Top 10 Highest Paid Reality TV Stars in The World

List of the richest Reality Stars 2017, Get the name of the top 10 highest paid reality TV stars.

You keep the information of the actresses and the actors, but never keep a record of the income of the stars that does income from the reality shows. They are all great stars and all of them earn a lot from there. Some of them are the anchors in the reality shows and some of them are the judges of the show.

Know who are those top 10 reality TV stars 2017 who gets paid highly – Top 10

Here is the list of the top ten of them and they are ranked according to the yearly income of them from the reality shows every season. All of them are the stars in their own career and thus they are selected either as an anchor or as a judge in the reality shows.

Get through the list and thus generate a great idea about

1. Nicole Polizzi- She has been a star in real time and is now she is earning over a million from the reality shows,. The importance of the star in the TVs changed the reality show and thus she is so much preferred in the show. The star actor and singer is one of the best names in the reality shows.

Nicole Polizzi, Highest Paid Reality TV Stars

2. Teresa Giudice- She has been a star performer of the TVs at one time and now is one of the top paid housewives on the TV screen. Her popularity as a hot star and superb talent has still great many fans and thus the reality shows are also favored by her popularity.

3. NeNe Leakes- Yet another popular star is a housewife now. Her income is still over millions in every season. Ashe has been a great TV star at one time and that made her the best and the hot star in the show. The beautiful delivery of this actor has made her one of the top anchors of the reality show now.

4. Adam Levine- He has been one of the best stars at his time. Now he has been one of the bestg judges of the songs. He judges most of the TV reality shows and thus is one of the top paid reality stars who incomes more than 5 to ten millions every season.

5. Christina Aguilera- The hot superstar is going with her income by simply judging the shows. She earns near about 15 million from the reality show. She has been a super model and a great actress in the movies. Now she is earning by making the judgment of the upcoming stars.

6. Kardashian family- They are well known in the market for the garments and different costumed design. The recent deal with E! has fetched them a yearly contract of 15 million ]dollars and thus they are at the fifth position in the top list of the highest paid reality stars. This has been a great move from them.

7. Howard Stern- The star performer is now the judge of the show, America has got talent. As a judge of the show, he earns near about 17 million dollars and thus is a top name in the industry among the top earners. He has been a legendary figure in the music world and thus is best for the reality show.

8. Ryan Seacrest- The top star is now a great judge of the reality shows. He has been a great talent and is one of the highest paid stars when he used to perform. Now he is earning 17 million dollars for judging the performers. He has been a great and a fair judge of the reality shows and that placed him in the third rank in the list.

9. Jennifer Lopez- The past superstar is now the star judge of the shows. The participants really finds great to meet her in the stage and thus she has been brought back to the American Idol show thus year with 17.5 million dollars. She is regarded as one the fair judges of the reality shows

10. Simon Cowell- At the top place comes the name of the star that has been best performer since he has been the host of different TV shows, where the celebrities come. He takes and average salary of 90 million dollars in the last year for American idol, America has got talent and many other shows.

All the stars are having the best career graph and their career is still on with the best shows and judgments. Thus they are at the top still today.