Top 10 Highest Paid Models in The World

The World’s top 10 Highest-Paid Models in 2017, Get through the names of top 10 highest paid models.

You must be watching the fashion TV regularly and there you might be a fan of some specific model. You might be aware that the models are really high paid. Some of the highest paid models are listed here for your reference. Get through the list of the top 10 highest paid models and check whether your idol is there in the list or not.

Check the list of top 10 models who gets paid high in the industry in 2017

This list is totally based on the payment that the models receive, but you can say that to be based on your preference. This is because they will be paid high, only when they are having many fans and they are the motivating factor for them.

1. Alessandra Ambrosio- This model, who is famously known as Ale is one of the hottest model in the world and the list cannot be a complete one without her name. She earns 5 million dollars each year for her presence on the ramp and definitely she is the top name among the models that are highest paid.

Alessandra Ambrosio, Highest Paid Models in The World

2. Hilary Rhoda — She is the second name among the top paid models in the world and she has been one of the most important stars in the ramps. Her presence there makes the difference and she is one of the most popular models of the world too. Although her name comes ninth, yet she is also paid 5 million dollars a year.

3. Natalia Vodianova — She has been a favorite name among many brands and her name comes in the eighth place among the highest paid models. She has been a top star in the ramp and she has been a fantasy for many fans. She is paid 4 million dollars for a yearly contract.

4. Gisele Bundchen- The top American model is one of the top glamour in today’s world. The top beauty is in the list at the fourth position with 7 million dollars earning each year. The star of the ramp is one of the best looking models and is a star among the fans.

5. Doutzen Kroes — She is named as one of the most successful models of all times. The beauty looks spontaneous and stupendously glamorous when she walks through the ramp and thus is a big name in the world of the models. She gets a payment of 8 million dollars for one year contract.

6. Adriana Lima- The list cannot be completed without her name. She has been one of the top names in the industry and she is very much popular among the fans and he directors too. She has been one of the top favored names among the different brands that work with her and thus they recollect her name every time on the shows.

7. Kate Moss — This is the name that is not only known to the fashion movie watchers, but to the movie fans too. The hot star is an excellent actress and she has been a successful star in the modeling too. She takes 7 million dollar for the contract of one year.

8. Kate Upton- Her name is not only well known in the movie world or fashion world, but she is a fairy angel in h world of the models. She gets 7 million dollars every year and that is supported by a great fan base of her too. The fan support that includes the different brands and the movie directors places her name in the third position among the top paid stars. The

9. Miranda Kerr — The second name in the list is one of the stars and that makes her a top name among the highest paid models in the world. Most importantly, she has been a star name among the directors and general fan. She is one of the pettiest of the models and is highest paid with 7 million dollars a year.

10. Liu Wen- The top name in the list is the beautiful ad glamour’s Liu. She has been one of the top names among the models and she has been a beautiful princess who has been preferred by most of the brands. The glamorous name earns around 7 million dollars in a year.

All the names that are mentioned in the list are the most successful models of the world till date and they are top preferred name among the different brands. This is the reason to fetch them so high rate in their career.