Top 10 Highest Paid R&B Singers in The World

Top 10 highest paid successful R&B singers of the world in 2017, richest R&B singers list.

R&B artists are gaining high attention from music lover all around the world. They are known for providing versatile style in pop industry and entertaining their fans with latest and versatile albums and songs. Some of the R&B artists that have successful previous years are listed below along with their popular and hit songs and albums.

List of top 10 highest paid R&B singers of the world in year 2017:

The list of R&B artists that is provided below shows their capability and reason for their popularity. They have provided various hit songs in pop music industry.

1. Abra: – She is among the best R&B artist and is popularly known for providing great entertainment to her fans. She holds an awful record in her name and is among the most successful R&B artist in this industry. She describes herself as a “Darkwave Duchess”, has reimaged herself. This singer is a London born lady and was raised in Atlanta. Her songs are known for seduction and pour life to song and to listeners.

Abra, Highest Paid R&B Singers

2. Alexandria: – Alexandria is another successful R&B artist in the top successful list and last year she again came in this profession with full preparation and dedication. She is now a fully armored lady and is gaining high attention from her fans. She is in successful partnership with great producer that has helped the pair to successful release some of the greatest successful album this year.

3. Clara La San: – Clara La San is a London R&B artist and is known for her great contribution in this industry. Her successful releases are Pleasure & Qs Volume II mix tape, Let You Go and the gentle have gained high popularity and reimaged her. She is known for providing best songs, releases to the fans, and is being loved by everyone in this industry.

4. Derek King: – He gained high attention even from the beginning of his carrier. He showed the real example of best pop music to the industry and introduced versatility in singing and albums.

5. Ian Isiah: – She plays an active part in Queer Club scene. She successfully released The Love Champion and is known for her versatile singing style and popular albums.

6. Kehlani: – Kehlani is an active member of HBK gang and has gained high praise in the year 2014 for versatile contribution in H&B industry. She is a popular singer who is gaining high attention from youngsters and is increasing the business.

7. Lo Motion: – Chicago Lo Motion Camp is among the best R&B artist playgroup, it will be unfair to choose a single act, as each of them is the super hits of this time. Thus, Lo Motion is going to release several albums for its fans, thus, stay tuned, and wait for some of the finest music. This group is gaining high popularity among its fans and its reputation is increasing every year after its versatile music releases.

8. Lyrica Anderson: – Lyrica Anderson is songwriter who is contributing great to R&B industry. She is known for her sexy voice that is capable enough to enter the hearts of every listener and is among the highly preferred R&B artist. She is a highly paid and successful artist who has gained high popularity within few years. She easily arouse sex-jam in her songs and it can be seen in her release King Me 2.

9. Mila J: – Mila J is an elder sister of Jhene Aiko. She is a young R&B artist who from the young age began her carrier in this industry. She launched her two singles last year and they were highly accepted by her fans. She is known for her unique and versatile voice and has provided some of the finest music to her fans. Her two of the main hits are “Smoke, Drink, Break-Up” and “My Main”.

10. 2NYO: – This group comprise of some of the teenagers who are popular for their versatile singing style. They are expected to return and entertain their fans again. Thus, this popular R&B artist group has topped in the list and is among the most successful, highest paid successful artists. Some of the active members are Kia, India and Tiyanna. The popular song of this group is “Roll With Me”.

Thus, the above-mentioned R&B artists are gaining high popularity in this industry and are gaining high attention from their fans. People can pick the popular songs of their favorite artist and enjoy the popular R&B songs.

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