Top 10 Hottest Most Popular Rappers in The World

Top Ten most popular Rappers in the world in 2017, Hottest Female Rappers.

What if you are said to say lots of words in a breath without losing their meaning? What is your word count? Is it hundred, five hundred or thousand? Exactly, this is what rappers do. Today the world is crazy behind several star rappers. You must be familiar with the heartthrob rappers like Eminem, Lil’ Wayne, 50 Cent and Ludacris.

Top 10 Hottest rappers who touched the hearts of millions in Year 2017

Like the star male rappers, there are also many female rappers who have managed to make a huge fan following by their extraordinary talent. Many of you may be still unknown about these female rappers but once you search and listen to their rap, you will surely love them.

There is a complete top 10 list below regarding the hottest and beautiful rappers 2017.

1. Trina: She is a black rapper. She usually starts her performance with a bang and ends it in the same way. She is at the topmost position of this list because of her amazing beauty and rapping talent. She can attract thousands of people with her powerful voice. She has killer moves and beautiful curvy body.

Trina, Hottest Most Popular Rappers in The World

2. Nicki Minaj: She is the most popular female rapper who can literally give a tough competition to many leading male rappers. She has an amazing confidence in her voice and she can pull a huge mob towards her by setting fire on the stage. She is the highest paid female rapper in Hollywood.

3. Eve: Eve is one of the most popular female rappers. She has a big fan following. People eagerly wait for her every next rap video on social sites. She knows how to control her audience both through the online media and live performances. The way she interacts with her audiences is simply awesome.

4. Lil’ Kim: Lil’ Kim is one of the most leading rappers in Hollywood. She has a decent amount of followers. She knows her skills very well and can manipulate the mood of her audience in an outstanding manner. She just provides the stuff what her audience wants to listen. Keeping both the fantasy and realistic elements in her rap, she wins thousands of hearts.

5. Diamond: She is a rising star in the field of rapping. She has done several great performances so far. She is waiting for a big chance to prove herself. Presently she has quite decent fan following but she is still unknown in many parts of the world. She definitely has the potential to make it big in her life.

6. Foxy Brown: She is a gorgeous queen of rap. She can charm thousands of mobs while performing live on stage. She has an amazing depth in her eyes which can attract many of her fans. If you listen to her rap once, there is a lot of probability of becoming her fan. She is a hot sensation in the rapping world.

7. Iggy Azalea: She is also among the top leading female rappers today. She is popular because of her damn hot curvy shape. Her rapping skills are average but she gains attention due to her hotness. A rapper must look presentable as while doing a live performance, the audience not only listen to the raps but also stares the rapper. She is a great performer.

8. Lauryn Hill: Lauryn is also known for her hot personality. She had a dream of rapping from a very early age and she took it as her profession. She has achieved average success in her rapping career but she is trying to prove those people wrong who think that she has taken a horrible decision regarding her career. She is cute and has the fire inside her to achieve many heights.

9. Lola Monroe: She is also a rising rapper. She can easily please her audience with exposing her hot body while doing an average rap. She has great skills and she knows that very well. She tries to use her strengths to cover her weaknesses.

10. Charli Baltimore: She is presently a good rapper with proper sense of wrapping. Her connection with the audience is quite average but her skills are good. She can change the mood of her raps according to the response of her audiences.

If you are still unaware of any of these rappers, just search their name and videos on internet. You will definitely get many surprising elements in their performances.