Top 10 Highest Paid Singers in The World

The World’s top 10 Highest-Paid Musicians in 2017, The distinctive factors about Top 10 highest paid successful singers.

There will be hardly any person who does not like music. Again, at present music has emerged as one of the most leading industry where lots of persons are earning good income. Some of them are earning more than any established industrialist. The main fact is that we all like to listen good music with good lyrics. These top singers always record nice music with beats and melody. This is the reason that we love to hear them.

List of Top 10 highest paid successful singers 2017

Many singers have become extremely popular in recent days due to their awesome performances. They have become highly paid singers all over the world.

Let us have a look at the List of Top 10 highest paid successful singers 2017

1. U2 : U2 is the famous Irish Rock Band. The group was formed in the year 1976. This group is possessed with four members as Bono, The edge, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen Jr. Till now U2 has released 13 studio albums. This group has reached to $200 earning and all expect that this earning may reach to $900 million though sell of tickets and albums.

U2, Highest Paid Singers in The World

2. Bon Jovi: Since the year 1983 till date this American Rock band is continuously making us charmed. The lead singer of this band is Jon Bon Jovi. Other members of this group are David Bryan, pianist and keyboard player and talented drummer Tico Torres. This band has already accumulated $200 million. The newly released album is worth at least $100 million.

3. Elton John: We all love to hear the great music of Elton John. He is a great songwriter, pianist, record producer and actor too. He is considered as all time favorite composer and singer. Throughout his career almost 300 million records have been sold and he just in last 12 months. he has earned almost $200 million.

4. Lady Gaga: She did extreme hardwork during her early life and now she is being considered as the rock queen. She has accumulated a handsome wealth and during past 12 months this rock queen earned around $170 million only from stage shows. She is also has working on radio play and on some new music recording. She is again read to be in the spotlight in the year 2017.

5. Madonna: She is now 56 but this is just a number. She is an ever green queen. She is still making people crazy with the outstanding voice quality and presentation. She has bagged almost $300 million during her recent tour. She is also being paid around $125 million annually.

6. Taylor Swift:: She is just 25 and within such a short time she placed herself at the top ten highest paid singers all around the world. This is expected that she will earn nearly $55 million through her studio albums. She was the youngest song writer who was hired by Sony. Her debut album Swift’s was released in the year 2006.

7. Beyoncé: Since the year 1997 she is reigning over music lovers. At present she is paid $2 million for every stage performance. She is ranked at the top 10 highest paid singers as she is earning a big amount of money from her clothing line. She has also contract with most popular brands like H&M, Pepsi. During last 12 months she took home almost $53 million. This is also expected to earn more during coming years.

8. Jennifer Lopez: She is a perfect all rounder in this field of music and fashion. Her singing and presentation is so much liked that she is paid almost $1 million for her every show. Her next big income is from her big contract with American Idol. This contract gives her almost $15 million. During last year she made almost $45 million.

9. Rihanna: The present youth is completely crazy about Rihana and this made her to place her at the top ten. Due to her successful shows and albums, she became the owner of almost $43 million during last year.

10. Nicki Minaj: She has become as the most talented hip hop singer and performer in recent days. her performance gave her exclusive success and she earned around $30 million during last 12 months.

Those above are some great singers and performers who are ranked as the top highest paid singers in recent days.

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