Top 10 Richest Jamaican Artists

Get the name of top 10 richest Jamaican artists 2017, Highest paid Jamaican Musicians and entertainers.

Jamaican artists were less known at one time, but after the musical versatility was shown by Bob Marley, the world started to know the great music legends of the nations. Now there are many stars and they are all are popular around the globe. There are some of the top stars in the genre and most importantly, some of them are even legends in the music industry as well. You will be looking to know the names of the top stars and the richest of the stars till date and their names are as follows. In this writeup you will get the name of the top stars that are richest from that nation.

The top 10 richest Jamaican Artists 2017 are as follows:

10. Bounty Killer-

The last name in the list of the richest Jamaican artist is of another great entertainer. He has been one of the top stars of recent times and his net worth is 3 million dollars. He is popularly known as Grung gud.

Bounty Killer Richest Jamaican Artists 2018

23 thoughts on “Top 10 Richest Jamaican Artists”

  1. G mafia says:

    Comment*chant babylon down wit songs of freedom

  2. nina mariea says:

    Yes rip bob marley he was the best damion marley is aldo real good from nina mariea

  3. Qa's D King says:

    Mi forever live to remember Bob Marley

  4. DEE JAY RAMEO UG says:


  5. Mupinga says:

    Mi com frm zimbabwe buh Mi lov evrting bout jomeca

  6. Anonymous says:

    Comment* Bob will always be the greatest of all the time. His music will reach generations to come.

  7. Antonio Cooper says:

    Music soothes the soul reggae enhances the soothing.

  8. Ronika selma says:

    Damian, son of bob.. Is also an awesome jamaican artist just lik him. His musics are so good that one would love to keep listening to it.

  9. Helma wilson says:

    I wish Bob Marley was still with us.. I am a great fan of him. I never missed any of his shows since i was 12. I miss him so much! His songs are evergreen.

  10. Jijiuana says:

    I can only say the best is Bob Marley. He is outstanding or maybe no words can even contain his awesomeness. He is a legend and he will be remembered even after years from now. He has left that landmark in reggae music.

  11. Halifa says:

    All these artists are incredibly awesome. I don’t find words to tell about them. Reggae music is like weed for me. It just blows my mind off.

  12. Pounds says:

    Love Jamaican reggae. It’s just so beautiful kind of music. And the God of reggae is the man who left us early,bob Marley. He is still alive with his songs though. Music misses him though.

    1. Rabana says:

      Yes. He is missed. Reggae music is my choice whenever I feel low and stressed. It just relaxes me out and I feel better then.

  13. Kobrant says:

    I like Sean Paul. He has made several appearances alongside many artists in English. Recently one with sia in cheap trills is just awesome.

  14. Clara mutandwa says:

    Comment*yes reggae found my way of life and it meet my last brain to music

  15. Jim Valeey says:

    I find that anyone who loves Jamaican reggae is a worshipper of Bob Marley. He is the God of reggae culture. He has got so much freshness to the cult.

  16. Clinton says:

    My love for Jamaican reggae is never ending. The way it feels listening to those is quite a different thing than any other music. And Bob Marley is a God of reggae.

  17. Quenn says:

    He is the evergreen artist whose name will remain even for many generations to come. Bob Marley is one gem of an artist. His songs are so catchy and he has fans all over the world.

  18. Longer Layman says:

    Oh yes! Its only Bob Marley and Usain Bolt I love from Jamaica. Well it’s only Bob Marley who has made me feel that music can make one high. He is exceptional and his songs are evergreen.

  19. Alan Henry says:

    I love Bob Marley and who doesn’t?
    I still wish that he was alive now. We would have had many more songs.. Awesome songs. His songs give chills and they are so catchy too.

  20. Thanvi says:

    It is one and only Bob Marley. He was the greatest performer and artist of his time. Maybe he passed away too early. He should have had a longer life. His songs still seem so fresh and never get bored of those.

  21. Jackson says:

    Bob Marley is no longer with us but his songs are and they will be evergreen. His songs are so out of the box and the music is highly trippy as the lyrics. His songs make me high.

    1. Derp Barry says:

      So true. I feel the same. His ganja in my mind makes me feel high just like no other song does. That is the exceptional thing about it. His lyrics are just unique and the songs are too.

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