Top 10 Hottest Most Popular Young Male Actors in The World

Top 10 Most Popular Young Male Actors in the world in 2017, Hottest Teen Male Celebrities.

Top 10 male actors of less than 30 years: So, ladies tie your shoe laces, because we are presenting with the hottest under 30 male actors who can steal the show. Year 2015 is lined up with many new movies releasing these males from the industry who are the show rockers.

Top 10 hottest male actors under age 30 in 2017:

Year 2017 is eagerly waiting with the movies of young and dashing actors who are ready to steal the heart of ladies. The list is full with the charming actors who have been on score boards for lots of famous movies and are still continuing their charm for the same.

1. Zac Efron – The biggest musical hit High School Musical introduced this celebrity and ever since he has always topped the list. His movies Grand pa, The Associate and we are your friends are lined up for release. His earlier performances have made it clear that he is one shining star of the decade and his expected releases prove the same.

2. Robert Pattinson: – Who doesn’t know this hot actor from twilight movie series, who soon became the heart of ladies. Not only his look but his shrilled and British accent voice too can make you drool over. So, his career doesn’t end with the twilight series but soon this year a new movie named LIFE will be released starring him.

Robert Pattinson, Most Popular Hottest Young Male Actors

3. Penn Badgley: – Started his career with Easy A with Emma stone as co – star. And who can forget his great role in the TV series Gossip girl. In year 2015 he is ready with a movie names The paper store. His looks have enormous innocence hidden and that has capacity to attract the girls. He has many girl fans who are crazy for this star.

4. Ansel Elgort: – So, have you watched the movie Fault in our stars? The role of male lead was played by Ansel and if you haven’t watched this movie than it is high time to go and watch this movie as your heart will drench in the tears. Well, ansel’s career didn’t end there because in year 2013 and 2014 he came with new releases named carrier and Divergent respectively. And, also in 2015 Insurgent is waiting for its release.

5. Michael B. Jordan: – And, this young actor has been in news for uncountable times and for different reasons. He started his journey with a TC series named Lie to me for few episodes. He made appearance in another TV show named House. Chronicle is movie in which he worked and his wonderful acting skills were showcased in Fantastic four. Recently it is rumored that his movie fantastic four second is in the line and Creed is one movie which is waiting for release. So, girls you stand a chance to ogle this wonderful actor.

6. Josh Hutcherson: – Rarely there is any woman in the world who doesn’t know this wonderful man who has the killer looks. He is one actor who has been quite involved in various debut movies since year 2007 and he has many famous movies which can be real awaiting him. His famous debut movie hunger game is not coming up with hunger game – 2 in 2015 and besides it there are plenty others in this year.

7. Dave Franco: – One of the cutest actor under age 30 who can ignite the fire in the heart of million girls. 2015 will be busy year for him as well with his film unfinished business in line. His younger brother john Franco too his trying his luck in movies and ladies get set to another killer actor.

8. Jamie Bell: – You must know this great actor as Billy Elliot. H is 28 now and started his career in his twenties in year 2000. So, that means he has achieved stardom too early.

9. Richard Madden: – Your prince charming will be featured in the movie Cinderella. With adorable looks this star has millions of girls fan.

10. Alexander Ludwig: – This actor still look as teen and soon in 2015 he will be featured in movie The final girls. He has played many roles with a MTV teen award for him.

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