Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Celebrities of The World

The 10 Highest Paid Celebrities In the world in 2017, The World’s Most successful and most Powerful Celebrities.

Celebrities these are regarded as nest to god by many. Their style, the ways they talk are the being all over copied. They act like inspirations for many either by entertainment or by social works. They are the ones to have walked through the red carpets many a times. Red carpets for them are like a balcony. They are the ones to convert a simple sentence into a brand title. They work hard for it, maintain themselves a lot. The do earn a lot by doing their own work and by making endorsing different world class brands. They are also involved in different award functions not only for taking the awards but also for hosting the shows. They are regarded as the god gifted people for the charm they have within themselves.

Check out the list of highly paid as well as successful celebrities from the world of entertainment in 2017

Celebrities are born to entertain the people with their talent and so needs to be rewarded well to get encouraged. We researched well to find the names of the highly paid and successful celebrities.

The list of the world’s most paid celebrity is as follows:

1. Beyonce: She is leading the chart with $2.4 million per stop. She is extremely talented. Her voice is praised all over. Her hit song ‘halo’ is on the chartbusters. She is extremely hardworking too. She has made her fans go crazy with her stunning looks. The way the she walks has already made a brand value and she has a long way to go further. Hope she stays at the top forever. She is also known as the ‘Queen B’.

Beyonce, Highest Paid Successful Celebrities of The World

2. LeBron James: the basketball player hits 2nd in the list leaving all the film stars and singers behind. Being a basketball player his height is all over talked about. He is also known as the king of NBA. He is involved in producing various worldwide famous brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Mc Donald’s, and etc. he has signed with many other brands and his clothing is full of promotions.

3. Dr. Dre: the American record producer and rapper is standing in the 3rdposition in this list by earning $620 million annually. He is one of the most talked about rappers in the world and recently got the position of the world’s highest paid rapper. He is expected to be the world’s first billionaire rapper. His music is loved by many from different corners of the world. He is also famous for rocking performances worldwide among the fans.

4. Oprah Winfrey. This lady is the 4th in the list. A veteran actor she is and she has got accolade for many of her extraordinary works as an actress. She makes huge money every year from the O magazine and from the XM oprah radio show. The first half of the 2014 is entirely spent in the red carpets by her.

5. Ellen DeGeneres: she is famous for her recent 2 records in 24 hours; the first is the no-famous selfie she took with a handful of celebrities and the second is her hosting in the twitter has been the most twitted.

6. Jay-Z: stands in the 6th position of this list are a world famous rapper. His music is being talked about widely. He is one of the leading rappers in the world. He has a wide range of fan following and has go the ability to produce various in his work. He has been meeting up with expectations of the followers of his from the past few years.

7. Floyd Mayweather: this guy is the first athlete to earn $100 million after tiger woods. He leads the with the 7th position.

8. Rihanna: the lady with a wonderful voice is in the 8th position of the list. She has been making beautiful music and producing hits year after year. she is one of the most talked about ladies of the recent times. She has a charismatic voice and stunning looks which attracts people from different corners of the world.

9. Katy Perry: the model to have lined up tours this year is in the 9th positions. She is one of the leading models of today’s world making hit ramp shows all over.

10. Robert Downey Jr: who else is unknown of his talent? I guess no one. He is the iron man, the Sherlock homes and many more in the silver screen.

The list is made based on their income pattern and their popularity worldwide.