Most Beautiful Women of 2017 in World

Let’s look this list of Top 40 most beautiful women in the World for 2017, who are known for being most gorgeous or most sexiest or most Popular in the world.

Who doesn’t love beauty? We the human beings love beauty in each and everything; may it be any things that we buy or anything that we look at. Beauty grabs attention. For a poet or an artist or an optimist everything is beautiful. Hence, anything and everything is beautiful in its own way. Every creation and everything in nature is beautiful and thus, every lady is beautiful in her own way.

Here we enlist celebrities who are known for being most gorgeous or most sexiest or most hottest women in the world. These celebrities have made big names in their respective fields and most of them are actress and models here, who have been appealing to the audience. These women are considered as most beautiful women in the world and are also amongst most desired women in the world. Here is the list filled with immense beauties from around the world:

Check this hottest list of most beautiful women of 2017 in world

40. Sandra Bullock :

Sandra Bullock (USA) World's Top 10 Most Beautiful Women

One of the age-defying most beautiful woman ever on the planet, Sandra Bullock was named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman at the age of 50. One of the highest paid actress in Hollywood, Bullock was born in Virginia, United States. She began her career as an actress in 1987 with a minor role in Hangmen. Later on, she found huge success as an actress and won Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for her in The Blind Side. Her performance was exceptional in Gravity also. She also stepped into production with her own production house called Fortis Films and found great success.

39. Gabrielle Union:

Gabrielle Union (USA) most beautiful black women 2017

For all those who think black isn’t attractive or beautiful, this most beautiful American actress stands as an example, being very gorgeous and appealing in spite of being black. Born in Omaha of Nebraska, United States, she is a leading actress and model. Wearing a beautiful smile, this actress is popular for her roles in romantic comedy films like Bring it On, The Brothers, Think like a man, Think like a man too and many more. Her role in Being Mary Jane drama series was highly acclaimed for which she also won NAACP Image award.

38. Vanessa Hudgens:

Vanessa Hudgens (California) World's Top 10 Most Beautiful Women 2017

Vanessa Hudgens is one of the most popular women for her role in widely known High School Musical series in her teenage. She is a very gorgeous actress and singer now. She was born in Salinas, California and has acted in various series and shows of Disney Channel. As a Pop and R&B singer, her debut album was V at the age of 24, which entered Billboard 200. This gorgeous female actress also featured in films like Bandslam, Sucker Punch, Journey 2: Mysterious Island, Spring breakers and many others.

37. Anne Hathaway:

Anne Hathaway (USA) beautiful woman

The most beautiful women in the world 2017 Anne Hathaway Known as one of most versatile actress in recent past, Anne Hathaway has receiving recognition and praises since her teenage for her acting. She was born in Brooklyn and is also a singer. Some of her remarkable and highly acclaimed performances came in Havoc, Brokeback Mountain, Devil Wears Prada, Becoming Jane, Rachel Getting Married, Bride Wars etc. She won Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, BAFTA and SAG for Best supporting actress in Les Misérables. Her other notable performances are in Dark Knight Rises as Catwoman and in Interstellar. This hottest actress was named as one of People Magazine’s breakthrough stars in 2001.

36. Olga Kurylenko:

Olga Kurylenko (France) most beautiful women

This glamorous, sexy actress and model is widely popular for playing Bond Girl in Quantum of Solace. Born in Ukraine, Soviet Union she moved to Paris to continue her modeling career. A breakthrough in her acting career came with Nika Boronina in 2007. She also had success in Hollywood with movies like To the Wonder, Oblivion, The water Divinr etc. This 5 foot 9 inches tall charming lady is regarded as one of the prettiest, attractive and most beautiful women in the world.

35. Keira Knightley:

Keira Knightley (UK) Hottest Female Celebrities

This English actress began her acting career right from her childhood. Her Elizabeth Swann role in Pirates of the Caribbean film series brought her wide spread recognition in the world. She earned Academy Award, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her role in Pride & Prejudice. She was nominated for Golden Globe, SAG, Academy Awards for Best supporting actress for her role in The Imitation Game. Her other remarkable performances came in Bend it like Beckham, Atonement, Silk, The Duchess, Never let me go and many more. In 2008, this popular actress was named as second highest paid actress by Forbes Magazine.

