Top 10 Hottest Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses

Top 10 hottest, richest Bollywood Actresses in 2017, Most popular Bollywood Actresses.

Know the names of leading most beautiful Bollywood actress 2017: Beautiful women are loved everywhere and when they are from the glamour world they are admired the most. The top actresses of Bollywood are the most respected figures and the fan base of them is also at the top. You must be willing to know the ranking of them top know what the stand of your idol is.

Here is the list just for you of the top 10 most beautiful and gorgeous ladies from Bollywood in 2017

This article will help you to know that as you will get the top names of the actresses here. All the actresses are celebrities and they are regarded as the top actresses by the fan support. The base of ranking that has been considered here is the choice of the directors.

10. Alia Bhatt-

The perfect cute look in the pretty face reminds the fans about Alia Bhatt. She is having a beautiful face and a brilliant acting style. The talented actress is seen at the top position as the directors are showing a trend to make movies with her.

Alia Bhatt Most Beautiful Bollywood Actresses 2017


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  1. deepika is not a hottest ya beautiful lady when i saw a deepika in without makeup i am shocked but katrina is looking angle in without makeup my frv actress katrina she was a best best best and best actress in the world

    luv uhhh kati

  2. There are 5 heroine’s are best in Bollywood 1 Shraddha Kapoor 2ileyana dcrouz 3 Parineeti Chopra4kriti Sanon 5 Alia Bhatt

  3. I love deepika… She is the best bollywood actress… She is so beautiful, talented and so cool.. She has a great personality.. She is the best.. I love her and I am a big fan of her.. People who don’t like her can stop giving other actress names.. Btw I don’t like karrena, katrina and shraddha

  4. I don’t know but there are few actresses who are very beautiful and also talented and some actresses are like a God gift na such as alia who is only 23 years old priyanka Chopra also have better carrier and why Jacqueline are so dangerous because her foot like a man and her voice is like witch and one of the best actress in bollywood is shraddha Kapolei because she is one of the better Carrear in bollywood such as singer dancer fighter so shraddha is the best and ur

  5. Stop bashing shraddha kapoor
    She is an excellent actress
    She is beauty with brain
    Do u get
    If u don’t like the atleast don’t bash her or any actress.
    There r unique with their talents
    Love u shraddha u r the best for me

  6. Anushka is best in all thing. She is best actress, dancer, fighter as well as good producer also. She is tall pretty face,slim and trim. No one can like her. She is so good and honest human that all three khans also like her. And she is so lucky also that she get chance to make films with khans. And on these films she has done mind blowing acting her best acting is in sultan.

  7. Anushka and alia is my all time favourite actress. Thy are bff. And looking very pretty also. No actress like them who are friends like them

  8. Shraddha kapoor is good singer,dancer,actress, fighter and a kind cheerful girl she is very cute . she is the crush of most of the hero as well as common people. Thats make her best SK I love you….

  9. Shraddha kapoor is better than alia because she is good singer dancer actress fighter as well most of the hero have crush on her I think shraddha is best…love u SK

  10. Who said Deepika is not good actress. Iknow kareena is good but deepika is better than kareena. And consider best actress in Bollywood. If you don’t like her then don’t lie don’t give wrong negative comment on any actress

  11. Anushka has done great job in ADHM. And looking very pretty also. She looks best with virat or Ranbir kapoor also. I think she will beat kangana and deepika soon.

  12. I don’t no who have given me shraddha name because I hate shraddha kapoor from the bottom of my heart. She is worst actress in the world. She has no style she is copying alia bhat. And each and every film her affair starts with every actor to whom he makes film like Aditya, varun sid and now farhan. She is characterless. Bitchy buddhy rani kamini villain ki beti

  13. Very very right answer shahin shraddha does not know acting doing similar type acting and not so good looking also as actress should be and dipika rocks shraddha flops

  14. Katrina is most beautiful actress in bollywood n all over the world….kat i m a big fan of u❤❤???????❤❤❤❤❤
    1.Katrina kaif
    2.Shradha kapoor
    3.Sonam kapoor
    4.Anushka sharma
    5.Kajal aggarwal
    This is the top 5 actress of bollywood…

  15. Deepika Padukone is the best I love u Deepu ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️ N sharradha kapoor is the very wired actress in the world n bitch t hate Shraddha kapoor bcoz she is full off attitude n voh kabhi Deepika ki jagah ho hi nai sakti

  16. You all have wrong choice anushka sharma is the best actress in the world so you can’t say anything . Shraddha and Katrina is so both how you like katrina and shraddha.

