Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses

Hollywood’s top 10 Highest Paid Actresses in 2017, World’s Top 10 Highest-Paid Actresses.

Hollywood is full with the beautiful faces and not lacking behind these beautiful beauties charge the pay figure of good amount. With the super hits on the global market these actresses are in the list without even appearance in the single movie for the last one year.

Top actresses of Hollywood who gets paid highly and are also successful in 2017

Do you have any idea which Hollywood actresses are paid the most? Let’s have a look at the list. From sizzling Angelina to Julia, all have their share of popularity with the amazing pay figure in their bank accounts.

Hollywood actresses who are paid most:

1. Angelina Jolie: – And, who is not aware with this beautiful lady, wife of Bradd Pitt. This summer will mark the entry of Jolie back in Hollywood industry. She is one actress who is still known for her elegance and acting skills. If, she demands for the price of $15 she can get that easily today also. Such is the aura of this wonderful female. She hits the list of highest paid Hollywood actress with the #33 million.

2. Jennifer Lawrence: – Youngest Hollywood actress of the date is Jennifer Lawrence who in such a young age had walked for the Oscars and also her movie made a huge hit named the Nig hunger. She will be cast of next X- man. As per the estimation made by the Forbes list, her last year earning was $26 million.

Jennifer Lawrence, Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses

3. Kristen Stewart: – Last year she was on top with the annual earnings of $34 million but with the end of the movie Twilight series her earnings too fell. Her present earning is estimated to be $22 million. She appeared for the four times in the list of Forbes most earning celebrity because of Twilight, but as the series has ended it seems quite impossible for her to even seen on the top 10 list.

4. Jennifer Aniston – The famous F.R.I.E.D.S character that has shifted from television to movies is fourth on the list with the annual earnings of $20 million. Her movie Huge bosses made a global recognition and that helped her career.

5. Emma stone: – Completing the mid-way of top 10, on number 5 is Emma stone. Her income is estimated to be $16 million per year. Because, of her role in Spiderman, she has entered the list of top 10 salaried actress of Hollywood.

6. Charlize Theron: – She has managed to be in the list by acquiring small movies and by balanced approach. She did movies of bigger budget like Snow- white and Hutsman and small budget movies like young adult. She is not only young and beautiful but one of those actresses who are combination of brain. She is in the club with the annual salary of $15 million.

7. Sandra Bullock: – And, here is the diva with the Guinness book of world record of highest paid salary of $56 million. She is this year on the seventh number with the digits of $12 million. She has received the score of 100 E. Amongst all the Hollywood celebrity she is one of the most popular actress around the globe who has most marketable value.

8. Natalie Portman: – She is another Oscar winner in the list of top 10 earning actresses who is known face in the industry. Her role in the newer star Wars film was appreciated a lot. And, how one can fogot to mention her role of Jane foster in Portrayal. She is in the list if highest paid actresses with the amount of $14 million.

9. Mila Kunis: – The great role of “ted” has contributed a lot in her success. The story of teddy bear made this little angel the known actresses in the Hollywood.

10. Julia Roberts: – Her role is known to the industry, she did single movie last year but still she made to the list by the annual earnings of $11 million. Year 2005 – 2006 was quite lucky for her which marked her as the most earning actresses.

So, hope you have fun reading this post. Hollywood is full with the talented celebrities and these celebrities are not less than multi-millionaires, charging exorbitant amount for their skill.

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