34. Meryam Uzerli:

Meryem Uzerli most beautiful women

This gorgeous Turkish-Germany actress was born and raised in Kassel, Germany. She has got beautiful, admirable blue eyes. She began her acting career with minor roles in German Television series. She gained recognition after her role in Turkish TV series Muhteşem Yüzyil, which was highly acclaimed and she won many awards too. She is also popular for her roles in Journey of No return, Jetzt aber Ballett, Notruf Hafenkante and others. Along with acting she endorses many brands and has portrayed in many advertisment videos too. GQ Turkey chose Meryam Uzerli as Woman of the Year in 2012. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world in 2017.

33. Charlzie Theron:

Charlize Theron (South Africa) hottest women of 2016

She is considered as one of the glamorous actress in Hollywood. Theron is an South African-American actress and has won Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, Sliver Bear and Screen Actors Guild Award for her character in the movie Monster, which was highly acclaimed by critics. Her other exceptional performances came in Hancock, The Italian Job, The Devil’s Advocate, Mad Max: Fury Road, North Country, Young Adult and others. This hottest actress & most beautiful women in world has also got into production and has gained great success in it.

32. Olivia Wilde:

Olivia Wilde (USA) top 10 most beautiful women

Olivia Wilde is an American model – actress also known for being a screen writer, director, producer, activist and an entrepreneur. She is considered as one of the hottest women in Hollywood and she gained prominence for her role in the popular American TV series House. She also found success in Hollywood hits like Tron: Legacy, Cowboys& Aliens, Her, Rush.

31. Monica Bellucci :

Monica Bellucci (Italy) most sexiest girl 2017

After her role in Spectre, she became the Oldest Bond Girl in the James Bond franchise. Even now at the age of 51, Monica Bellucci looks so gorgeous and pretty and is considered as one of sexiest actress and model. This Italian actress began her career at very young age as a model. Later in her acting career she found success with movies like The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, The passion of the Christ, Irréversible and Spectre. She is very bold in appeal and has featured many commercials of popular brands as a model and one of the world’s most beautiful women of 2017.

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  1. What a racist article …such a limitation on Indian , Spanish and black women , as for the comment under Gabrielle Unions picture that is such an insult to gorgeous black women.

    Whoever created or manages this page is highly immature and has no respect for women

    All women are beautiful and shouldn’t be ranked by race !

  2. Lisa Monaban should be the number 2… south korean singer from kpop group BLACKPINK. She can sing, rap, dance and do cute things… she is ajolly person and a lovable one. She shows naughtiness towards naughty people :-0

  3. I notice today society media outlets all ways give the title ‘beautiful’ to the women whom has had comestic surgeries, cheek implants, botox, eyes shaped, nose job, hair extentions/weaves, lip injections, breast implants and last but not least butt implants. That’s cheating, that’s like an athlete taking performance drugs, if an athlete test positive for enhanced performance drugs that athlete is stripped of any awards and their credibility is ruined for life, ‘no credit’ is the end result, and the same should apply to those women whom has had any of the above mentioned surgeries done, ‘no credit’ for fake beauty. What about all of the women who is naturally beautiful but isn’t in the spotlight, those women should be sort after and their ‘natural beauty’ should be embraced and supported by the media outlets. False reality!

  4. What a racist article. Black women have real age resistant beauty with full cheeks and lips that lighter skinned women go to the plastic surgeon to get. Where’s Beyonce for instance. Gabrielle Union below Jennifer Aniston and Emma Watson? Give me a break.

    1. Even more racist is the comment on Gabriel Union….”in spite of being black”. No comment from the site managers, however I see that they answer other replies.

  5. someone obviously has favourites or was paid to put this together.
    they are very nice and pretty women but far from the most beautiful!
    who did this!

  6. Amazing work thanks for sharing this awesome list
    I Also Work On same site top 10 beautiful women list Click me check out and help me to be best
    Waiting for your next post thanks.

  7. These lady’s are beautiful but they don’t hold a candle to Gabrielle Marie Beglinger from Hoquiam Washington. She’s a 24 year old brunette 5′ 7″ 120 Lbs ,brown eye’s that works locally in Hoquiam ,great roll model for teenage girls, she has a boyfriend and has a don’t take crap attitude with a soft voice. They call her, “Gabby”. Gabby is the most beautiful woman in the world by far. Your welcome, Vern

  8. Was this written by a 12 year-old? Terrible grammar, poor editing and, as for the comment about Gabrielle Union being ‘very gorgeous and appealig in spite of being black’ – OMG!
    By the way, it’s Charlize Theron – not Charlzie.

