Top 10 Highest Paid Hip Hop Artists in The World

Highest Paid Successful Hip Hop Artists in The World, Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists 2017.

Hip hop like other genres is heard more but do you have any idea how much do they earn just by few stage shows and albums. The rhythm of Hip hop song with Hip Hop dance can make one mad for this particular genre. There are many artists who are known for their exceptional talent in the hip hop world.

Top 10 hip hop artists who enjoys a handsome pay in 2017

We are sure that you will be keen to know the names of those stars that are creating huge sensation in the hip hop world and getting a hefty pay for the same.

Here is the list of 10 most earning hip hop kings who rule the hearts of the listeners.

Top 10 hip hop kings who earns the most:

1. Dr. Dre: – The huge digits $620 million make Dr. Dre the highest earning musician in the Forbes list. The sum of his total earning is also quite more than the total of remaining 9 on the list. Looking at the fame he has achieved now he has to soon release his album Detox which was long awaited. Music can help you earn and he will

2. Jay-Z: – The 2nd on the list is Jay – z with the amount of $60 million. He is again one talented musician who has earned lots of fame and name in the list with the numerous albums. Till 2010 he was the highest earner but lately it fell down.

Jay-Z, Richest Hip Hop Artists in The World

3. Diddy: – The position is shared by the Diddy with the amount of $60 million. He has been in the field for more than two decades and he is still earning and he is in the list on the second position shared. His agreement with the Diageo’s Ciroc vodka contributes to most of his earnings. But, also the other agreements with DeLeon tequila, Blue Flame marketing, Sean Jean clothing, and Revolt TV helps in his earnings.

4. Drake : – He is on number four with the amount of $33 million. His latest studio album which was his fourth release has been a great success with the approximately four million copies sold in the market. His endorsement with the Nike Jordan has contributed most to his earnings. Also, in one of his interviews with Forbes Drake said if he is unable to make in the list he will be heavily disappointed.

5. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: $32-million – Completing half of the list Mack and ryan are on number 5 with the earning of $32 million. This duo kicked the stardom with the win of four Grammy awards out of seven nominations made for them. They won titles like best new artists and the Best rap album.

6. Kanye West: $30-million-  Whatever his number be on list he is best for almost whole world. his songs are the party rockers. Yes, he is the most taken name in the entertainment list. His yeezus tour was one of the major reasons which added to his income. Besides, his earning he is also known for his marriage to Kim. Presently he is worth $30 million.

7. Birdman: $24-million – The member of YMCMB group, his major earning comes from his associations. More than anything he is known more for his passionate attitude. He is known for his hard work. His current earning is $24 million.

8. Lil Wayne: $23-million – Once he was in the list of top with the 50% high. If the luck continues and his fortune supports he will be on the top with double percentage. He in future will continue with the label funded by Capcom. His current rating is $23 million.

9. Pharrell Williams: $22-million – The ninth on the list is $22 million. More of his association with the hip hop , he has been famous for his association with the fashion labels. His hat which he adorned for Grammy red carpet became so famous that it had its own Twitter account later it was sold to $44,000 for charity.

10. Eminem: $18-million – Though, he is not involved with much of ventures as his other competitors but due to exclusive tours and the sales of catalogues makes it favorable for him to make place in top 10. His income increased because of tour with Rihanna but whatever it is he is still favorite of many with the adorable looks.

So, here was the list of your favorite hip hop kings who earns the most. So, they not only earn living (luxury living) with the singing but with the different endorsements and tours.

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