Top 10 Hottest Most Beautiful Quarterback Wives or Girlfriends

Top 10 Most beautiful Quarterback Wives or Girlfriends in 2017, Hottest Wives and Girlfriends of NFL players.

Football and the footballers have always been in demand. The more a footballer sweats, the more he earns name and fame. When it comes to quarterbacks, they are already desirable among the ladies. There are many lady killer quarterbacks in football teams of the world who will definitely shock you with their affair list.

List of hottest quarterback wives or Girl friends so far 2017

Experience the hottest and beautiful wives or Girlfriends of star quarterbacks of 2017. The more you will see them, the more you blame your luck. Check out the entire list below.

1. Lindsey Duke: She is probably the hottest girlfriend in the world of football. Any footballer will die of jealousy by seeing her glimpse. She is presently in affair with Blake Bortles of Jacksonville Jaguars team. Blake is a handsome and energetic quarterback. He surely deserves a damn hot beauty like Lindsey. May the couple soon tie a knot!

Lindsey Duke, hottest Quarterback Wives or Girlfriends

2. Kelly Hall: She is one of the most desirable ladies in the world. Any man will fall in love with her seeing her curves and pretty face. She seems to be the definition of hotness. She sets fire everywhere whenever she is with Matt Stafford; her present boy frined who is a quarterback for Detroit Lions. Kelly and Matt really make an awesome couple.

3. Katherine Webb: Katherine Webb is so hot that she can melt many hearts at the same time. To achieve such a toned and fit body is not easy for every girl. To match the status of such a hot girl, there must be a super stud. AJ McCarron, who is presently a quarterback for Cincinnati Bengals is dating Katherine Webb. This is probably one of the most perfect couple in the world. Presently both are madly in love with each other and busy in their respective careers.

4. Sam Ponder: She is an amazing beauty indeed. She can hunt many hot buys with her charm. She has the looks to die for. From skin texture to body curves, everything is just perfect in her case. She is presently married to Christian Ponder, the star quarterback of Minnesota Vikings. Both are enjoying their lives at the peak. Christian is constantly touching heights in her career and has a bright future for sure.

5. Elizabeth Smith: Elizabeth is the perfect example of beautiful face and fit body. She is quite diet conscious and hence she is the owner of a damn hot body today. You can hardly resist yourself after watching her pretty face and ultimate shape. She is presently married to Alex Smith. Alex plays for Kansas City Chiefs. He is a good quarter back. Both of them give a perfect complement to each other.

6. Lauren Tannehill: Lauren is married to Ryan Tannehill, the star quarterback of Miami Dolphins. She has definitely broken hundreds of hearts by marrying Ryan. Ryan has achieved quite good success in his career. The reason behind getting such a hot wife is the looks and killer football moves of Ryan. The couple is happily married and living a peaceful life.

7. Candice Crawford: You need to have a destiny written with a golden pen to get such a hot girlfriend like Candice Crawford. Candice is presently dating Tony Romo. Tony plays for Dallas Cowboys team. He is an amazing quarterback NFL player. The couple is enjoying each other’s company and soon will take a big decision for their relationship.

8. Kristin Cavallari: Kristin Cavallari is the proud girlfriend of Jay Cutler, the quarterback of Chicago Bears. Kristin and Jay crazily love each other. Kristin is hot and sexy girl where as Jay is a fit and handsome hunk. The collaboration of both of them is just awesome. Jay got what he deserved. This couple surely needs blessings to take their relationship further.

9. Gisele Bundchen: Gisele is dating Tom Brady. Tom is a wonderful quarterback who plays for New England Patriots team in NFL matches. Tom is rich and has a great fan following. It must be the looks and personality due to which such a gorgeous girl like Gisele fell in love with him.

10. Jessica Szohr: She is in a serious affair with Aaron Rodgers, the popular quarterback of green bay packers team. Jessica is a pretty girl and is currently happy with the relationship with the star quarterback player.

What is your opinion after watching the whole list of hottest and beautiful girlfriends star quarterback wives of 2017? Definitely you want to choose football as you career now as it only can provide you name, fame and of course, the hottest babes.