Top 10 Highest Paid Formula One Drivers

Top 10 highest paid Formula 1 driver in the world in 2017, Know the top 10 highest paid formula one drivers.

Speed is a definite thing that most of the people love and the best representation of that speed in the sports is in Formula one races. Thus this is a popular game and people love to keep a track on the same.

Presenting the list of those popular names from the world of formula 1 car driving who get paid hefty for their talent in 2017

The life of the drivers in the game is full of risk, for the extensive speed they develop on the race track. Thus the salary of them is also high. You might be willing to know more about their life and the packages they bear with them. In this article you will get the names and the salaries of the top drivers of the formula one.

1: Fernando Alonso- The salary of this star is same as that of Lewis, but he is placed at the top position as his list of the grand awards is more than that of Lewis. He is the driver from the team, Ferrari, and is one of the top stars of formula one in the world.

Fernando Alonso, Highest Paid Formula One Drivers

2: Lewis Hamilton- The driver that is in the second position is Lewis Hamilton. He is one of the top stars and that is the reason he is paid so much. The star claims 20 million euro from the team Mercedes and he is the top paid star from the team.

3: Jenson Button- The McLaren star is at the top of the top list of the top paid Formula one driver. He is placed at the third place since he is paid 16 million euro as salary from the team. The superb player is one of the top performers ion the races too.

4: Sebastian Vettel- The present star of the red bull team, after Webber moved away to the retired team is Sebastian. He is even more paid the Webber and he is also a super performer at the Gram races. The top paid star is one of the hottest formula one drivers and he claims near about 12 million of euro.

5: Nico Rosberg- – The Mercedes star is one of the hottest names in the Formula one. He is not only renowned for the grand awards he own, but for the superb appearance of this star. He represents the team of Mercedes and is one of the highly paid drivers of the game. The star claims 11 million euro from the team.

6: Mark Webber- He has been a real star of the red bull. He has now moved to the team of the retired. The star ius having one of the top fans base and he is having many awards with him too. This gifted driver is paid 10 million of euro by the team of Retired.

7: Felipe Massa- In the seventh rank come another star that is having many grand awards with him. The star is having one of the top bases of fans and he represents the team of Williams. The most important thing about this star is the package of his, which is 6 million of euro.

8: Kimi Raikkonen – The superstar is one of the top winners of the grand slam award. He is one of the top stars who are supported with most number of fans. Most importantly, he is entrusted with the great records and that is why he is such highly paid. He gets the salary of 3 million euro from the Ferrari team.

9: Sergio Perez- The coming up star is one of the hottest drivers for the females. He is a grand slam winner at the young age and he got his place in the list of the top ten stars with one and a half million euro salary. He represents the team of Force India and is well placed there.

10: Romain Grosjean- He is a top driver, who has many important gram awards with him. This star has many fans of his too. The top driver is in the list of the top ten and is from the team of Lotus. The superstar is one of the top paid star player or driver in the formula one. He grosses a salary of one million of euro from the team.

All the names that you will find above are superstars in the formula one generic of racing and all of them are having huge fan base. The salary is increased for the number of wins under their belt.

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