Top 10 Most Beautiful Nollywood Actresses

Top 10 Most Beautiful and sexiest Nigerian Actresses in 2017, Richest Nigerian Nollywood Actresses.

Nigerian film industry which is known as Nollywood is basically a very fastest growing film industry in all over the world. According to some report, it takes the 3rd position among the top 10 best film industry of the world.

Presenting the list of beautiful actresses from Nollywood in 2017

Beauty of the Nigerian actresses and their acting capabilities are the main motivations which increasing the popularity of Nigeria movies.

Here are the lists of top 10 most beautiful Nollywood actresses.

1. Motorola Palade Keened – Started her career on 1995, Motorola has maintained herself in terms of performance and gorgeousness. She has four children and she is also a complete family person, but her beauty and gorgeousness has never faded away. She is the wife of Captain Matthew Keened who maintains her beauty and body shape perfectly still today, so that she is at 1st position in this list.

2. Genevieve Nandi – We can call her the owner of the second position among the top 10 most beauty Nollywood actresses list. Genevieve is still beautiful as well as. From her body shape, face eyes and also her beautiful smile; she is the complete meaning of a gorgeous African lady. First she is worked as a model in various type of advertisement and her best ad film is Lux.

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3. Oases Ighodaro – Osas Ighodaro is actually a renowned Nigerian-American actress who has a gorgeous body language. She won the Miss Black USA Pageant in 2010. She is also talented actress and takes the 3rd position.

Oases Ighodaro, Most Beautiful Nigerian Actresses

4. Stephanie Okereke – She is just 29 years but gain huge popularity among the Nollywood film industry. Okere is the top three beauties of Nollywood. So that she is absolutely gorgeous actress who has a very attractive body shape and body language. When she appears on stage, her wide smile can make the audience mesmerize. She won the crown of second position in Miss Nigeria Contest of 2002.

5. Chika Ika: – She is very much distinctive Nigerian actress who is also entrepreneur. She has cynosure eye which is her one of the rare quality. Apart from this quality she is also a talented actress, so that she is known as the gem of Nollywood. She takes the 4th position among the top 10 most beautiful nollywood actresses.

6. Kate Henshaw: – The list would not be completed without the renowned name Kate Henshaw who is also a Nollywood’s richest woman. She gains huge popularity due to her beauty and hard work. Her shining skin, gorgeous appearance is avoidable. Not only that, she is also renowned for her acting talent, because she was the winner of the best actress of 2008 African Movie Academy Award.

7. Ini Edo – This is very short name but the lady is very much beautiful. This gorgeous Nigerian lady who is also a renowned actress has a 6th position in this list due to its fame of beauty. She always appears in front of audience with very small amount of make which makes her more gorgeous.

8. Mercy Johnson Ozioma – She is renowned for her sleek and gorgeous body and figure. This recently married actress is one of the demanding actresses of Nollywood. She is always wonderful on stage and also shoots which makes men really need to watch more and more. Her dark and shinning skin blends very nicely with her beautiful hair which makes a sense of natural beauty. She is in 8th position.

9. Rita Dominic – Rita Dominic a renowned actress of Nollywood, is basically a talented as well as beautiful lady. She is now 39, but 1% of her beauty do not fade due to her age. She is as gorgeous as she is. Not only that, she is also world 5th richest actress. This attractive lady is now in 9th position in the list of top 10 most beautiful Nollywood.

10. Tonto Dike – This Nigerian beauty is renowned as the bad girl in Nollywood, but this matter cannot make any changes at her beauty. She gets huge popularity due to it light and shining skin. She started her career as an actress on 2006. Beside her gorgeous look and beautiful skin, she is also a great actress. This is great actress takes the 10th position among the top 10 most beautiful Nollywood actresses

These all actress has a gorgeous and beautiful look, but they all are also talented actress. So that they can easily touch the sky. Nollywood film industry always remembers them due acting skill and gorgeous look.