  9. Many Girl having beautiful faces but..
    I love Kathryn Bernardo For Being Beautiful faces For Being Real Pinay Beauty??? I Gues She Deserves tobe the One of The Hundred Faces

  10. We as humans are naturally attracted to beauty. A person that possesses beauty is a sign of a healthy genetic structure which aids in selecting a life partner that will result in a healthier genetic mixture. Well sorry about the excessive science and stuff, for the more laid back reader I say that our culture is structured in such a way that beauty and physical attractiveness are rated very highly and people love to see and admire as what they perceive, beautiful people. This is a list in my opinion of the top 10 most beautiful women at this moment. Well, each and every one of you has their own opinions and likings, but well you’re reading this for a reason weather to get my opinion or just to admire the beauty you get to see. I hope you enjoy this small piece I have to offer you

  11. Selena Gomez (USA)
    Shailene Woodley (USA)
    Deepika Padukone (India)
    Emma Watson(British)
    Nana Im Jin-Ah (South Korea)
    Liza Soberano(Filipino-American)
    Priyanka Chopra (India)
    Taylor Swift(USA)
    Emilia Clarke (UK)
    Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll(Colombian)

  12. i think liza should be the most beautiful girl in the world awkward i am reading all of the most beautiful girl in the world but damn im fallin in love with liza.???

  13. Beyoncé should be on the list , Rihanna looks way better than Kirsten Stewart and Angelina Jolie should be number one. Also , Kerri underwood should be on this list.

  14. Holy sit Gabrielle Union is ‘ beautiful and appealing in spite of being black.’?

    I might be offended if I could’ve gotten past the awful grammar

      1. No you weren’t. And read the.idiotic comment below about the planet being 95% non-black and we should get over it. Yet who injects themselves to have thicker lips, go to tanning salons to darken their skin.

  15. OK. I don’t understand 1-4. Selena Gomez? Other than popularity the first four are nothing special. Why am I leaving a comment? Yikes, I need to get a life.

  16. Liza Soberano is being tagged as the most beautiful in the Philippine entertainment industry. People in and out of showbiz, of different class, age bracket, gender, admire her beauty, and some int’l celebrities/artists who got to visit our country, could attest to that. And the truth is, she’s just 18! Given more years, maturity will surely polish her beauty even more…

  17. Kristen Stewart? Nope.

    Also, was Jennifer Lawrence not on the list? Sorry if I missed her, but if she’s not on the list, that’s a pretty big omission.

  18. I don’t know why Jennifer Aniston is at the top. She is so old and she hasn’t got that great a charm now. Scarlett or Emma should have been in the top.

  19. What I feel is that Deepika should have been atleast amongst top 10. She is so gorgeous and you can’t find anyone as beautiful as her in Asia. She is bold, hot and sexy too. Her smile is my fav thing to watch.

  20. My sexual preference is women. Those who are listed in this site are beautiful. I wish to marry a beautiful women. I wanna fall in love with or marry a woman from the age of 26 to 48. She would be a good company for me.

  21. I liked this list. Maybe top 50 or top 100 too would have been better. Seems like there is a lot of effort put behind ranking these women. Especially the top 10 is really good.

  22. I’ve always loved Scarlett Johansson. She has a hot and sexy body. Her acting is equally good too. What I like is the way she exposes her body and is known for being a sex symbol. She has a great beauty in her and she kills it on screen.

    1. She is a perfect sex symbol in Hollywood. She is like 30+ age but she doesn’t even look like. She has maintained a great physique and her body is so attractive. She has got very hot and bold appeal and she doesn’t mind to show her body. That’s the best thing.

  23. I should definitely say that this is an awesome list. One can find all the bests in this. The ranking is really good and I believe all of them have got that angel grace.

  24. Amongst all of them, I love Scarlett Johansson. I find her eyes so attractive and her body is greatly appealing. The way she makes her body iconic is just impressive.

  25. Katrina Kaif is the most beautiful. She might lack in acting but she is just perfect for modelling. She seems a goddess though. I love her.

  26. All of them are so beautiful and I guess this is a pretty great list. It’s so hard to rank them and you have done a great job in that. Well done.

