Top 10 Highest Paid Rugby Players in The World

Top 10 Highest-Paid Rugby Players in the World in 2017, Know the top 10 richest rugby players.

If you are a fan of the game Rugby, then you must be keeping the details of the players involved there. The smart power game has many stars that are paid over millions from the clubs. Some of the top players even get more from the clubs. The rate that is allotted to them is dependent on two things. The first of them is their popularity and the next thing that is considered is their performance for the club.

Presenting the list of the leading and highly paid rugby players of the world in 2017 – The top 10

You can check the rates of the rugby players from this article and can so check whether your idol is there in the list or not.

1. Dan Carter- Here is one of the best players of the world and he is regarded as the star player for ever in the game of rugby. He plays for Racing Metro 92 with the yearly contract of £1,000,000.

Dan Carter, Highest Paid Rugby Players

2. Matt Giteau- He is the top star of the best playing rugby club, Toulon. His earning is near about £700,000 and thus is one of the best players of the team too. The handsome player is having the best repot among the fans of the rugby game and is one of the star player of the team.

3. Leigh Halfpenny- The star player from the team, Toulon earns £600,000 with the yearly contract. The star is a great talent for the team and is one of the best players of the team and the world too. He has been a real star in the recent times, but the earlier year has been his best year, regarding performance.

4. Sam Burgess- He has been the name that is heard in all parts of the world related to the game of rugby. The star performer is one of the best supportive players of the team and he is a star in this year. He plays for the club, Bath Rugby for £500,000. You must have thought that his name will be at the top, since he is a big name.

5. Johnny Sexton- Here is another star for the team. He has been in the super performer in the last season and is paid with the amount that is fifth highest among all the rugby players. He plays for Racing Metro 92 with £494,000. The star player is having a perfect fan base. The star player is one of the best players of the team.

6. Bryan Habana- The big name is one of the top paid rugby players of the world. He plays for Toulon with a contract of £474,600. The star player is one of the best players of the world too. This person is also from France and is a star performer for the nation as well.

7. Morgan Parra- He is a perfect star and is one of the top players of Europe and world too. The great player is one of the most handsome rugby players and that fetched him the best lot of female fans. He is a super performer for the team and the nation as well. He plays for Clermont and he is paid £436,000.

8. Thierry Dusautoir- He is a great talent and thus is regarded as the key player of the country and the club as well. He has been the captain of the team France and he plays for the club, Toulouse. The contract that has been made with the club with him has been £408,120 for the year. Thus his name comes eighth in the list of the top paid rugby players.

9. Bakkies Botha- The star player has been a great name among the fans. He plays for Toulon and earns near about £389,000, as per the latest contract, that has been made with the club. The star player is also regarded as one of the hottest stars of the team with best performance credit with him.

10. Jamie Roberts- The superstar of Racing Metro 92 draws an average of £380,000 this year. He has been a star player of the rugby world cup and that made him a star of the club too. This player is a talented one and he showed his eminent skills while playing for the nation in the world cup.

All the players in the list are star players and they are also regarded as the best players of the rugby game. The star players are often paid more and thus there in the list.