Top 10 Highest Paid Kannada Actors

Top 10 Highest Paid Actors in Kannada Film Industry in 2017, Highest Paid South Indian Actors.

India is diverse but the diversity encourages lots of talent and one is film industries of India. Not only Bollywood but the Kannada industry is full with such talents which sometimes go unrecognizable, so here is a little attempt to give them recognition.

List of 10 most known highest paid Kannada actors in 2017

What people feel about these famous faces of the Kannada industry is here by a poll. Meet these dynamic and talented actors of Kannada industry. 10 popular actor of Kannada industry:

10. Prem Kumar: –

His presence is felt in almost all cinemas in India but mostly he is working in Kannada industry. Known as Prem, Prem Kumar has done movie Pranna in 2004.
Prem Kumar Highest Paid Kannada Actors 2017


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  1. Rocking star Yash (Boss) has proved that he is No1 already guys don’t waste your time to prove all the other f**kers… Rocking star rocks he has got talent, looks, hairstyle, dressing sense, handsome hunk, great dialogues etc etc etc… He is marvellous no one can beat him… he has already proved and Karnataka people know wat he is…. rocking is allways rocking…

  2. Abhinaya chakravarthi Yagi bandhu nandi Tara sharanagade gooli Tara gelluttiruva nammanna,kiccha ,huccha,became ##all India cutout

  3. Power star Puneeth Rajkumar must ne top 1 actor.
    He is a multitalented actor in all over.
    One of the best actor of indian cinema.

  4. darshan is no 1 and leading kannada actor , he is not like others. he dont have any influence like puneeth, beacause of his father (namma annavru) he came up but darshan not like that.

  5. Appu is best actor in this year an family also good and he has having more fans iam also his fan
    he also good dancer and singer because I like him more for next coming movies I wish all the
    best and wish you happy birthday advance by big fan of you abhishek sarwad puneeth rajkumar sir
    his history is more i wish you good luck sir

  6. One and only punith rajkumar…….he looks smart……..he is famous in all over world…..(evn some bullshiys doesnt know some fact about him…..)his height5.9 his w8 eight 98……..having 6 paks…….I found he is da only actor in karnataka having more fans and he maintained consistancy he is always top 1 ranked hero ………bugupp tagolorge support madbedi………….

  7. Yash means the sandalwood king. Because his Mr & Mrs Ramachari movie crossed 50 crore box office collection. No movie did beat this ROCKING YASH Movie Mr & Mrs RAMACHARI yet. If any movie will have beat his movie, then I shall surrend you. It is not better to say anything about KANNADA(SANDALWOOD) FILM INDUSTRY. we all are KANNADABEDYA MAKKALU

  8. Yavan en comment madidre en guru yavattigu Bondall talent iro re appu ne top yav D nu ell ella D bari fake henmaklumale kai madonu obba gandsa guru dodmane appu fans nodilla andre dodmane hudga movie abhimanigale nammane devru song nodi tilkole appu hava yestu antha

  9. I see ppl saying appu appu puneeth puneeth….shows how shitty their taste is …thu if Kannada industry has to improve..a kachda moothi puneeth rajkumar na odus beku…no acting no no looks …Thu nim janmake janagale

  10. Powerstar puneeth rajkumar is top 1 he gave 2 50 crore film and 4 40 crore film no one can match him no darshan no yash one and only puneeth rajkumar emperor of karnataka

  11. Darshan thoogudeeepa and sudeep are the superstars of sandalwood…If yash is the highest paid,it shows his greediness… He will be down in coming years….

  12. darshan no1-hero
    filim 100days hagodalla important
    box office thumbodu
    darshan keluvujanagaltara 100days madkondu kutre chikka chikka filimgalige theatergale sigalla
    nimma boos filimsu 100days madi collectoin madidre
    nam dboosdu 7dinadalli nimma dakalegalu pudi pudi hagtave

  13. The one and only abhinayachakravarthi kichha sudeep is number 1 ,bcoz he was all-rounder king ?,but others only hero in screen.

  14. Sudeep Anna is the best actor. He is a gem of an actor. His voice, mannerism, height are all so awesome. He does the best films.

  15. Yeah.. Hez only son.. And his parents are too good.. His father still works as driver in bmtc.. As he wants his son to grow up..And yash proudly says tis wit evryone.. Tats a touchy thing!

  16. Yash.. Ahh!! I love him.. His looks, fights.. Are just amazing.. The moment i saw his movie googly i fell fo him! Hez from very good background.

  17. Yash is really the best. Many say he is over build up. BUT he is really talented and has done a lot of hardwork to reach that level.

  18. Sudeep is the best one. His trailer of kotigobba 2 is just brilliant. I think he will get a great name even I tamil after that movie. He is just brilliant. I love his voice.

  19. darshan and sudeep are the best actors of sandalwood. all their movies are just rocking. i have watched all their movies.

  20. am in love with yash you know.. his movie raja huli is d best movie.. i have watched that movie around 56times and i never got bored. those dialogs are really awesum.

  21. Puneeth Anna is the best actor and the one who gives most number of hits. He is powerstar and he does all kind of roles and films. He is the most leading actors in sandalwood.

