Top 10 Hottest Female Soccer Players in The World

Top 10 Hottest Female Soccer Players in the World in 2017, most popular Women Footballers.

Soccer is a male dominating game, but recently women have gained high attention from fans in this game due to their classy expertise in playing this game and due to their attracting and charismatic personality. Due to the achievements and beauty, soccer always remains the headline of various news and these ladies have generated huge fan followings for this game. They are the hottest models that are known for their unique hotness and beauty.

List of top 10 hottest female soccer players in 2017

People who are fond of some of the hottest and classy female soccer players, here is a list of top 10 such personalities that have gained high reputation among the fans of this game.

1. Alex Morgan: – Along with being one of the young and classy players, Alex Morgan is a beautiful lady that holds attractive and charismatic personality. She is a gold medalist and a successful player from America. She has several records against her name and was the youngest player of 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Alex Morgan, Hottest Female Soccer Players

2. Kaylyn Kyle: – She is among some of the hottest Canadian player and her personality is very appealing. She is a hard player and is known for her hard effort to get rid of a defeat by America during 2012 in this game.

3. Hope Solo: – Hope Solo is known for her multi skills that she showed in Soccer and in TV serial. She is one of the hottest and gorgeous ladies that have attractive personality along with technical skills to successfully fulfill her role of goalkeeper in the team.

4. Lauren Sesselmann: – Apart from being one of the best players of Canadian national soccer team, Lauren Sesselmann is also known for her modeling passion. She also won bronze medal in her carrier, remains hot, and focused by her fans due to her modeling passion.

5. Sydney Leroux: – Sydney Leroux is a forward player and plays for the Seattle Region FC in National Women’s Soccer League. She started her carrier in this game when she was just fifteen and gained high praise from her fans. In a league’s inaugural session, she made her debut and amazed everyone by her performance. Moreover, she is also a model that has appealing and hot personality and is the heartbeat of her fans.

6. Selina Wagner: – Selina Wagner posses attractive and well maintained physique that convince and gains the attention of other while she is on the ground. She also love modeling and dance. Most of the time she can be seen dancing on the ground and becomes the reason for fans to watch her game repeatedly. She promoted various tournaments, did photo shot for very popular Playboy magazine. She always remains the center of attraction while playing soccer.

7. Nayeli Rangel: – Nayeli Rangel is a midfielder and is known for her activeness in the game. She is talented and is known for her attractive personality. She is an important player for Sky Blue FC and Mexico’s national soccer team.

8. Ali Krieger: – Ali Krieger is an American soccer player who has amazed everyone by her decent game and beauty. She is a midfielder and defender that has showed her skills and has won several matches for her team. Her current team is Washington Spirit of the National Women’s Soccer League.

9. Jonelle Filigno: – Jonelle Filigno is a Canadian player that has won bronze medal for her team when she was playing for her team in Olympics 2012. She is a beautiful lady that is known for her amazing personality and has gained large number of fans for this game.

10. Amy Rodriguez: – Amy Rodriguez is a main player of United States women’s national soccer team. Further, she is playing for Seattle Reign FC in the National Women’s Soccer league. She is also listed in the hot soccer player due to her appealing and glamorous personality. Along with being a classy player, she has gained high reputation for being a speedy player for her team and has won several games.

Hence, all the above-mentioned hottest soccer female players are the best players of their team and are known for their modeling passion. Due to their beauty, they are the heartbeats of their fans and gathers heavy crowed on fields.