Top 10 Highest Paid Coaches in The NFL

The top 10 Highest-Paid NFL Coaches in 2017, Highest-Paid Coaches all over the world In Sports.

NFL or the National Football league has 32 positions for the coaches in the world. Football as we all know is one of the leading games in the present times. Footballers earn huge amount of money from the game and also by endorsing different brands. Some of them are list among world’s richest ones. Then why not the coaches? The coaches of NFL also earn a lot though they don’t fall among the worlds richest. The top ten among then earn $6 million and more every season

Meet The top 10 coaches from the world of NFL who receive high remuneration for their role in 2017

Here is the list of world’s top 10 highest paid coaches and the list is done by measuring their income per season. So let’s go through the highest paid NFL coaches among the highest paid coaches among 32.

The list as follows:

1. Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints: This man has been leading the New Orleans Saints team from 2003 and leads the chart with $8 Million per season leaving the 32 behind. The entire 2012 season went a nightmare for him as he was sidelined due to the Bountygate scandal. Under his coaching the Saints won the super bowl in 2009 and made till the play offs for five times.

Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints, Highest Paid Coaches in The NFL

2. Bill Belichick, New England Patriots: He has been coaching the New England Patriots team from 200 and stands second in the list by earning $7.5 Million per season, thought he went to Cleveland for 5 years. Under his coaching the New England’s went for 12 playoffs out of 15 and won the super bowl 4 times out of 6 attempts.

3. Andy Reid, Kansas City Chifs: After being the head coach of the Eagles from 1999 to 2012 taking them to 5 postseason appearances and giving them on e super bowl he shifted to the Kansas City Chiefs. He made to the play in 2013 after going 11-5 and finished the last season by 9-7.

4. John Habaugh, Baltimore Ravens: Have been coaching for the Baltimore Ravens from 2008 stands fourth in the list by earning $7.5 Million per season. He has the record of winning 64.3% of his regular season games, went for the playoffs for six out of seven times has earned the super bowl in 2012.

5. Pete Caroll, Seattle Seahawks: This man has coached various teams periodically; New York Jets (1994), New England Patriots (1997-1999) etc and has been coaching the present team from 2010. He has taken the Seattle to playoffs for four times in five years and appeared for the super bowl back to back by wining one.

6. Jeff Fisher, St. Louis Rams: He has been in this profession for the last 20 years and holds the sixth position here by earning $7 Million per season. He has been coaching the St. Louis Rams since 2012. He has the record of 162-147-1 coaching for several teams like Houston, Oilers, Titans etc. He has also taken Titans to the super bowls in 1999.

7. Tom Coughlin, New York Giants: Since 2004 he has been coaching the New York Giants and stands in the seventh position among the top ten by earning $6.67 million per season. This man has the experience of 19 years as a coach. Though he failed to make the play offs for the past three years for the Giants but has won two super bowls from 2007-2011 and three more play off apearences.

8. Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles: he had been a successful coach at Oregon for four years. He is the eighth in the list by earning $6.5 million per season. After a 10-6 season he has taken the Eagles in the playoffs.

9. Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys: Has been the head coach at the Dallas Cowboys from 2010 and he holds the ninth position in the list by earning $6 million per season.

10. Bruce Arians, Arizona Cardians: Stands tenth in the list by earning $6 Million. This man has been coaching Arizona from 2013.

This is the list of the top 10 highest paid NFL coaches of 2017 all over the world. This list is entirely made out of their income per season.