 million. Her part income that is $3.8 million is earned from the prize money and the rest is from the endorsements made by her. She is richest female player of tennis who is on number 4th ranking in the Tennis world. She has signed a deal with Rado and a car manufacturing company. She hails from Poland.

10. Paula Caroline Creamer – She is golfer of American origin. Right now she stands at 2nd position in the women’s world Golf ranking. She is last in the list of highest earning athletes with the total income of $5.5 million. From her total earnings she earns 4.4 million from the endorsements she makes and rest is from her wins. She is one of the known names in the golf world. She currently have deals wits Citizen, Ricoh etc. last year by a win of she took home the amount of $210.

The above 10 ladies made their niche presence created in the field of sports and that’s the reason they are in a position to get paid heftily. They are inspiration for many women in this world.