Top 10 Hottest Most popular US Presidents

The top 10 HOTTEST Male US Presidents in History, The most popular US Presidents till 2017.

A journey to know about the top hottest US presidents: Presidents of America are all time renowned characters in the modern political context. They are all smart and handsome along with their dignity in the personality. Choosing the top ten is not a major problem there since the options that are available are not many, but the challenge is to provide the ranking among them. To do that the popularity of them as a president has been selected as the parameter.

Presenting the list of the top as well as hot US presidents

The word president itself is very powerful and when the word called hot gets added to it, then it enters the world of glamour. Yes, we are talking about those presidents whose physical appearance also made them appealing and popular among the mass.

You can get through the top list at a glance and you can generate the best idea about them from the content.

1. John F. Kennedy- He has been one of the smartest US presidents ever found. The smartness was even termed as the hottest at times especially when he was linked with Marilyn Monroe, the famous Hollywood actress. The superb president was one of the popular administrators of the nation too.

JOHN F. KENNEDY, hottest US presidents

2. Ronald Reagan- He is said to be a star among the head of the states. In fact he was a movie star before he was been elected as the head of the province. In the movie world, he was better known as Ron Ron. The superstar then wished to be in politics and then he was elected as the president of the state.

3. Barack Obama- The current president of America is also placed in the top list. His charismatic smile have been the sign of his intelligence and he has been elected for two continuous phased. He is one of the strongest characters as a president of US and is placed at the eighth position in the list.

4. George Bush- He looked like an old one, but was perfectly smart and had huge number of fans in the state for his dignity and smartness. He is undoubtedly one of the top names among the hottest president, in terms of election and in terms of the favorite name among the people of the state.

5. George W. Bush- He has been the last president of the nation. The talented man has been one of the hottest characters according to the citizens of the nation and he finds his name in the top list at the sixth position. He was a stubborn character and was a great dictator too along with his sophisticated personality.

6. Bill Clinton- He has been a renowned president who has been known for his charismatic figure and a businessman outlook. The president of US has been in the power for a quite long time and has been in touch with many known sexiest Hollywood actress in his career time too.

7. Theodore Roosevelt- One of top hottest figure in the history of US, teddy was a great name who is renowned to be one of the hottest president ever. He has been gifted with a princely attitude and that makes him invincible from this fourth position.

8. Richard Nixon-He has been known to be one of the trickiest presidents of the state. His cunningness and the perfect attitude to overlap that made him a hot figure as a president of the state. He is placed at the third position for the fame and the superb attitude he carried with him every time.

9. Abraham Lincoln- He was a reformer rather than a president. He was such a big name in the context of US, that he can be regarded as one of the hottest personnel in the history of the state, not only as a president, but as a male personality. The attitude of this great man has reformed the today’s world and there was a big fan size of him that always followed him.

10. Woodrow Wilson- The superhero and the super villain at the same time cannot be placed at the second position by any chance. He has been the hero of the western world who guided them in the World War I and is the villain of the eastern world, for the bombing at Hiroshima. He has been a top name in the list of the hottest figures of the state and is sure to be ranked as no 1 in the list.

All the US presidents are having the best support of their fans and the people of the state and that is why they had been elected as the president of the state. Choosing the hottest among them is really a challenging task. Thus the memory of the people has been used for the purpose.