  27. Deepika is always my love! <3.
    Shez just gorgeous and I don't get enough words to define her beauty. Everytime I see her.. I feel that she has some angel grace. Her smile is the cutest in the world.

    1. I love her too.. You know like the way she has performed in XXX new movie, she seems to be very promising as far as Hollywood is concerned. She has done so well and looks hot too.

  28. Emilia Clark is the only beauty. She is the best. She is hot, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, glamorous and all. She is bold and acts superbly well.. I love GoT because of her.

    1. She gives me the only reason to watch GoT. She is so bold and appealing. Her body is structured in a great manner with perfect curves. She is pretty gorgeous too and I very very popular worldwide.

  29. I love Emma! She just kills it with her face. She is so gorgeous and cute. I guess, there is no guy who hates Emma. She has always been an incredible beauty.

  30. This looks like an INDIAN has made the list. You’re missing kareena, sonam, bipasha, dia Mirza and others and most importantly Sunny leon.. ha ha ha

  31. Scarlett Johansson is the sexiest women and most beautiful too. She has a great body structure and has a gorgeous face too. Her eyes, lips are so good looking.

  32. Aishwarya Rai is an amazing beauty. I haven’t seen anyone like that. I have been admiring her beauty since a long time and even after having a child, she has kept the same charm and grace

  33. Jessica alba is so gorgeous. I never knew that she’s turned a business woman. I’ve been her fan and I’ve loved her performances. She is so very beautiful and should have made it within top 10.

    1. She should have continued her career I guess. She is so talented and she had great looks too. That’s what I love a lot in her. She is cute, gorgeous and also irresistibly hot.

  34. I didn’t know many of these actresses and models before. Glad that I’ve got to see them.this is a great job by the author. All of them are incredibly gorgeous and stunningly beautiful.

  35. I personally feel that Deepika is the most beautiful in the world. She has a very impressive look and her smile steals hearts. She is bold and glamorous too.

  36. I guess that lady Kristen Stewart is the most beautiful alive. She has all that charm, appeal, beauty that makes her to be the best. She is awesome on screen and has a great style sense and always showcases new trends.

  37. Adriana lima seems great amongst all of em. Maybe her skin, or hair or eyes or the body, I’m not sure but she is so damn hot. She has a perfect look for a model.

  38. These Indians are truly amazing in looks. Shruthi, kajal, Deepika, Katrina, Priyanka are all so beautiful and no other countries have such beautiful ladies. I guess they should be in the top 10.

  39. Emma is my cute angel. I have loved her since hermoine character. She is so pretty and gorgeous. Her charm is so impressive and attractive. She has got an infectious smile too. :’)

    1. Selena is so pretty. She is so damn cute. I love her since she has appeared in a TV show when she was young. Now, I just love her songs. She has got a magical and attractive voice. Her songs like Nobody, Same old love, Perfect are also so good.

  40. You know like once can’t even guess that Aishwarya, Shakira, Scarlett, ansiton, Gadot are all married and have kids. They are still one of the hottest, most beautiful women in the world. They are truly age defying.

  41. Lol. I didn’t know Monica Bellucci is that old. She looks so great and has everything in perfect shape even now. I love her performances onscreen. She’s an amazing actress.

  42. Deepika is the most beautiful woman. She looks so good and has a great body too. She is tall and has appealing structures. Her smile with that cute dimple is just killing. I love the everyway she is.

  43. And here is Gal Gadot. Should have bombed in the top 10 that lady. Excited about wonder woman and that’ll be releasing in 207,june :/
    I just can’t wait. She looks so hot and energetic in the movie.

  44. Aishwarya Rai is a goddess beauty. She has an angel grace and her eyes are alcoholic. She has attractive mandible and pretty great body too. She had lost shape buy now is back, and looks much more beautiful now.

  45. Omg! I love Taylor Swift. She is super awesome in singing and looks damn great too. Her blonde hair and attractive eyes are the stand out. She colors her lips boldly and she is my fav singer too.

  46. Anne Hathaway as catwoman and in Interstellar has impressed me a lot. She is so good at acting and has rendered great performance. She is gorgeous looking too.

  47. Scarlett Johansson is the most hottest and beautiful actress. I don’t know why but I think she’s beautiful in a different way than any other actress. She is hot, sexy and appealing with her body.

  48. Deepika is so very gorgeous and beautiful. She is sexy as he’ll and her smile is so killing. The dimples are so attractive. She has a great body and elegance.