  22. Yash is not at all a good actor. He hasn’t done any film with good message to the society. It’s only build up and over acting. I just hate him and his movies are the worst.

    • Hey u don’t know about him he is the best actor as if all heros will say some message so without knowing someone’s character u don’t say and don’t judge a book by its cover

  23. Sudeep is the best. He is a special talent and his voice, acting, height are all the signature ones. He is famous in other industries also and has a name abhinaya chakravarti

  24. Puneeth is the best actor. He has given so much blockbusters and has many many fans all over the world. He is the famous actor also.

  25. Comment* Ya brother you tell true yash boss bandmele yaavanu kannada film industreis alli nam boss na beat maadodakke yaarindalu sadhyavilla rocking star always all time rocking

    • Shut up anthamma. No need of all build up. Just like him you also look like buildup. His movies are the worst and they don’t have story also. They are very bad and with over dialogues and fight. Masterpiece, Mr and Mrs Ramachari are so horrible.

    • Guru Kannada industryli box office sultan anta andre adu nam d boss matra i love u jaggudada yav yav new hero bandru nam challenging star na box office beat mado sum yarigu I’ll a my boss always sandalwood king

  26. As the description about yash says he is the biggest bucket in sandalwood…. Darshan and puneeth have the most fan following in karnataka and even sudeep…. ivnyaro childu…. complete fake??

    • Correct. It’s not correct. He is such a bullshit and over acting. Over stunt dialogues and bucket in each movie is what he does. I hate him. Sudeep is the best in industry.

      • You Both Are Right and last movie some dialogues he only creat i think he think he is bigg actore but he is acting is over and noting is there only dabba dialogues

  27. Shivanna’s, Bhajarangi, Vajrakaya, Shivalinga and Killing Veerappan are hit movies…all these movies have a strong story without build up dialogues or overacting. It entertained each and everyone …din’t they ? and why is he still on 9th position ? on what basis do you rank them ?

  28. A! wait how come shri muruli is not there in the list his film rathaavara was blockbuster.This list are completly fake,exccept yash.about yash it is ok.he is the no 1 hero.

  29. ya i accept it, yash has to be in no 1 position .His acting,dance and fights are superb and the messages which he will give in his movies are very favorite movies of him are Rajadhani,Gajakesari and masterpiece because in these movies he has given very good messages .All the best for yash.

  30. Sudeep is the best. He has the super height and his voice, dialogues are unbeatable. I’m the big fan of his. He has given back to back hits and no one else has given. He is the big Boss. Kicha is the best.

  31. Sudeep is the big Boss forever. He is the best actor and no one else can act like him. He is talented and his height, voice, fights, emotions are all the best in the industry.

  32. Challenging star only no 1 star,yash always over dailogs,over build up only,boss darshan king film industry & box office sulthanaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  33. Waiting for sudeep’s Hebbuli. I am stunned by the poster itself. He is the best. His voice and height, mannerism is just unique. Also, puneeth’s new movies are expected too.

  34. Yash? He is only about build up. His movies are very dumb and they won’t have any good story. Just some build up dialogues. He can’t be no 1 anytime.

  35. Our boss is king of kfi. …..and he is the box office badash. ..proud to be an fan of mr perfect appu. …Sir

  36. Puneeth will rock it in upcoming movies. Dod mane hudga will be a huge hit for sure. His charm is awesome and he has carried Rajanna’s greatness with him. He is such an awesome actor.

  37. Darshan Anna will rule industry once again. His jaggu Dada is so good in trailer and it will be awesome movie too. I can’t wait for the movie to release. I will watch first day first show.

    • Jaggu Dada by Darshan was a horrible movie. Only rowdism and heroism in it and no story or no logic. While, kannada industry is making good name with some other awesome movies, her we have the big stars making stupid movies. I was disappointed with Darshan.

  38. #greathuman shivanna(shivarajkumar) talent, money,acting skills etc., many are having but the human values isnt common for all d actors.. shivarajkumar is the best example for a man who is having human values

  39. Puneeth is the best actor. Like his dad and brother, he too has grown to great Heights in movies. His movies are family entertaining. He dances well, fights well and acts really well. He should have been on top.

  40. Yash is a rising star and not even 25 films of his and he’s now being paid the highest. He has set a craze among the audience with his mass dialogues and awesome fights in his movies. He gives full entertaining movies. All his recent movies are super hit. Even the songs in the movies are chart busters. In the coming days he’ll come with more super hit films.

    • He just gives mass movies. His movies doesn’t have any meaning or story. Only scope and buildup is there in his movies.
      He acts well, but his movies are too much of mass.

  41. Sudeep is the all time great actor across the country & we all expecting a hollywood movie of Sudeep i think it will be done soon. He is talent of box, if somebody hunting for a talent in india, he is the one

  42. Quite amazing list although I don’t know most of tehm but its always good to know something new that your not aware about happening in your country really like it

  43. Wow such talented artists that got get limelight like Bollywood actors but the different thing is they are called by the name like Superstar before there name and that shows the respect of ther fan following towards them

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