Top 10 Highest Paid Korean Female Idols

Top 10 Hottest and highest paid Female Kpop Idols in 2017, List of Richest Korean Idols.

The Korean groups of richest actress and actors have gained global fame because of the multifaceted talents. The industry is producing incredible talents one after the other. The female Kpop artists will take you by surprise with their awesome looks and the perfect identity unveiling the fore for you.

The expensive names of the industry- The leading and highly paid Korean Idols 2017

The list below presents the top most Kpop female actress who are among those who are highest paid in the industry. There are certain new additions also in the list.

The list is as follows:

1. Bae Suzy: She is a real beauty in the Korean industry, who ranks on the top of the list of the successful and highest paid Korean idols. She is not only an able actress but also a songwriter and singer too. This chic face is beautiful and is attending Seoul as a popular face of the Korean group named Miss A.

Bae Suzy, Highest Paid Korean Female Idols

2. UEE after School: UEE joined the group of girls named After School with their singles- Diva. In July she has made her acting debut in MBC’s historical drama. Being a member of the Kpop girl group she has found infinite challenges to hide the loopholes. She is an able singer and also a perfect dancer.

3. Jun Hyoseong: She is another name famous for the presence made on screen making it all the more effective owing to the team of the successful Korean Idols. Her elegant and perfect photogenic look is just the right one stop healing to those hearts who crave for her one glance. She is not only a singer by profession but also a versatile model and the actress.

4. Park Bom: This South Korean singer was born in Seoul, and then onwards she shifted to the United States where she learned to speak in good English. The music group with which she has been working with is 2NE1 since 2009.

5. Suzy: An able name that describes a full package altogether. Born on October 10, 1994 she is one of the highest paid South Korean artists representing the music group- Miss A. She is so splendid with her acting skills that she became famous all over the world and among her fans.

6. Park Jiyeon: This Korean artist is simply not a star but a constellation all together. She is the one who is the youngest member of the K pop girl group named T-ara. The best Korean idol singer and the actress know her scopes and her ability to work. She is thus one of the top highest paid Korean idols in the industry.

7. Nana: Each and every citizen in the Korean country is aware of this beautiful artist. She is the member of the girl group named- After School. Her beauty is quite amazing and deliberate to drag many audience and fans towards her. Thus she is ranking n the 7th position casting boldly in the industry.

8. Kim Hyuna: Born on 6th June, this artist is one of the most sought and dancing queen of her generation. She is an active member of the music group named-4 Minutes. She is a versatile performer which is quite high in demand among her fans. She is a songwriter, dancer and the main rapper of the group.

9. Yuri: The beautiful diva is so mesmerizing in her looks that she succeeded to throw an open challenge to the other heroines in this Korean industry. This South Korean singer presents everything awesome in her own ways. She is one of the best artists compared to all.

10. Ga In: The active member of the music group named-Brown eyed girls is the South Korean diva named Ga In. She is much better known for her beauty and elegant presentation on screen. Various TV shows are also recognized with her presence.

All these Kpop actresses are up with loveable cute looking faces which are a real surprise for the fans. Thus stay tuned with this official website page so that they receive your votes and stay in the top list of the entertainment to strike you with all amazing phenomenon onscreen.