  49. Deepika should be within top 10.she is just unbelievable in xxx return of Xander cage trailer. She is so glamorous and bold on screen. Her body, physique is so appealing.

  50. Emma Watson! I just love her beauty. She is so pretty and gorgeous. My heart just melts down whenever I see her. She is so good looking. Just like an angel.

  51. I love Emilia Clark. The way she performs and shows herself and exposes so well. She has got a great structure and body shape also. Her eyes are so damn gorgeous and pretty.

  52. Just remembered Keira Knightley’s performances after seeing the picture here. She is so damn hot and gorgeous. Her eyes though. Eyes just gain attention and she has is sexy in appeal too.

    1. She is a great looking actress and I remember her for the movie pirates of the Caribbean. She is bold, sexy and glamorous. Indeed her eyes are so attractive and appealing.

  53. a terrible list. venessa hudgeson over angelina jolie. Thats like taking a mcdonalds cheeseburger over a meal at an expensive resturant. This list is terrible.

    1. The list is in descending order I guess. I think this is definitely a good list. The countdown is done well and especially the top 10 is difficult to choose but I guess it’s a good job.

  54. Katrina Kaif is such beautiful lady. I love her look and grace. She is gorgeous and glamorous too. I would think she is the most beautiful in India and also among top 10 in the world.

  55. Emilia Clark <3
    I love her body. She is so hot and appealing. Her eyes and face is very cute tooo. But her hotness is much more intruging. She is why I watch GoT! Lol!

  56. Angelina Jolie is a timeless beauty. She is so good looking even now and kills it with her eyes. She is so gorgeous and hot looking with a smoking hot body. Fabulous appeal she has and that is her stand out.

  57. I love Jessica alba. She is so cute and gorgeous. Never knew that she is now a business woman. All along her career she has been very good on screen. Her body is so sexy too.

  58. I love Ariana grande’s cuteness. She is so pretty and gorgeous. She still looks so young and I love her singing too. Her new album is so good too. The song into u is damn impressive

  59. Emilia Clark is the most beautiful. I guess whoever watches GoT thinks she is the hottest beauty on this Planet. She exposes so well in it and her body is so good and sexy. Her eyes are so impressive and she’s gorgeous too.

  60. I think Emma Watson should be at the top. She is a unique beauty and I’m sure every boy would have had crush on her since childhood after her role as hermoine in Harry Potter. Her eyes, lips and look is so appealing. I just love her beauty.

  61. Deepika is sooper hot and gorgeous. I love her charm. She has been an example for success after more hardwork. She started from bottom and now she has been ruling bollywood. She has also entered Hollywood

  62. Gal Gadot should get in this list. She is the hottest, trending attractive woman. Her role in Batman vs Superman was so good. She got charge to the movie. Her wonder woman in 2017 is my most expected movie she is smoking hot and her lips are greatly seducing.

  63. Indian beauties be the best. Katrina, Priyanka, Deepika, kajal are all so pretty, gorgeous, beautiful, glamorous, hot and everything. They have a great name all around the world. Priyanka especially has gained world wide popularity.

  64. If the inclusion of a single African American on the list as a token entry necessitates a political statement that she is beautiful “despite being black”. Then I think all right minded people would prefer you didn’t include black people on your list at all. Your statement indicates that you don’t treat African Americans as normal and equals, yet you stand on a soap box and expect others to. It’s hypocritical and self serving.

    1. Actually I guess people always discriminate skin color like if a person is black, it’s not attractive as white. That’s why it is necessary for the readers to know aesthetic sense used here. It’s so common in this world that, black color is always treated bad. So I guess the author is right.

      1. You say racism is all in our imagination. Read the article on #39 Gabriel Union. Beautiful “in spite of being black”. How should black people interpret this?

        1. not to mention the bleaching epidemic happening worldwide, open your eyes needs to do just so. The world is not 95% white. Do you travel much or just stay secluded in your narrow minded world? You watch too much tv and need to experience the REAL world. Any country below the equator will have majority darker people. Don’t even bring up Australia into this argument.

  65. Emilia Clark is the sexiest lady. She is one of the iconic characters of GoT and she has the hottest body appeal in this list. She is exceptionally hot and her eyes are gorgeous and alcoholic.

