Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Defenders in The World

Highest Paid Successful Defenders in The World in 2017, Highest Paid Football Players in the World. Take the chance to know about top 10 highest paid successful defenders

Soccer is one of the most famous sports within the world. Most of the counties in the world play soccer. Many talented players are there in the world and they play in various positions in a team. Whether it is a club championship or National Championship, every team needs talented defenders. Defenders can do a total change to a game.

List of top 10 highest paid successful defenders of the world in 2017

People, who love soccer, will surely like to know about the most talented defenders in the world. Here we can take a look at the list of top 10 highest paid successful defenders during 2017.

1. Cesar Azpilicueta: He is being considered as one of the talented defender in the world. This young defender is a famous name in the Spain National Football team. He is playing as full back both in club football and National football. In the year 2012 he joined in Chelsa. His success rate is 93 percent in tackling. In the year 2013, he played in the full side position for the first time and was selected for the World Cup.

Cesar Azpilicueta, Highest Paid Successful Defenders in The World

2. Winston Reid: This talented defender is from New Zealand. He started his club football career in the year 2005. Currently he is playing for West Ham United. He is one of the most dependable defender of New Zealand National Football Team.

3. Kieran Gibbs: Just at the age of 25, he has earned huge success as defender. He is playing for the England National Team and also he is playing for Arsenal. His preferable position to play is left back and he has scored plenty of goals.

4. Nathaniel Clyne: Nathaniel Clyne is considered as one of the most dedicated defender for his team. His preferred position is right back. He played for Crystal Palace during the period 2008 to 2012. Then he was signed by Southampton in the year 2012. He did 94 appearances for Southampton and scored 3 goals. He is in a 4 years contract with Southampton.

5. Ryan Shawcross: He is one of the most successful defender for the English National Football Team. His favorite position to play is Center Back. He played for many renowned clubs such as Manchester United, Royal Antwerp. Since the year 2008, he is playing for Stoke City. He appeared in 250 matches for Stoke City and scored 13 goals.

6. Jose Fonte: This famous and talented Center Back defender is from Portugal. He played for many reputed clubs and he is one of the most reliable defender in the Portugal National Team. Presently he is playing for Southampton where he scored 13 goals in his 205 appearances.

7. John Terry: Another reliable center back for England National Team is John Terry. Again, Terry is the most successful captain of Chelsea. He led the team to lift FA Cup for Chelsea against Manchester United. He made 78 appearances for the team England National Team and scored 6 goals.

8. Martin Skrtel: This famous and talented center back is paying for Liverpool and Slovakia National Football Team. He started his senior football career in the year 2001. Since then he has appeared 406 matches and has scored 22 goals in club football. He appeared for 73 matches for Slovakia and scored 5 goals.

9. Laurent Koscielny: Since the year 2011, he is playing as center back for the France National Team. He started playing for various famous clubs from the year 2004. He started playing with Guingamp. Currently he is playing for Arsenal and he is one of the successful players in Arsenal. He appeared in 147 matches and scored 11 goals.

10. Branislav Ivanovic: He is one of the most talented defender from Yugoslavia. He is playing for Serbia National Football Team. In the year 2002 he started playing for Srem. At present he is playing for Chelsea. Those who love to watch quality football can never forget the goal headed by him in Europa League Final. He appeared in 79 matches for Serbia National Football Team and scored 10 goals.

Those above are the top ten successful defenders who made soccer as one of the most famous games in this world. The game of soccer gets new meaning when we get to see these defenders playing on field.