Top 10 Hottest Beautiful Real Housewives

Top 10 Hottest Real Housewives in 2017, Most Popular beautiful Real Housewives.

Today the real house wives are not only limited to the household jobs. According to the 2017 survey of some reality shows were rich house wives are introduced for some entertaining games and tasks where they can show their skills. Many housewives have proved their skills and shown a great talent on the reality show. Some of them are of calm behavior, some are crazy, come of them like bitching while some of them are really dumb.

Get the opportunity to know the hottest real housewives 2017

The reason behind the top 10 list is the audience interest due to their behavior on show. No matter they are good or bad, if the public likes the contestant, she will definitely be on the list.

Check out the following list of hottest real housewives of 2017.

1. Lisa Vaderpump: She is an unique personality. It is her amazing accent that makes her noticeable. She runs a restaurant. She likes pet. She is completely family oriented and responsible. These qualities of her bring her to the top 10 list.

Lisa Vaderpump, Hottest beautiful Real Housewives

2. Bethenny Frankel: She is a self made lady. She has brought her financial condition to a stable place from a weak point. She has completed all the responsibility towards her family. She was quite interesting on the show and hence she is at no.2 of the list.

3. Tamra Barney: She is a very interesting contestant in the show. Her achievements and nature brings her to the spotlight. She is fun loving and different from other contestants.

4. Vicki Gunvalson: She is a complete family oriented woman. She is very responsible towards her family. She is quite choosy in terms of friendship. There were many shades of her which was seen in the show.

5. LuAnn DeLesseps: Despite of her irritating nature, she wants to be liked by the surrounding people on the show. She has several habits which is simply not liked by many contestants. At some times she was seen cute. The mixed personality of her brings her to this position. Her French speaking will make you her fan.

6. Nene Leakes: She is simply a crazy personality. In the show she was seen as a mean personality several times. She extends and digs into the useless matters as it excites her. Her involvement in the show was decent.

7. Ramona Singer: The reason of her existence at this place is her personality. Many times she was seen as a negative character while there were many incidents where she seemed to be a great personality. She is simply a complex personality to be understood.

8. Sonja Morgan: She is a very calm housewife. This quality of hers brings her to this place. She can amazingly handle rough and complex situation without getting hyper. She is an unique personality on the show and her involvement was appreciated by the audience.

9. Phaedra Parks: In real life, she is a professional lawyer. She can handle various situations with her intellect and skills. Sometimes she has been seen as a fake character on the show. Her personality is not easily understandable.

10. Yolanda Foster: The best quality which was seen in her is her patience. She is a great house wife who is very much dedicated towards her family and she has nicely completed her responsibilities. She has a great patient behavior and she can win hundreds of hearts through that only. She is a woman of dignity. She takes stand for herself when it is needed. She has proved herself as an amazing housewife too.

Thus you have seen various personalities who were ranked as top 10 beautiful and real hottest housewives. These women have potential to make it big in their life. The various shades of these real housewives is shown on the television via a reality show. Here you can see that how a woman changes her mood and personality according to the situations. This pattern of the reality show is very appreciated by the audience. The format of the show is actually women oriented but many men enjoy it as well. In short, it is the complete family show which brings the hidden skills and characteristics of several housewives. If you too are a regular viewer of the show, choose your favorite real housewives from the list.

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