  66. Where is gal Gadot?
    She is the trending hot, beautiful actress. She has a great body and a gorgeous look. She is the best wonderwoman and she is my loved actress. So beautiful and sexy is gal Gadot.

    1. She is pretty standard, beauty wise in the entertainment industy. I would take morena baccarin over her 100 out of 100 times.

  67. Not Kristen Stewart or Deepika it’s only Scarlett Johansson the beautiful. She is gorgeous, sexiest and hottest on this planet. She has perfect assets and figure. She is smoking hot and just seizes the spotlight.

  68. Kristen Stewart ,Twilight heroine . My favourite are Kristen and Salina gomez . Salina is cute bt i think Kristen is more beautiful

  69. kristen with deepika???? are u kidding….?? deepika dont even know how to acting…deepika sort dress pahenke dance karne me hi acchi lagti hai thats all…aur agar aap puchnah chahte ho ki kon better hai toh 10 sec liye imagine karo ki agar twilight me kristen ke jagah agar deepika ko lete toh twilight kaisa hota???? hahahahaha…I’m sure u got ur answer..kristen deepika ban sakti hai but deepika kabhi bhi kristen nehi ban sakti..

  70. Kristen Stewart is my best actress and she is really most beautiful woman in the world and will be forever. Best of luck my heroin Kristen.we will be with you and you will be in our hearts.

  71. Deepika is the best women ever…no one can b compared with her beauty, hard work, confidence ,n talent….she is the best of all the actress

  72. of course it’s Deepika padukone… she is so beautiful & talented.. A good human being also… Bollywood ki Jaan aur Shaan dono h wo… I luv u Deepika..

  73. Deepika and Priyanka both are most beautiful Actress of 2016-207 for me and After them Angelina jolly is one of best actress and beautiful women.

  74. Kristen Stewart is the most beautiful girl in the world. She is my all the favourite actress. love u Kristen ….lol

  75. kristen is very beautiful but deepika is the best most beautiful girl in the world 2017 this girl is Bollywood megastar SRK opposite heroin cast most very super blockbusters mega hits and all time hits movie big hero srk opposite cast heroin deepika, and better n better than most popular this world heroin deepika padukon, n successful career for life only deepika

  76. kristen stewart is the pretty one… but lame fact is deepica is a make up queen and how she got entrance into this list!…. kristen is best second priyanka chopra

  77. Plz do not comment, ths mah request to all indians. M also a indian n v indians always choose a right thing truth is truth deepika is best

  78. i prefer deepika than kristen…..bcozzz she had proved herself in sports before and then in bollywood……even in Hollywood she is giving her best….i like her hard work towards her profession….and looks doesn’t matter for an actress….the thing which is important is her acting and the ability to perform every character honestly and perfectly….so that public get entertainment

  79. Deepika is the bst women evr…no one can b compared with her beauty,hardwork,confidence ,n talent….she is the best of all the actress in the universe

  80. Liza of course she was so damn pretty even she’s only 18 yrs old. But she proved her self a lot not just in acting but also in this you deserve it idol!! Were so proud of u. Proud to be a Filipino

  81. deepika of course!!!!! of hr hard work n skills,intelligence n talent i like beauty with brain but not only beauty matters like kristen!!!!!

  82. Obviously Kristen stewart. She is the most beautiful lady in the world and no one can be compared with her. Only indian give vote to Deepika. Except india the whole world will choose Kristen stewart as it’s obvious that how pretty she is. I won’t compare Deepika to even the shadow of K.stewart… Kristen is far better than Deepika in every field like in acting, in beauty,grace etc. Love u Kristen. U r the only miss world for now & ahead.

  83. Its deepika bcoz d commitment n hard wrk she does to hr films r incomparable to kristn stewart who doesn’t knows how to act…dips has played varying characters in her movies n its appreciable whereas kristen hs earn fame only bcoz of twilight which demands less of hr acting skills..n beauty is nt in d face..its in d heart n the characteristic qualities of a person..we should never judge a person by d looks or it miss world or miss internationl ..der r intelligence judging beauty is not all about being fair…so stop judging who looks beautiful without make up or wit make up…coz everyones beautiful wit a good heart n a good wisdom…

  84. Deepsi and piki chops both r most beautiful girl in the word inhone na hi bolliwood blki holliwood ko vi hila diya h abto
    Sellute her and proud off u both

  85. Kristen Stewart is the most beautiful in World .she is not only beautiful but with a good heart … Confidently beautiful with the Heart ..

