Top 10 Highest Paid Radio Personalities in The World

The top 10 Richest and highest paid Radio Personalities in the World in 2017, Top Radio Hosts.

To many listeners in the world, the voice of certain radio personalities have become a reason of attraction that drags them towards listening to the news broadcasting, songs forecasting and many other shows. The latest technology and the science is just the right way to increase the demand of the people. Thus, portable satellite radio came into existence.

List of The highest paid radio personalities of the world in 2017

Not only that the world of radio showers on us with a wide variety of music but there are latest types of shows that look ahead for the involvement of the public through phone calls and dropping mails and messages. The list below is of those great radio personalities who have dragged many audience and listeners towards their shows and the songs played throughout the day.

Presenting the list below-

1. Howard Stern Show: He is the one who invented the type of radio which all others in the list below are following with grace. He has a great fame to provide entertainment unlike the manufactured reality shows. He shares his deepest secrets and also his weakness with the listeners and seeks their advice.

Howard Stern Show, Highest Paid Radio Personalities

2. Rush Limbaugh: No other radio Jockey is so clean and innocent from his heart. He makes all see possibilities that he can also become a motivated politician. There are many good talks and discussions whenever he is at the radio station.

3. Elvis Duran and Y Morning Zoo: Walking up early in the morning and sitting in front of the radio listening to the Y Morning Zoo show is just a perfect treat in the mornings. It is being rated as the most hilarious morning show ever.

4. Opie and Anthony: The best show on any type radio is put up by Opie and Anthony. The show grew up in the past decade of eighties and now it has reached to a level of such success that makes him the Radio Jockey all greatest among all.

5. Bob and Tom Show: Another greatest show of the radio has marked good audience and sponsors for their shows being held regularly. The morning radio station has over 5 million listeners directly tuned to the 86th floor of the Friggemall broadcasting complex in the Indiana.

6. Jarvis Cocker: he is among the highest paid radio artist who is not only an able English songwriter but also a master of the radio presentation and the editing too. He is presently the best front man for the band. His voice is just as smooth as butter.

7. Paul Harvey: This radio commentator and also news communist was a best yet conservative American radio broadcaster for the ABC Radio. He is putting up his show for the past many decades and is now the perfect one indeed to old as well as new listeners. He also has official website page where you can easily catch up latest news feeds of your favourite radio commentator.

8. Car Talk: People have voted this website as one of the best and the perfect for those who are dedicated listeners of the show. The torrential talks and the discussion has made useful not for those who want to talk on cars but also will receive good feeds on what to look into a car before buying. There are lots of sponsors to this show.

9. Stone and Digital Dave Radio Show: The most funny and entertaining show have made things easy and the biggest part is that it has become a great stress buster for the listeners. Once you start listening to the show you will stop suffering and start living. The present popularity of the show has ripped off the original idea more than what it had.

10. Delilah: The queens of the sappy songs are ranking on the 10th position rocking the world all over. You can achieve the best power if you listen to the show. Rather you can make your thoughts flow along with the show.

All these radio personalities have reached to the peak of success based on the votes he or she has received from the common public. The best part is that the popularity of radio has increased to a level of Portable Satellite Radio from normal analog radio giving birth the freedom to carry your radio along with you no matter wherever you go.