Top 10 Highest Paid Celebrities Under 30

Top Earning Celebrities Under 30 in 2017, Get the name of the top 10 highest paid celebrities under 30.

It is found that people believes that the most popular celebrities are those who are aged and who are in the industry for a long time. It might be the fact, but a recent study revealed that the coming-up stars are great in all respect and they are doing quite well in the market to get high payment.

Find the list containing top 10 names of celebrities who are paid high in 2017

Here are the top ten celebrities that are placed at the top of the list among the highly paid stars. You might be a fan of them, but you are not sure about their placing in the market. This list will make you understand, how they are placed in the market.

1. Justin Bieber- He is at the top of the list with gross earnings of 80 million dollars in the last year. This young man of 20 years is one of the hottest stars of recent times and is having a great fan base to get at the top of the list. He has been a man with best styles and innovative skills.

Justin Bieber, Highest Paid Celebrities Under 30

2. One Direction- This one is a music band and is perfectly successful in the career. The different hit albums in the last year earned great revenue for them and that is near about 75 million dollars. The average age of the participants in the band is only 21 years and thus the performance at this level is perfect.

3. Taylor Swift- The beautiful looking pop singer is only 24 and at this age she booked an income of 64 million dollars in the last year. The pretty singer is highly regarded for her super performance and the nice albums and she has been one of the top singers among the fans.

4. Bruno Mars- The super talented singer and the croon come at the fourth position. He has been a talented person and at the age of 29, this young man gained 60million dollars in the last year to empanel his name in the top list.

5. Rihanna- She has been another pop star who framed her career perfectly to find herself at one of the leading position in the fan list. She has been a renowned name in the social sites. The singer has been one of the most beautiful one with a gifted voice and she earned 48 million dollars in the last season.

6. Miley Cyrus- He has been another top singer that has some of the rare records with her. The lady is having the best records of earning four years from now. She has been away due to some of the controversies. She came back and found herself at the sixth position in terms of income. At 21, this young lady earned $36 million

7. Jennifer Lawrence- The beautiful actress from the X-Men proved that the female stars can be famous action stars. The star is only 24 and she gained earnings of 34 million dollars in the last year. This is an outstanding performance and she has been the only actress in this list of best paid celebrities.

8. Lady Gaga- The lady has to do many things and get through many phases to get a success at the age of 28. This year she earned near about $33 million to book her seat at the eighth position among the celebrities, who are best paid. She has been an outstanding singer throughout her career, and might be this is the time to get the reward for that.

9. Avicii- The star singer is in the ninth position. You may think 25 is a perfect age to achieve the success for a singer, but he has been in the industry at an older age and thus this is a great achievement from him. The star is having many good albums with him now and that brought him 28 million dollars in the last year.

10. Skrillex- He has been one of the most promising dubbing makers at the start of his career and now he is shifting his career with a new objective. His presence in this list says that he has been successful in making the change. Last year he earned about $18 million.

The most important features of all these celebrities is that they are all promising characters in their respective fields and thus there name is there in the top list.

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