Top 10 Highest Paid Kid Actors in The World

Top 10 Highest Paid Kid Actors in The World in 2017, Exclusive factors about the Top 10 highest paid successful kid actors in 2017

In the movies we generally talk about actors and actresses. But, in most of the movies child actors also play their roles so nicely that they are always been remembered. There are many child artists who have become adult now but their work done during childhood is always praised. Most of these child artists have that credibility to become as famous as any adult actors. Because of their extreme potential these child artists are also being paid huge amount.

List of Top 10 highest paid successful kid actors of the world in 2017

So, here you must be interested to know more about these child artists who are earning huge remuneration due to their exclusive capability in acting.

Let us have a look at the list of Top 10 highest paid successful kid actors in 2017.

1. Abigail Breslin: Just at the age of 3 she started her career in acting. She started doing movies from the age of five. Her first movie is Signs in the year 2002. At the age of 10 she was nominated in Oscar for the role she played in the movie Little Miss Sunshine. She earned almost $65000 for four hours of work during her childhood.

Abigail Breslin, Highest Paid Kid Actors in The World

2. Rico Rodriguez: He is famous for acting in Manny in Modern Family. Though, he did never think to be an actor. As his sister started acting, Rico also started his career in acting. Today his acting has been praised all over the world and he has become one of the highest paid actors. It is presumed that he will be earning $95000 per episode in the TV.

3. Dylan & Cole Sprouse: Once we are talking about the richest child artists all over the world, we should mention about Dylan and Cole Sprouse. They have become star in the shows on Disney. This twins are 21 at present, but at the age of 14 they were paid the most as Disney actors. For each episode they were paid $40000. They have started on merchandise of their own.

4. Macaulay Culkin: Do you remember the cute boy of the movie Home Alone? Yes, Macaulay Culkin is a young actor now but his acting was hugely praised in the movie Home Alone and its sequels. For this movie he earned $100000. His highest pay was $8 million for the movie Richie Rich.

5. Frankie Muniz: He first acted in the family comedy Malcom in the Middle and for this he used to receive $30000 per episode. This TV show became extremely popular and was nominated for the Golden Globe. Thus in the final season Frankie Muniz earned $120000 per episode. Though he is not a quite successful movie star in recent days but during his childhood he earned huge money for his nice acting capability.

6. Jaden Smith: His very first appearance was in the popular Oscar nominated movie The Pursuit of Happyness. He was just eight then. After that he bagged huge money for his excellent acting in the movie Karate Kid. For that movie he was paid $1 million and also a bonus of $2 million as the movie earned a huge business of $150 million.

7. Chandler Riggs: She is one of the most popular American child actors. Though she is of fifteen but have shown her great acting skills in the famous show, The Walking Dead. She has been nominated for many awards for young actors. She is presently earning $90000 per episode.

8. Daniel Radcliffe: Daniel Radcliffe is the appropriate name for the character of Harry Potter. He has become so popular for his excellent acting as Harry Potter, that any director is ready to cast him for their movies at any cost. For the first movie he made $1 million. After that he earned almost $33 million for the six film franchise.

9. Miranda Cosgrove: Just at the age of three she started her acting career in TV commercials. Her first debut film was School of Rock. But mainly from TV shows she earns nearly $180000 per episode.

10. Angus T. Jones: Two and a half men is the most notable work of Angus T. Jones. His role as Jake Harper has made the show extremely popular. Till he left the show as he was 20 now, he earned $350000 per episode.

The above kid’s actors are doing fabulous job in the industry and that’s the reason then are getting paid well for their excellent work.