Top 10 Most Beautiful News Anchors in The World

Top 10 Hottest Women News Anchors around the world in 2017, Top 10 Glamorous and sexiest News Anchors of the world.

Top ten beauties of media world: Media is one biggest industry in present times and the leading media houses have most talented and the beautiful people around. What about the morning and evening news with the most beautiful ladies updating you. And, yes media is store house for the job opportunities and many vibrating personalities are news anchors.

List of top 10 most beautiful news anchor of year 2017

Below is the list of 10 most pretty and beautiful anchors on different news channels all around the world. So, media industry is not full with geeks and activist but a model type figures and personalities as well.

Have a look on these pretty new anchors.

1. Brooke Baldwin: – She is from the news house CNN. Not only her pretty face and charming personality but her distinctive art of news delivering attract the viewers. She is journalism graduate and Spanish learner from University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. Being the most beautiful she obviously have huge fan following and she is really hard working.

Brooke Baldwin, most beautiful hottest news anchors

2. Alex Wagner: – This beautiful and talented woman in a small time achieved the fame as no news anchor ever had. After, working as editor and editor in chief she joined nonprofit foundation and presently she has started her own political program on MSNBC. She got graduated from Brown University.

3. Robin Meade: – Currently working as morning anchor in the morning express of HLN network. She was born to the minister father and completed her studies in New London High School. She has chosen to work with multiple news channels also as health reporter. She started her career with the WMFD- TV, ohio. Her pretty face is more than refreshing.

4. Susan Li: – One of the prettiest of all news anchors Susan li is the hottest anchor of Bloomberg television. Her graduation is from Toronto University and after that she joined her career with the CCTV, china. She has anchored a show named “first up with Susan Li”, which was her own show which received the award of Best news program at the 17th Asian news channel awards.

5. Courtney Friel – She is working on Network: KTTV-TV Los Angeles. She is one another smart and pretty face in the list of new anchors. Interestingly, she was involved in many other careers like sports news anchor, and travel anchor etc. she is American by origin.

6. Tamron Hill: – She is currently involved with the MSNBC hosting the show named NewsNation with Tamron Hall. She is one dynamic news anchor who through her hard work and passionate attitude made her name in the field. Earlier she co – hosted many shows. She signed a deal with MSNBC.

7. Jenna le: – No one can call her news reporter but definitely she has complete model type personality. This gorgeous lady is currently increasing the reputation of Fox news by anchoring the Happening now. She looks delicate and fragile but she is hard worker and passionate. She completed her graduation from the University of California and since her graduation days only she wanted to work as an anchor.

8. Gigi Stone: – One of the ladies who are perfect to date is Gigi stone. She is correspondent at the Bloomerg television and has hosted many shows related to business and other aspects. She is related to this news channel since long and has covered many shows and relating to business and real estate. She is lady with good knowledge. She is a good combination of beauty with brains.

9. Julie Banderas: – She is another beauty icon of Fix news and earlier she co – hosted the shoe FOX & Friends First. She did her studies from Emerson College Julie Banderas. Initially she worked with Cambridge mass. A complete professional beauty she is. She has worked as weekend reported as well for Fox news only.

10. Megyn Kelly: – Another hot news anchor from FOX news who is working on program “American Live”. Surprisingly before pursuing her career as a news anchor she practiced law for 9 years and she was law graduate. In, 2004 from Washington D.C. she started her career as news anchor.

Hope, you enjoyed reading this post. See, how this hard working ladies have hit the list of top anchors in the world.