Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actors of All Time

The top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Actors in 2017, The Most Handsome Korean Actors.

The spread of the talented actor possesses the natural, versatile abilities in acting. The Korean wave has become more and more popular among the audience especially the teenagers and the youngsters. You must be thinking them as idols? In your mind you must have painted their presence with your own imagination?

The list of the charming Korean actors ruling the world with their handsome looks in 2017

The list below is of the top 10 most handsome and charming actors of the Korean film industry. They are still continuing to make their audience feel great to see them performing on the big screen.

They are follows:

1. Kim soo- hyun: born in 1988, thought of making his career in the film industry. Soo hyun is undoubtedly the most popular actors in Korea when compared to the others. This is possible only due to his unmatched presence and the unique skill of acting hat he is born with. Film like- Dream high, Moon embracing the Sun has brought him huge success in his career.

Kim soo- hyun, Most Beautiful Korean Actors

2. Lee Minho: the K-drama named- Boys over Flowers made this star rose to stardom initially. In this he played as a main character. He has in his records to win 33 awards so forth. This handsome 187 cm tall actor has won the hearts of million as a fan.

3. Lee Jong Suk: This is the actor who has made his position strong with the massive support from the audience. The k-dramas have brought to him the skill to perform perfectly in the dramas. He held the nomination along with the awards for being the best actors. Films like- I can hear your voice, Strange Doctor are his best films of the career.

4. Kim Woo-Bin: He is tall to about 188 cm. His killer looks and his modelling career has made people especially the female fans lose their mind on him. He played his roles perfectly in the trendy dramas that were held with the rebellious chaebol heir casting the best movie ever. Woo-Bin is now one of the most popular Korean actors out breaking all popularity when he starred in the Teen drama.

5. Hyun Bin: This South Korean actor was born in 25th September in the year 1982. Firstly he was playing a led role in the television drama here he was awarded the best. This paved his path towards the romantic fantasy that he acted in. Films like-Secret garden brought him great level of popularity along with the massive roles in the k-Drama.

6. Park Yoo-Chun: This multi skill idol is not only popular as an actor but also a singer too. He was a former member, songwriter, eminent dancer and a perfect model to compete. Besides his musical career, his abilities unfolded his talent in the film also. He started to perform onstage with his acting career in the year 2010.

7. Song Joong-Ki: A good looking and handsome prince Joong-ki made his acting debut with the film- A frozen flower. He rose to fame with the drama Sungkyukwan Scandal. In 2012, he played the leading role in the melodrama- The Innocent Man that brought him nationwide popularity.

8. Gong Yoo: he is now 36, yet is heartthrob for many. His appearance in the television series made his face quite popular where he started to shoot for his films. Now, he is one among the most popular Korean actors known to all over the world.

9. Jang Guen-Suk: he is born on 4th August, 1987. He is not only an able actor but also a superior talented dashing model, perfect singer and a genius actor compared to the others in the industry. His popularity never declined till now. He has made places in the hearts of millions of fans all over the world.

10. Lee Byung-Hun: The actor has made his place among the top 10 most beautiful actors of the Korean film industry. He was born in a very rich family in Seoul. At the age of 21, he started with his latest decision to participate in the KBS Drama- Tomorrow Love. His reputation is usually good! The small screen acting skills, on the big screen has made it all the more perfect.

In summary, all these actors are considered to be the top 10 most popular figures due to widespread fame all over the world, bringing them massive support. They can become popular because of their famous dramas and the K- drama also rises with the same level of popularity. So stay fixed to catch up with the updates of your latest actor.