Top 10 Richest Comedians in The World

World’s top 10 richest standup comedians in 2017, most popular richest living comedians.

A person whatever he is, whoever he is, loves to laugh. This habit not only refreshes our mind but also makes us healthy. The art of laughing can be of many types, laughing loudly by seeing a comedy show or a scene is the laughter we generally enjoy the most. The master mind behind these comedy shows are known as comedians. The master stroke they give in a very casual manner is the key point for them. It may seem that they do it casually or effortlessly but the story is just the opposite in the backstage. They have to make the best possible way to make their listeners laugh. The enjoyment they give for an hour needs a month of constant practice.

Presenting the list of comedians who are richest and highest paid in the world in 2017

There are hardly any people in this world who don’t love comedy and their love for comedy gave birth to some of the richest comedians of the world. This is the list of world’s top 10 highest paid standup comedians. The list is made out of their net income out of their profession.

The list as follows:

1. Jerry Seinfeld: This guy leading the list earns the net amount of $800 million. He is the richest in the world of standup comedy with a huge amount of shows worldwide. He does not need any second introduction. He is the best in today’s comedy world

Jerry Seinfeld, Richest Comedians in The World

2. Bill Cosby: This old man does not need any second introduction in the world of standup comedy. At this age of 77 he is still making people laugh whenever he stands up on the stage. Never had showed his face in a movie but he is loved by many and he is having a huge fan following. He is standing in the 2nd position with the net worth of $380 million.

3. Jay Leno: in the world of comedy no other comedian has ever had as productive life as this man has. This old man has been making people laugh for many years. He is famous in performing sold out shows in L.A and Las Vegas every now and then. He accounts a net amount of $350 million and standing in the 3rd position of this list.

4. Drew Carey: This name is popular in many parts of the world because of his immense talent of making people laugh. His net worth is $165 million holding the 4th position in the list.

5. Ray Romano: He is loved and adored by many of the fans present in different corners of the globe. He is holding the 5th position in this list of world’s top 10 richest standup comedians with the net worth of $120 million this time.

6. Bob Saget: This man holds the 6th position this year with the net worth of $100. At times he used to tour a lot making for doing comedy events, but these days he is not in so much news. He is also seen in the ABC’s family full house TV show.

7. Jeff Foxworthy: This standup comedian holds the 7th position in the list with the net worth of $100 million. He is widely known for his blue collar style he regarded as one of the major stand up comedians of the world in recent times. His comedy skills is respected all over and he has a big fan following for his comedy skills.

8. Ricky Gervais: He has been doing stand-up comedy for many years. He is the heart throb for many.. He is famous for his show in BBC which was the widely popular American TV show of that time. He stands in the 8th position with the net worth of $80 million.

9. Roseanne bar: She is the heart of comedy. Her performance is cherished from different corners of the world. She was seen in the TV housewife in 1990 which is still at this year 2017 is a massive hit. By beating the other in the list she stands in the 9th position with the net worth of $80Million.

10. Kevin James: this guy steals the heart every time you watch him performing. His charismatic stage appearance is his x-factor for his immense success. The way he appears, the way he speaks is all under his entertainment package. Stand in the 10th position with the net worth of $80 million.

This list of the world’s highest paid comedians is made based out of their net income. Their popularity also does count for making place in this list.