Top 10 Hottest Bollywood Actresses

Top 10 Hottest Actresses of Bollywood in 2017, richest and highest paid Bollywood actresses.

The hottest actress of all the film industries is the names that are liked by most of the fans. They are the names that are preferred more than any one and that is the reason, their craze in the movies are so much. Bollywood is a destination where the hottest Indian stars accumulate.

Meet the leading hot Bollywood actresses for year 2017

The top stars that are the hottest actresses of the film industry are always in news. The list, containing their names is always high in demand. Here is the list of the actresses who are regarded as the hottest in the industry. You must go through it and check whether your hot star is there in the empanelment or not. If they are, know their rank.

1: Priyanka Chopra- She has been the top name now and is regarded as the hottest actress of 2017. She has been a real star and there many lovely movies to make her rank one in the list. The top name has been a star from the movie, Barfi and Mary Kom.

Priyanka Chopra, Hottest Bollywood Actresses

2: Katrina Kaif- The super model is one of top models and is a top hot actress too. She has been a heartthrob to her fans and the recent appearance proved that she can act as well. The star appearance in Dhoom 3, Bang Bang and Jab Tak hai Jaan made her a top actress. She started her career as the hot lady in Boom.

3: Kareena Kapoor- The bebo of the kapoor family even crossed the hotness of her elder sister Karishma. She has been a renowned name in the industry and she is having many good movies in her list. Some of them are really good ones like the Chameli or the Muje Kuch Kehna Hai, but some recent movies like the 3 Idiots and Omkara placed her in the third place of the list.

4: Deepika Padukone- She has been the name that is mostly regarded now. She was regarded as a hot actress from the movie Om Shanti Om. As she carried her career, she has moved to the top of the list with Ram Leela and the Chennai Express. She has been one of the top actresses and is a top name that is the gossip of most of the fans.

5: Anushka Sharma- She has been a renowned name in the industry in terms of hotness. Her appeal and jolliness in the movies made her a star and a hot character in the movies too. She has many good movies with her, but she proved her hotness in most of the side roles.

6: Bipasha Basu- She has been one of the top names in the Indian film industry and there was a time when she was regarded as the hottest among all actresses. She has many good movies with her and some of them are regarded as the top movies that are hot, like the Omkara and the Jism.

7: Nargis Fakhri- She has been a coming up actress and is the star actress of the film Kick. The tar is one of the top hottest actresses and she proved her hotness in the first two or three movies. The young actress is having a great appeal and that made her a top name in the film industry.

8: Jacqueline Fernandez- She has been a hot model and is in the list of the top hottest stars at the eighth rank. She has never been in the role of the top actress in any of the top movies, but has been an actress in the time songs. This made her a top name in the industry in terms of a hot figure.

9: Chitrangada Singh- She is another star that has been coming up recently. The star is having many hot movies and hot scenes there. Thus she has been one of the top actresses that are regarded as hot actresses in the film industry. Her rank is at the ninth position.

10: Sunny Leone- She has been one of the hottest stars of America and Canada. This actress is now in the Indian film industry and is placed at the tenth position. The consecutive hot movies started from Jism 2 and there onwards, her journey in the film industry started.

The top names of the actresses are mostly important and they re ranked in the list as per the favor of the fans and directors. The most important thing is that they are all stars.