Top 10 Highest Paid And Successful Boxers of The World

List of the Top 10 Highest Paid Boxers in the World in 2017, Greatest Boxers Of All Time.

The man on the ring not only fights heinous fights, but also earns salaries that put them to the talking point. Now a day boxing is a game of huge purse money making. Boxers are paid huge sum of money for their game. The name of the players seen fighting against each other on the ring often comes to talk for their pay packages. Even each other fighting on the same ring compared for their salary packages. Boxing is a popular game in many countries across the world. Countries like United States, UK, Argentina, Mexico, Ukraine, Philippines organized national level boxing tournaments. These tournaments are very much popular among the boxing lovers of these respective countries.

Presenting the names of the highly paid top 10 boxers of the world in 2017

Like any other game anticipators cheers for their boxers. People support each of these boxers as their favorites. The game of boxing is anticipated by thousands of supporters. Sports are meant for entertainment in real sense. Game of boxing no doubt adds much entertainment for lovers of this game. Boxing players are celebrities in this sense. These stars of game of boxing enjoy highest salary packages as well. They surpass each other in many occasions in terms of their earning.

Below is a list of top 10 highest paid boxing stars:

1. Floyd Mayweather Jr From United States: The highest paid athlete of last year 2014 Floyd Mayweather Jr himself top on the list. As of 2015 his earning stood at $ 105 Million. He is expected to surpass his own earning record in this year with lots of matches left ahead.

Floyd Mayweather Jr, Highest Paid And Successful Boxers of The World

2. Manny Pacquiao From Philipine: The 35 year old Philipine star made it second position on the list of top 10 highest paid boxers. His earning is more than one time lower than that of the topper of the list. Pacqiao earns $41.8 Million.

3. Wladimir Klitschko From Ukraine: Earning around $28 Million Wladimir Klitschko wrested the position of third on the list. He had a great boxing year in 2014.

4. Canelo Alvarez From Mexico: Only 24 years old star of the world boxing earns $ 21 Million. He had seen a tough year in 2013 defeating matches. But the following year that was the last year 2014, he got back to the fight.

5. Carl Froch From England: Carl Froch is the repeated title holder of United Kingdom’s most popular WBA & IBF Super Middleweight titles. The 37 year old boxing star earns $19.5 Million.

6. Amir Khan From England: The star boxer who could make him in sixth position on the top 10 list. His earning stood at $ 15 Million.

7. Miguel Cotto From United States: The 34 years old boxing star earns $ 8 Million. He is in seventh position on the top 10 highest paid boxers list.

8. Adrien Broner From United States: By earning little lower than Miguel Cotto the seventh position holder he made it in seventh position on the list. His earning is $ 7.5 Million.

9. Marcos Maidana from Argentina: The Argentinean boxing star earns $ 5 Million as salary, wresting the ninth position on the list.

10. Tyson Fury From England: The England boxing star Tyson Fury could only made him in the last position on the list, though earns same as the ninth position holder of the list Marcos Maidana. His salary also stood at $ 5 Million.

The above list of the star boxers earning highest is showing the popularity of the sports boxing. There is a big gap of earning ratios in compare to the topper to others. The gap between the position holders on the list in terms of salary is noticeable. Stars of boxing earning this sum of money may be a matter of debate. But their earnings give them celebrity image as well as taking them to highest heights they desire. Therefore the earnings of the boxing stars is exorbitant in terms of criticism.

The stardom they enjoy put behind the criticism they faces. Boxing is anticipated by thousands of fans across the world. So the talks about the game and the other things related to the game will keep adding talking points. Thereby the criticism will continue and so the game.