  17. Alia is much better than ugly shraddha kapoor alia is doing different types of acting and sings better than shraddha. Shraddha voice is not so sweet like alia. Alia is prettier than shraddha. Without makeup also alia looks beautiful but shraddha looks like kapil sharma wife. So, No comparison between them alia is the best and shraddha is consider among from the rest.

  18. My favorite actress is Katrina I am your biggggggg fan I think you are the most beautiful actress in Bollywood and more than peoples are like Alia omg Alia look like bitch I don’t know why peoples are like Alia but my favorite actress is Katrina

  19. You all have wrong choice Katrina doesn’t know acting every time she want god father for her since last year her all films have been flopped so now she want salman for her help and anushka sharma is punjabi pataka bomb she is doing much better acting than kat. Shraddha, Kat are doing similar acting in all films if you are smart then you can notice my point while seeing their films

  20. Shraddha kapoor is d best actress in the world she has given so many blockbusters she is so beautiful she is slim she sings so well she dances so well she is better than alia bhatt shraddha look best with varun dhawan she has so many upcoming movies

  21. Shraddha kapoor is d best actress in the world she has given so many blockbusters she is so beautiful she is slim she sings so well she dances so well she is better than alia bhatt shraddha look best with varun dhawan she has so many upcoming movies

  22. I lovo kareena kapoor khan .She was very stylish 1 kareena 2 Shraddha 3 kirti 4 Katrina 5 aaiswarya 6 aalia 7 priyanka 8 sonam 9 anushka 10 kangna

  23. vidya balan is the best actress.she is all time favorite.she win five Filmfare award.thus we call her power house of acting skill.

  24. shraddha rocks! she look the best! way way way better than that alia bhatt!!! sk looks best with varun!!!!! love u shraddha

  25. Shraddha….my all time fav
    1.shraddha kapoor & aishwarya rai
    2.jaquelin fernandez
    3.alia bhatt
    4.katrina kaif
    5.Anushka sharma…
    Top 5 actress of the bollywood industrt

  26. I think u all r fools
    Is katrina whose the queen if bollywood
    She’s completely outstanding and has a successful career in bollywood
    I hate this cheapika and anushkaa

    • Katrina u r the best and most inncent and beautiful face.
      i jst hate that actress deepika huhh .katrina u r the best best super best

  27. Shraddha is on the top because she is a good actor as well as good singer and
    good fighter also and it’s so talentd???

  28. 1.Kareena Kapoor 2.Katrina Kaif 3.Aishwariya Rai 4.Ayesha takia 5.Sunny Leone 6.Sonakshi Sinha 7.Pretiy Zinta 8.Deepika Padukone 9.Jacqueline Fernandez 10.Nargis Fakhri.This should be rank not above.Bebo is the best.

    • Kareena has lost her beauty now. She’s given up her shape. Actually Parineethi should be in the list. She seems so sexy and hot now. What a structure she has got!!

  29. i am a biggest fan of shraddha kapoor.she is the most beautiful and cutest actress in bollywood.her abcd 2 movie is my favourite.

  30. i am a biggest fan of shraddha kapoor.she is the most beautiful and cutest actress in bollywood.her abcd 2 movie is my favourite.

  31. Deepika is the most beautiful actress of Bollywood. She is so gorgeous and pretty. Her beauty is so appealing. She has a great body and structure too.

  32. I love alia. She is most gorgeous and pretty in this world. Her dimple, smile are all so good. She has hot body and glamorous looks too.

  33. Anushka has done so well in Sulthan. She did the role so well. She is pretty, hot and glamorous too. She is bold and she is beautiful. A perfect lady. She makes a great pair with Virat.

  34. My favorite actresses are shraddha and shruti Hassan…… They are both really pretty…. My all time favourite actresses

  35. I think katrina desrves to be on top… Bcz other actresses are from india but she is from abroad and despite this she has been the top heriones and beating so many herions who r indians so she is inspiration for us that hardwork is key to success doesn’t matter who u r…

  36. I hate Alia and Sraddha bcoz they r full of attitude but anushka is most beautiful than all the actress.she not came from bollywood family the also she is doing well acting and her best film is band baja barat and NH10 and she looks best with virat

  37. Hy u guys u all ave wrong choices ..the most beautiful n most talented actress in Bollywood is anushka sharma.she’s got a god gifted faces,smile,tall n body..all actress in Bollywood is soo bitch cz they run after their men’s like kareena kapoor,Katrina kaif…..omg Katrina hmm Katrina is one of kind moron n bitchy actress in Bollywood.

