Top 10 Hottest Disney Channel Stars

Top 10 Hottest Disney Channel stars in 2017, most popular Disney channel stars.

You must have been a fan of any of the most popular Disney show in your childhood. Children used to be crazy behind the interesting and amazing shows on Disney at earlier time. Now the shows are no more running and many other shows has been introduce but the magic which the earlier time shows had, can’t be matched ever.

Check out the list of most popular hottest Disney channel stars of 2017

There are many famous Disney stars that were the leading character of the show. Here is the complete list of top 10 most popular Disney channel stars ever as per the 2017 list.

1. Selena Gomez: Compare her present and her earlier personality. She was a cute, adorable, innocent and most liked character in her show Wizards of Waverly Place. The show had the most TRP at that time. Selena gained an enormous popularity and success in her childhood only. She was popular among children for the longest time.

2. Zendaya Coleman: Zendaya Coleman was the second most popular Disney channel star. She is damn pretty and is able to attract thousands of audiences. She is the heart throb of many people. Her dance was just mesmerizing. It was always a pleasure to see Zendaya in Disney show.

Zendaya Coleman, Hottest And Sexiest Disney Channel Stars

3. Miley Cyrus: She is the music sensation at the present time. She is majorly popular due to her sweet voice and innovative music videos. Right now she has an image of a glamorous and hot music star. If you reverse your time few years back then you will remember her as the most like Disney star. Her innocence and performance was just awesome.

4. Demi Lovato: After Selena and Miley, the most discussed character of the Disney show is Demi Lovato. She was the heart throb of many Disney lovers. She had a magic in her. She is a successful celebrity at present. She will never be forgotten for her Disney show.

5. Ross Lynch: He is a popular actor and singer today. His present success can definitely linked with his popular Disney show. Disney gave him the platform to rise. He did complete justice with his character. The childhood of many people was exciting due to him.

6. Bridget Mendler: Remember the artist which made many boring childhood moments interesting. Bridget is a successful singer today. She has many popular tracks. Like many other Disney stars, she also chose the entertainment industry as her professional career. She is quite good at her work and still popular among the young generation.

7. Debby Ryan: She is a popular Disney star. She has a great knowledge about the timing of humor. She has an amazing connection with her audience. She has been constantly ruling the Disney show. She is very pretty and especially her hair is the attraction gaining point.

8. Laura Marano: She is a very famous Disney star. Her natural performance and involvement with the audience is very much appreciated. She is humble and doing a great job. She is nicely managing her entertainment as well as academic career at the same time. She must have a great future forward.

9. Bella Thorne: She has her own niche on her Disney show. Many people like her style while many don’t. She is doing a fabulous job in her show. Her red hair attracts many people. Her weird expressions and on the spot reactions is like by her fans. She is a very interesting Disney star.

10. Zac Efron: Are you a fan of his hot abs? There are many fans of Zac. His Disney show steals many hearts in the world. He is one of the most desirable male characters in the Disney shows. He is very charming and popular among the girls. Boys also like him due to his personality and charm. His fitness adds more glory to his performance.

Which is your favorite Disney star? Many of them have moved on and chosen a separate profession in the entertainment industry; while many stars are still entertaining the audiences with their magical performances. The childhood of many people was incomplete without these Disney shows. Disney has maintained its importance till today but the shows used to air before were just amazing. Look at any of the interesting shows and you will surely remember your childhood days again.