Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors list in 2017, richest Hollywood actors.

X-factor about the Top 10 highest paid successful Hollywood actors of 2017. We all wait for the movies of Hollywood. We mainly wait to see the quality of acting of these actors. Most of the actors do their acting spontaneously. May be all of them are not trained in acting still they have that capability to make people charmed with their acting. Thus, these actors are paid huge amount for each movie they do.

List of the top 10 highest paid successful Hollywood actors of 2017

We all are interested to know more about these actors. Hence, we can take a look at the top 10 highest paid/successful Hollywood actors of 2017.

1. Robert Downey JR – Our favorite Robert Downey JR was born in the year 1965. He made his acting debut just at the age of five with his father’s film Pound. It was the year 1970. Less Than Zero, Weird Science, Soapdish, Natural Born Killers are some great movies done by him. Per year he is earning $75 million.

Robert Downey JR, Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

2. Channing Tatum – There will be hardly anyone who does not like to watch movies done by Channing Tatum. He possesses versatile qualities and he is famous for being actor, producer, dancer and model. In the year 2005 he started his acting career with the drama Coach Carter. He got massive success in the movie Step Up in the year 2006. Due to his acting skills he is earning $ 60 million per year.

3. Hugh Jackman – His acting has been greatly appreciated in various movies for his excellent acting as romantic hero or super hero. He is also a well-known singer and producer and his present earning is $55 million. Kate and Leopold, The Prestige, Van Helsing, Real Steel are some great movies done by him.

4. Mark Wahlberg – Mark Wahlberg is a multi-talented personality from America. He is a well-known producer, model and singer. He became famous with his debut film in 1991. The Perfect Storm, The planet of the Apes are some great movies done by him. He is earning $ 52 million per annum.

5. Dwayne Johnson – Dwayne Johnson is not only famous in acting field but also he has done well as professional wrestler. His debut movie was The Scorpion King. He received $ 5.5 billion for this movie. Currently he is earning $46 million per year.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio: Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for the prestigious Golden Globe Award for ten times. He won it for twice. In the year 1993, his first well recognized movie, This Boy’s Life released. His Acting was highly praised for the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. He has also been greatly acclaimed for his superb acting in the movie Titanic. Presently he is earning $ 39 million annually.

7. Adam Sandler – Adam Sandler is famous for his versatile qualities. He is a great actor, comedian, entrepreneur, film producer and screenwriter. He is extremely famous for his comic roles in the movies like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy, The Wedding Singer and many more. His present annual earning is $37 million.

8. Tom Cruise – Tom Cruise, heart throb of women, started his acting career with a very small role in the movie Endless Life. In the year 1983, he got the breakthrough with the romantic comedy movie Risky Business. He was nominated for best actor in the Golden Globe for this movie. The outsiders, Legend, The Color of Money, and Cocktail are some great movies of Tom Cruise. His earning per year is around $ 35 million.

9. Denzel Washington – Denzel Washington received two Golden Globe Awards for his excellent acting skill. He also won Academy Awards for his excellent work in the movie Glory and Training Day. His total earning
Per year is around $33 million.

10. Liam Neeson – The list of top ten successful actors will not be completed if we do not talk about Liam Neeson. His acting came under notice for his excellent acting in the Oscar winning movie of Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List. His other great movies are Michael Collins, Star Wars Episode I, and Kinsey. He was also appreciated for his superhero role in the movie Batman. His annual earning is around $32 million.

Above is the list of top ten Hollywood actors who are paid highest remuneration for their excellent acting skill.