Top 10 Most Beautiful Bollywood Actors

The most handsome Indian actors in 2017, Top 10 hottest Bollywood actors.

You must be a fan of the Bollywood movies and must also be a diehard fan of some of the actors. Standing there, you must be looking to know the standing of those actors in the film industry. The handsome and elegant Bollywood actors of the industry managed to make a special place in the hearts of millions of fans not only in India but also across globe.

Presenting the list of handsome heartthrob Bollywood actors of the Industry in 2017

The ranking of these actors not only depends on the successful movies, but on several other things like the fan support and their demand in the film industry. Here is the list of the top ten names of the actors in Bollywood that has the best fan base and who have been the choice of the producers and directors of recent times.

1. Ranbir Kapoor- He has been a star actor from the Kapoor family. He has to face many flops at the beginning of the career, but later he came up strongly. The movie Barfi has been a great success for him. This has not only drawn many fans towards him, but has placed him in the preferred list of many producers and directors.

Ranbir Kapoor , Most Beautiful Bollywood Actors

2. Aamir Khan- The super and highest paid actor has been a chocolate boy at one time. Now he has got his own production units and own direction. This has given him the opportunity to create some awesome movies. In the last five years, he has given the industry some great movies like Tare Zamein Par and 3 Idiots. Beside them, there are lots of successful movies of him too.

3. Hrithik Roshan- He has been a heart throb of many women in India. Recently he has been into some of the movies and has injured himself while practicing at the gyms. The fan support of this great actor who can dance has placed him in the eighth position among the top actors of recent times.

4. Salman Khan- The smart actor was once placed in the top list of the smartest men in the world. He is super stylish and has got many scores in his movie career. He is still a highly demanded actor among the directors and producers and at least one movie of his hits the box offices every year for his fans.

5. Varun Dhawan- He has been a new face among the oldest faces and he has been a great coming up actor of bollywood. He has good many movies in his career that have been a success in the film industry and his spontaneous acting with freestyles has placed him in the good book of many directors.

6. Arjun Kapoor- The Sridevi son is having the best shows with brilliant acting skills. He has been a brilliant actor and has attracted many directors for his ability to play critical roles in the film industry. He has been a smart developer and a great learner too and that is why he is appreciated by all the departments of the film industry.

7. Shahid Kapoor- The chocolate boy of recent times has been a flop star at one time, but the brilliant skills, talented acting ability and the perfect dancing style has placed him in the good books of many producers. He has been a brilliant actor from the start of his career and has many good movies in his hit list.

8. Shah Rukh Khan- He is a superstar and the fan base of this star follows the Big B fan base. He has numerous hit and great movies and he has proved himself to be one of the top romantic heroes of Bollywood. Many say that he has gone old, but the style icon is still the heart throb of many and is a preferred actor for many directors and producers.

9. Imran Khan- The new cute face has been a talented star of recent times and has got many good movies in the list. The star is developing him every day and that is why he is a preferred actor among all the actors of Bollywood.

10. Ranveer Singh- He has been the Ram of the modern stars. He has great movies in his list and has been a style icon of modern times. He is from a family with no connection with the movie world, yet he has been a star that is best desired by the directors and the producers.

All the heroes are having many good movies with them and they are the most successful actors of Bollywood in recent times. There are many good actors, and they also have a good fan base, but they have not qualified the list.