Top 10 Most Beautiful Korean Girls

Top 10 most Beautiful Korea Women’s and girls in 2017, Most Beautiful Korean Women list.

Korea has always been surrounded by beauties. Many beautiful Korean women have achieved several heights till today. There is some unique freshness and texture in the beauty of Korean women. From face cut to fitness, everything thing regarding the Korean beauty will make you say WOW. If you are still unaware of the most beautiful Korean girls in 2017, you must check this list out.

Presenting the list of the amazingly beautiful and attractive 10 girls from the land of Korea so far in 2017

Some of the sizzling beauties of the world are from Korea and in case you ever get the chance to visit this country then we are confident that the beauty of the girls of Korea will make a special place in your heart.

1. Song Hye Kyo: The reason behind that she is leading the list is her ageless beauty. She is a 34 years old television actress but she still has managed to look like 20 years old. Her beauty has even increased from before. She is well known for many popular Korean television shows. She has a huge fan following in Korea just because of her amazing beauty.

Song Hye Kyo, Most Beautiful Girls in Korea

2. Lee Honey : She is one of the most beautiful and talented girl in Korea. Her talent includes acting skills, sports skills and music skills. She has also been a contestant in Korea based beauty contests. Her beauty and talent is well appreciated by every Korean people. She has definitely a bright future ahead.

3. Kim Tae Hee: She is a 35 years old actress in South Korea. With time, she has grown more beautiful and more talented in her skills. She is a well known face in Korean dramas. She can spell magic on stage through her sweet voice and astonishing beauty. She is one of the most desirable drama personalities in Korea.

4. Kim Yu-mi: She is probably the most talented, beautiful and fastest woman achievers in Korea. Till today she has won the major titles in Miss Korea 2012, 2013 Miss Universe Korea Universe and was pageant in Miss Universe 2013. She has definitely made her country proud of her. She has the potential to spell magic on anyone through her beauty.

5. Lee Hyo Ri: She is the highest paid woman singer in Korea. She started her journey in a group of female singers. With her passion towards singing and dedication, she was able to make it big in her career. Today she is a solo singer with highest fan following in Korea.

6. Lee Si Young: She is an actress in Korean media. She may not have achieved great heights but she can attract several audiences through her impactful performance. Her interests include Acting and boxing. She is still struggling hard to achieve fame in Korean film and television industry.

7. Park Si Yeon/ Bak shi Yeon: She definitely has the looks to make you insane. She is one of the most hot and beautiful girl in Korea. Most of the Korean men find her ultra hot and amazingly beautiful. From her color tone to her figure, everything is just perfect. She has all the qualities to be a supermodel and top class actress.

8. Go Ah Ra/ Ko Ah Ra: She is a rising star in Korean film and television industry. She has done many powerful roles in some Korean dramas. She has managed to gain public appreciation through her decent performances. She is a cute and beautiful girl who is struggling to make her future bright in Korea.

9. Nam Gyu Ri/ Man Kyu Ri: She is a 30 years old Korean actress. She is also a singer. She has proven herself by hiving nice performance in front of Korean audiences. She has many great offers waiting for her in near future. She is all ready to surprise the Korean industry with her upcoming projects.

10. Park Min Young: She is a now an almost established actress in Korea. She has done many television dramas so far. She is quite passionate and dedicated towards her career. She has bagged a good role in a feature film too. She is quite beautiful and hardworking actress.

If you have seen the whole list of most beautiful Korean girls of 2017, you must be confused about who is really the most beautiful among these? It’s really tough to choose the best among such unbelievingly beautiful and hot girls. All of them are able to catch the audience attraction through their charming face. If you have not seen their performances yet, you must check them out now.

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  1. Song ji hyo should be on the list, this actress is drop dead gourges, once she is dolled up, she makes all the other actresses look shappy in comparison, song ji hyo is a classic and universal beauty

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