Top 10 Hottest And Most Popular UAAP Basketball Players

Top 10 hottest, most popular, sexiest UAAP basketball players in 2017, best UAAP high school basketball players.

This list of top 10 hottest, most popular, sexiest UAAP basketball players in 2017 is based exclusively according to the analyses of all kind of statistics. not only the performance of the players in UAAP season 77, but also their prospective to make an instant effect on next season, if at the idealistic height or, because in the case of some players, in their previous playing year in college or university high school. These all players are most talented, skilled in all playing aspect.

Presenting the list of sexiest UAAP basketball players in 2017

We researched a lot to find the names of UAAP basketball players who are hot and sexy and popular too in this sports.

Check the list below

1. Mike Nieto (Atone) – PF/C – Mike Nieto is a top 10 hottest/most popular/sexiest UAAP basketball player in 2017. He reminds his most of the fan a lot of former basketball star Bacon Austria. Because Mike Nieto has lots of similarities with Bacon in his playing. Bacon Austria sported as the important man as a wingman in university. The same path is followed by Big Mike.

Mike Nieto (Atone), Hottest And Most Popular UAAP Basketball Players

2. Matt Nieto (Ateneo) – G – If you make any comparison with his twin, you may observe Matt is more promising player than his twin. Because matt has such type of skill set and ability which any team finds. His team mate fined him in all open spots, drive, and also any types of shoot from the outside. He is on 2nd position in the list.

3. Mark Dyke (NU) – PF/C – Dyke made a disappointment in the final game of Season 77 Finals, but it must be a dampen fact that he is the best big on many leagues. He has various type of skill, due to this talent he become the 3th sexiest UAAP basketball players in 2017. He is in the 3rd position of this skill.

4. Philip Manalang (NU) – PG – Manalang who is in the 4th position, was a no one after Season 76, but now he gets huge popularity. In present season, this UAAP player is as steady as a rock, the main reason behind this, that Bullpups reserved his for fourth straight Juniors Finals. He has all types of skill, that he can hurt easily his opponents in different ways.

5. Wendell Comboy (FEU) – G – Wendell Comboy is one of the rising star of UAAP basketball takes the 5th position. This promising player is shifty, can score from all place, able to rebound, apart from this he is also good playmaker. But he still requires more work on his shot selection as well as his decision making. In this two place he is quite week.

6. Jaydee Tungcab (Adamson) – F – Jaydee Tungcab is the native of Laguna, was basically a revelation in Adamson’s past season. Coach Goldwyn Monteverde helped him to blossom into a star. But he have to do more work, if he want to go next level, like make more stronger body. He is now in 6th position in this list and also a talented player.

7. Quinito Banzon (DLSZ) – G/F – Quinito Banzon, who is basically Atenean, feels very proud wearing the green and white jersey of DLSZ. This talented player takes the 7th position. Apart from his talent, he has also good body length, can make perfect stroke, and also has good body length.

8. Javi Gomez de Liano (UPIS) – F – There you can find three Gomez de Lianos in UPIS team, but Javi is more talented among them. He is multi skilled player. You can find all types of stroke on him, he has perfect body length. He is now in 8th position.

9. Jolo Mendoza (Ateneo) – G – Jolo Mendoza is the volume shooter and one of the talented player of the world. (I hate double-negatives, please take note), according to the recent report, he will be one of the most demanding as well as most sought after player of next season.

10. Aljun Melecio (DLSZ) – G – Aljun Melecio who is in the 10th position has easily bit with his rivalry Ateneo’s Jolo Mendoza, and they continued that this past season. Undoubtedly, Melecio was the main and most preferred man for Coach Boris Aldeguer in the 77 Season.

This 10 talented player is renowned for their good body language, skill, talent and gorgeous look. They all have big number of fan. Mainly this list is created according to the performance of the player in UAAP in season of 2017.