Top 10 Highest Paid Kickers in NFL Team

Highest-Paid NFL Kickers for the Season 2017, Top Paid NFL Players.

National football league placekickers sometimes face much stress than starting the quarterbacks. A missed field goal depends on where exactly the ball is being spotted just following the kick. They shorten the field usually for their offenses and deliver when they see the entire stadium is looking forward to them.

Here is the list of the top 10 successful kickers in the world of NFL in 2017

The list below presents the name of the successful kickers of the year 2017. These names stand among the highest paid NFL placekickers for the season. They are the ones who show their talent during the field goals and the extra points. Thus they are regarded as kick specialists.

The list is as follows:

1. Josh Scobee: The team-Jacksonville Jaguars have been in mess for many years. They can at least count on the kicker of the team. Josh Scobee has made it in a quite smart way. He has emerged to be the best in the past few years. He made a record of hitting 71 out of 78 field goal attempts from 2011 till 2013.

Josh Scobee, Highest Paid Kickers in NFL Team

2. Matt Prater: This kicker has received only 26 opportunities to flash his kicks in the field last season. It is due to the quarterback that he finds in the end zone often in the game. He made a record of hitting 52 out of 53 in the extra points. Last season was a perfect 75 for 75 for him.

3. Stephen Gostkowski: When Vinatieri signed with the rivals in 2006, the Patriots gave back his former gig to Stephen Gostkowski. The number indicates that Gostkowski has actually been the better kicker than Vinatieri. In the sixth all time on the NFL’s most accurate list. At the age of 30 years, Gostkowski had plenty of great seasons to play.

4. Nick Folk: Nick Folk is not a part of the team’s problem; he had a record of converting 33 out of 36 field goals in his fourth season with the Jets last year. New York gave Folk a chance of multi year extension this March so that he could stay connected to the club for the next four seasons.

5. Mason Crosby: Mason Crosby ranks on the 5th position of being the highest paid successful kickers in this NFL world of games. He had although been a disaster in the year 2012 but it was he who made a comeback by converting the scores attempts with 33-37. Crosby has only two more years left on his current deal.

6. Matt Bryant: One of the reliable kickers compared to the others is the name Bryant. He has a conversion rate of about 88-90 percent which is nothing but a thing to sneeze at. Bryant is all set to be out of the contract at the end of the regular year of 2014 and impress this purpose of the game.

7. Sebastian Janikowski: The season of 2013 was a lousy year for this kicker. Yet he is ranking on the 7th position with a conversion rate of about 70 percent or else his career will be considered low if it goes down a more. He has put up things in a contract that earned him a guaranteed and secured income of $8 million.

8. Ryan Succop: The 2014 season for this kicker has not been much kind. He faced an injury that made him sidelined with the problem that opened the door for the rookie Cairo Santos which might result tough for him. Yet his income is secured and still ranks in the list of the highest paid kickers in the NFL.

9. Robbie Gould: Gould picked up certain extensions kicking the unpleasant conditions attending the Penn State, finding him at true home as a member of the Bears. He is among the accurate kickers of the industry. He plays about eight games every season.

10. Adam Vinatieri: This NFL kicker has been in the game since long. He will be turning 42 at the end of the upcoming campaign. He is considered an elite kicker having won the conference championship games with his leg. The strength was still there last fall, making 50+ out from the four of six attempts.

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