  86. I have always loved Anne Hathaway for her acting and performance on screen. She is bold, and hot. I had very much impressed with her performance in Interstellar. That was touching.

  87. Emma Watson is my lady! She is my love. Her cuteness, prettiness and looks are so good. She has that out of this planet kind of grace. She is so elegant and stunning beauty.

  88. Selena Gomez is very pretty and gorgeous. She seems so sweet and lovely. She is a very good singer and is a good actress too. She has been active since her childhood and her albums songs are going very popular.

  89. Did I just see Adriana Lima at 13?
    She is the most gorgeous living on earth. She is so damn hot and her alcoholic eyes and brown body is just too sexy to resist. I’ve see her lot of pictures and photoshoots. She is one heck of sexiness.

  90. I love Emma! She has been my crush since childhood. She is a pretty princess. She is cute and she is so good looking. I haven’t seen a beauty like that.

  91. Katrina kaif so good looking and cute. She is my fav actress and she is the best actress in bollywood. She is hot and beautiful. She is doll of bollywood……i lv u kat…

  92. Katrina kaif s so good looking and cute. She is my fav actress and she is the best actress in Hollywood. She is bold and beautiful.

  93. Ketrina kaif is so good looking and cute. She is my fav actress and she is the best actress in bollywood…….She is bold and beautiful.

  94. Katrina Kaif is so pretty and sweet looking. She might not be good with hindi, so she couldn’t be a great actress. But her looks are fabulous. She is stunning hot and her beauty is angel like.

  95. I’ve been loving Deepika since I watched Om shaanthi Om. Her eyes and that beautiful smile with dimple just gives me thrills like nothing else. She has a gifted beauty and sexy body.

  96. Emilia Clark has a stunning beauty and she is the reason for me to watch Game of Thrones! She has got a incredible body structures and curves. She is deadly combination of being glamorous and gorgeous!

  97. I never recognized Olga Kurylenko before, but after seeing this list I think she is the cutest of them all. I searched for her pictures and I’ll watch bond movie to see her! Lol! She is very beautiful!

    1. Her role in Tom Cruise ‘s oblivion is also very good. She’s smoking hot too. Check out her pictures. She should have been in top 10.such cute she is and very pretty in looks also. She is equally glamorous and sexy.

  98. Is Jennifer Aniston that old? I never knew. She looked young before and she’s hot even now. Her beauty secret is something out of the world maybe. Truly told that age defying beauty.

  99. How hot is Emilia Clark in GOT! that lady just steals the show. She is pretty, gorgeous and has some stunning body structure and build. She is so hot and glamorous with the prettiest of the eyes!

  100. Scarlett Johansson! <3
    She is one sexy lady on this planet. She is an icon for glamor, beauty and is super hot. Her beauty is just out of this planet. She has an angel grace. I just love her!

  101. Priyanka is my jaan! She was the miss world and she is still the most beautiful. Not only in India, she is famous all over now. She has acted in erotic, sensual scenes in Quantico. She is the hottest Indian.

  102. Katrina is so cute and gorgeous! She is so graceful and is very very hot too. She is a perfect bombshell in bollywood. I love her body. Shelia ki jawani, chikni chameli are so good!

  103. Ariana Grande has been very bold and hot actress since she began acting in Disney. She sings really well too. Her new album is so good. I love dangerous woman track.

  104. Kristen Stewart is so good looking and cute. She is my fav actress and she is the best actress in Hollywood. She is bold and beautiful.

  105. I love Deepika! Her smile is the cutest! She is glamorous and hot too. She started with modeling and now has reached Hollywood. That’s so great

  106. Emma Watson! Her face murders all the hot bodies in the world. That girl is so pretty, gorgeous and attractive. Ever since childhood she has been a good actress and is loved for her Hermoine character.

  107. Scarlett Johansson is the most beautiful I guess. She is hot, gorgeous and her looks are so damn impressive. She is stunningly sexy and that women, I wish was mine. Her eyes are seducing and the body is so well built too.

  108. Very Big Jok hehe
    Where is Aiman Khan and Minal khan Pakistani actresses They Has More Beauty Than this list awl actresses…

  109. I am sorry, but the photo of the South Korean actress Im Jih Ha is not hers, but that of a famous Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing. You might want to get it changed.

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