    • Shut up bloody bastard farha ali
      U r a dumbass
      Its katrina,the best actress of bollywood
      This bloody anushkaa is just a show piece
      And watch your words coz ur a moron and a big time bitch

  38. Alia is one cutest girl one can see in a life time. Her dimples, smile and that pretty face is so good. She is damn hot and sexy too. Her body is well toned and curves are perfect. She is having great demand in bollywood right now.

    • I love her cuteness! No match for that gorgeous, pretty looks of Alia Bhatt. Omg! She is hot also! But she is very talented, beautiful, glamorous actress. She has perfect body, she acts well, sings well too. Loved her in Udta punjab

  39. Anushka.. I don like her so much. Yea shez good looking but not hot and all. She looks good in traditional dresses rather than western. Punjabi look looks great on her.

    • She has done good films in bollywood. She has been in the news because of Virat. She has shown her boldness on screen and off screen. She has acted in blockbusters and she’ll be in another hit in Sulthan

  40. Katrina fondly known as barbie girl. She speaks english fluently. I love listening to her talks. She has acted well in jab tak hai jaan.

    • Katrina sucks in Hindi though! She failed in gaining more attention in the movies as the stories she selects are more based hero and she has to look about it. She has improved in acting now. Her affair with Ranbir was talk of the town.

  41. Deepika is my favorite actress. Shez my boy friend’s actress cum dream girl too. Bajirao mastani is one of my favourite movie of hers. She has acted really well. I wish i could meet her once in my life.

  42. Priyanka is not so beautiful as compared to other actress. Her lips are very broad and doest ve good shape. And she doesnt has good figure too. But yea she is a good actor too.

  43. Shradda, one of my favourite actress. Right from her first movie she has taken her roll very seriously. Ashiqui 2 is one of her best movie. I ve really cried watchin that movie.

  44. Alia.. One of most cutest heroine in bollywood film industry. Shez not just cute..but hot and sexy too. She looks good in almost all the outfits. She make good couple with varun dawan as we have seen in student of the year.

  45. Sonam is a tall beauty! She has a pretty smile. I ve watched all her movies. Her movie ‘neerja’ was one of best movie. She has really got into the roll in that movie.

  46. Kareena is one among the popular heroin in bollywood film industry. She makes a great couple with saif ali khan. They both really look good together.

  47. Kangana is one of the hottest and sexiest actress in bollywood. Her hairstyle gives her such looks. Her old movies with imran hashmi are her best movies. But tanu weds manu she has rockd in it.

  48. Aishwarya, famous for her pretty eyes is a beautiful actress of bollywood. Her movie hum dil de chuke sanam is my favourite movie of hers.

  49. Alia Bhatt has shown her hotness right from the first movie. She is so damn cute and pretty and hot too. She acts really well and has tried variety of roles.she is very young and is very dedicated to acting.

  50. Starting from modeling and an album song appearance, Deepika has put tremendous effort to reach the top spot. She is very dedicated and beautiful too. She has had series of success and now she is the leading actress.

  51. The most beautiful actress is only the Meera Chopra, I love You Meera, You Are so beauty like a Rose…

  52. Alia bhatt is just a sht getting the fame and work coz of her family name she is just a bimbo and trying to show like she know a it all f**k that babe just be yourself you will still be beautiful

  53. Omg I think katrina shoukd be on the top coz I feel so she is the dream of my life I know I cant get her but still I have my unconditional love towards hr and it will never fade away love you babe I wann cry and do things to myself if even I ca just get to hug you and feel your heartbbeat

  54. the list is good it shows how much dedication people had behind this cause I reched it and it is so accurte that I am quite amazed by it and I love this site for this let me see what else you have to offer

  55. anuska sharma I don’t know why I hate her but I vant just stand her I feel like she is such a bi88tchy attitude and whenever I see her I feel like slapping her but its ok she do have something that is making her move forward

  56. I love it kareena kaoor just remind me of my ex girlfriend I know she left me for just money but I still have love for her in my life and I can not hate her for me she will always be the most special lady of my life

  57. I love the list all are super gorgeous but really love Priyanka chopra multi talented beauty with brains making all the right moves in her career and growing her popularity all over. You rock babe

  58. Kareena kapoor my all time favourite she so amazing and beautiful and as she is getting older she is getting more and more beautiful I love her dressing sense and everything else about her for me she is beyond any competition ?

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