Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Women

Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Women of 2017, Japanese girls and models Photo gallery.

Japan- the land of rising sun has always been the lace with immense beauty. There are enormous actresses and martial artist working hard to entertain the audience and the folks. Japan has been the country where the economy strength is as strong as the fame of the entertainment world. The people in this country have always tried to maintain their global reputation to much extent.

Presenting the list of the top 10 beauties from the land of Japan in 2017

The list below is name of the top 10 most beautiful Japanese women in the year 2017. They have perfectly blended the beauty with the brains so that nothing falls as a barrier in the path of their masterstroke.

They are as follows:

1. Masami Nagasawa: She is one of leading names in the list of most beautiful women of the world . Her top notch beauty makes her stand on the 1st position indeed. Some of her finest TV series are- Dragon, Zakura, Galileo, Episode Zero, Butterfly Stroke in Ganges River has been as hit as ever. She is known for her notable roles in the movies like- Moteki, Touch, and the Godzilla: Final wars.

Masami Nagasawa, Most Beautiful Japanese Women

2. Rie Miyazawa: Can you guess how old is she? She is over 40. The beauty, glamour and the charm of this lady is still maintained. The performance in the movie named- The Face of Jizo was remarkable. Her noteworthy characters in the movies like Tony Takitani, Hana etc have been marked splendid by the critics too.

3. Kurara Chibana: She is so hot and stunning power package. She is a popular fashion model who is born on 27th march, 1982. She has been the first runner up of the Miss Universe contest in the year 2006 competition. The fashion industry stoops to bow to your captivating appearance.

4. Maria Ozawa: The talented and extremely gorgeous lady ruling the world of Japanese film industry is Maria Ozawa. She is reputed in the name with Miyabi. Maria is indeed the bombshell of the era. This renowned actress is a fantastic AV Idol. This gorgeous lady is still the most perfect and the most superb face to cherish on screen.

5. Mao Inoue: This award winning actress of Japan was born on January 9, 1987. Her tall height and the gorgeous looks make her attractive to all eyes of the beholder. She completed her education from the Meiji University in the year 2009. The name shines in the heart of the millions of the audience present here.

6. Nozomi Sasaki: she is highly glamorous among the Japanese beauties. She is the former model and the television presenter from Akita. Born on February 8, she has captivated the views of the audiences who see her. This leads to the path of immense level of success as she is a brilliant lady.

7. Reon Kadena: her name is well connected with the name of Minamo Kusano. This beautiful face has received thousands of accolades from the audience and the critics too. Her acting skills in the shows like- Make You Happy, My Reflection, Dream Planet and many more. The modelling career was stunning as ever. Reon is a striking name and has been the darling of the fashion world for many years.

8. Miyako Miyazaki: This is another Japanese lady who has been the winner of the contest named Miss Universe Japan. She started her modelling career at the tender age of 17. She is so sexy and hot cover girl available on the magazines outspoken with numerous stylish fashion brands.

9. Yukie Nakama: She is another famous and beautiful woman in the year 2017. She is also known to the world as a singer and a famous Idol too. Globally she is recognized as a Japanese lady with immense attraction. She was born on 30th October in the year 1979.

10. Keiko Kitagawa: This well known name is a fashion model of Japan. She is a beautiful and talented lady, graduated from the Meiji University in the year 2009.her romantic looks is enough to captivate many male fans towards her.

All these names have been the best in the whole country and more genuinely in the eyes of the beholder. If audience haven’t voted for their beauty, they would never have been the best. Thus, vote for your favorite woman and see her name shinning in the list in the upcoming times. These actresses are an extremely hot and attractive superstar of the era.