Top 10 Hottest And Handsome Hockey Players in The World

Top 10 hottest hockey players of the world in 2017, Hottest Players in the NHL.

10 hottest hockey players: and, if you think that football or cricket are only game where hottest males are found than you are wrong because the hockey fields are full with the hottest players who have stunning looks with the amazing talent to play hockey game.

List of world’s top 10 hockey players who are hottest and most handsome in 2017:

Hockey game is full with the sports man spirit and you will find man with hockey sticks impressing the women crowd a lot. So, all those ladies who think hockey is not a game worth watching these hot man will definitely grab your attention.

1. Mark Knowles, Australia – In year 2014 he got the international title of sport’s international player. He became captain of Australian team in year 2014. His game skills are worth a watch and not only this he looks dashing and captivating. With the age of 31 he has achieved greater milestones and in fact in commonwealth games he has been a player of tournament as well.

Mark Knowles, Hottest And Handsome Hockey Players

2. Ashley Jackson, great Britain – He is one bruised player who gave comeback after shoulder injury. Because, of his injury he missed his title of player of year. His career is on a increasing heights and that is only at the age of 27. He is shining star of Britain team and country expects a lot from him. His gameplay lead Britain to earn a bronze medal.

3. Robert Van Der Horst, Netherlands – He is center player in the Netherlands team and because of his amazing quality of leadership; he has reached the heights of rise. But, ladies it is not only about the talented game but the looks and aura of the player is also quite influential and this dutch player is one of the hottest player.

4. Maartje Paumen, Netherlands – Again a Dutch team hockey player who is just 29 year and have earned almost every title a hockey sportsman can win. He has earned the awards in Olympic , European cup and champions trophy. This women hockey player finally won the women’s world cup in year 2014 with the team mates. Not to forget she is life of her team.

5. Tobias Hauke, Germany – This German hockey player can catch everyone’s attention in the field. This season hockey championship will be worth a watch because of this great player who tops the list of hottest hockey player at 5th position. He plays on the 5th defending position in German team, so ladies wait for his play.

6. Ellen Hoog, Netherlands – This women hockey player has deadly looks with the deadly game technique. She has been a winner of women world’s championship. Her hockey career started with the year 2014 and since then she has faced a good rise in her career. She is one important player of dutch team.

7. Robbert Kemperman, Netherlands – And, he is backhand of the Dutch team and too many Dutch people in the list. So, the regular silver position of the Dutch team will seek to try for gold in this European championship. He has proved his talent with the enormous games he have played and impressed the crowd.

8. Eddie Ockenden, Australia – He was captain of the Tasmanian Tigers team in Austrailan Hockey league and finally it won the championship. He has been a great player who has a great career waiting ahead.

9. Moritz Furste, Germany – Again a player who faced ligament fracture which questioned his fitness but he is back in the game with the same in fact more spirit. He is 30 years but still many medals and victories are awaiting him. He is the amongst the two survivor of the 2007 championship.

10. Barry Middleton, Great Britain – A great and passionate women hockey player who is one of the best defender in the team and whole team depends on her. She is passionate and dynamic hockey player. Her presence in team makes it hopeful for the England team for European championship.

So, here was the list of top 10 hottest and cheeky hockey players who are not only spirited on the fields but their looks and style make them celebrity off fields as well, they are gems of hockey world.