Top 10 Richest Football Team Owners

Top 10 richest football team owners in the world in 2017, List of top football club owners.

There are different games in the world and the most popular of all the games is football. It is the game which is played in almost all the countries and thus is one of the most popular games of the world. The owners of the team of the football are the richest owners since this is the game which is played by most of the nations and there the number of spectators is most.

Presenting the list of those people who are richest owners of Football teams in 2017 – The top 10

You might know the names of the top clubs for the name of the star players and for the performance in the leagues.

Here is the list of the owners who are richest among all in owning a club for them.

1. Carlos Slim Helu- He is the top name in the list and he owns three clubs under his name. All the three clubs namely Pachua, Leon, and Real Oviedo are performing perfectly to place this owner at the top of the list. The clubs are performing greatly in the recent years and this owner is the first names among the richest owners with $86.3 billion.

Carlos Slim Helu, Richest Football Team Owners

2. Amancio Ortega – The second name in the list is a popular one as you have seen him many a times on the screen. His property size is $62.9 billion and he is definitely one of the richest club owners of the world. He owns the super performing Deportivo de La Coruna

3. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan – Here is the name of another star owner. He has been a player himself at one time and now he is the third richest club owners of the world. He was one of top in the list with Melbourne City and New York City FC in the list. The recent ownership of the Manchester city has placed him in the third rank with an ownership of $34 billon.

4. George Soros – The owner of the Manchester United has to be in the list and thus his name is in the fourth position. He has been one of the top richest owners of any club and the ownership value is 24 billion dollars. He has been a star performer and is a renowned name to the football fans.

5. Alisher Usmanov – He is the owner of another Football club, Arsenal. He has been one of the top owners and the fifth name in the list of the richest club owners of the world. The ownership value of this star owner is around 19.4 billion dollars and this is quite a huge value.

6. Paul Allen – The top performing team’ s owner has to be there in the top list of the richest person of the world, He is one of the richest owner of a team and is placed in the list of the top club owners at the sixth position. The possession of this owner is around $16.3 billion and he is the owner of the Seattle Sounders.

7. Lakshmi Mittal – He has been in the list of the billionaires for a long time and has been an eminent business man from France. He owns Queens Park Rangers and is one of the top owners of the football club. The value of the club is around $16.1 billion and he is there in the seventh rank in the top list.

8. Francois Henri Pinault – Do not get confused with the name of the football star. He is the owner of the Stade Rennes whose worth is around $15.5 billion. He is the eighth name in the list and is one of the best names who are recalled as match winning owners.

9. John Fredriksen – The top names of the owners are often the name of the clubs and most of the fans do not know the name of the owners of the clubs even. He is one of the top owners and is there in the ninth rank in the list. The net worth of him for owning Valerenga has been $14.5 billion.

10. Rinat Akhmetov – The final name of the list owns Shakhtar Donetsk, whose net with is around $12.8 billion, the team has been performing superbly in the last few seasons and that is growing the ownership value gradually.

All the names of the list are the owners of the top performing clubs and that made him the richest among the many. All of them are club owners and you can note down their name for your knowledge.

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