Top 10 Richest WWE Wrestlers in The World

World’s top 10 richest WWE wrestlers in the world in 2017, WWE Superstars Of All Time.

There are many kinds of sports in the world. This mode of entertainment is cherished by people of all ages and mentality. Wrestling is the most talked about sport of all times. Wrestling is the sport which has the most fans following in the world and the wrestlers are regarded to be god for billions of people from every corners of the world. WWE has become one of the most popular sports in this world.

Here we present the list of highly paid wrestlers of the world in 2017

There are many crazy fans for this game across globe and if you are one among them then this content is dedicated for people like you only. In this content we will share the names of the richest as well as high paid wrestlers of the world.

This is the list of world’s top 10 richest WWE wrestlers they are as follows:

10. Mick Foley:

Unlike the other wrestlers he has a sweet and charming attitude. His smile is the most talked about fact in him in this wrestling world. He is just the opposite on stage. He earns $15 million these days.

Mick Foley Richest WWE Wrestlers 2016

45 Replies to “Top 10 Richest WWE Wrestlers in The World”

  1. Comment*Cena Your Are the One @ My super starrrrrrrrrrrrrr & modol 2me…… keep it up…….We love U,….. iN Kigali.. Rwanda( thousand hills )

  2. cena is old but not old enogh to stop fighting that guy will never give upp maybe the rock will cum and put him aside without that cena alwayz be cena

  3. Comment*The Rock will never be forgotten as far as I’m concern. He’s an icon in Wrestling and Hollywood Movies, he’s a star.Love you man.

  4. Comment* many people keep talkx about john cena didn’t u guys saw what styles did to him at ‘summer slam’ if we are talking about the face DAT runs an area its Roman reigns he is de guy

  5. Big show is one of the strongest wrestler in the world. His huge body and angry face is really scary. My husband keeps watching wwe all the time and says big show is my

  6. The contents in the list are been updated. These are old information available anywhere else. Please do update it as soon as possible .

  7. Oh my god!!!!! My expectation is absolutely correct…. Rock rock…. i just love him… even his acting is too good… im eagerly waiting to watch his nxt movie..

  8. These wrestlers are really loosers. They hurt themselves just to earn money. And they earn for their living. Inspite of if they had spent that money for some good deed it would be better.

  9. The Rock, HHH, John Cena are my fav wrestlers. I’ve been following them since the beginning anyhow The rock is more into movies at the moment John Cena is the best at the moment. I hate all of them like those Roman Reigns and others who came very recently to WWE.

  10. Actually Cena is in the top but you can’t see him. You can’t see how awesome he is. You can’t see how he has been the Centre of the WWE universe. He has got the shit out of those who have challenged him.

    1. Yeah. I love him too..he is just, an incredible wrestler and he doesnt give up at anytime and that is the best part about him. He is powerful and he does everything that he wants by his helpers

  11. John Cena is to smack down now. He’ll start ruling the WWE universe again. He has been an outstanding entertainer but you can’t see him. Lol.

  12. My fav WWE superstars are Dwayne Johnson and John Cena. They are great entertainers and I love to watch them fight. Their power, ability is so good and their fight styles are very impressive too.

  13. Cena is the best in the business. He is powerful and is very capable of taking challenges. He fights very well and is the best entertainer in WWE world.

  14. Triple H is my favorite. He is the son in law of McMahon and that’s why he will own WWE next. So he’ll be the richest I guess.

  15. My favorite wrestler is John Cena. He is very good and powerful too. He is the best in the ring and you can’t see him and his power until you face him. His attitude adjustment, f5 are the best final moves.

  16. Triple H, rock, big show are all my fav wrestlers. They made my childhood. THey make a lot of money and are involved in charity too. That is great about them.

  17. JOHN Cena is the best wrestler for me. He has been the star of the industry since years. He has fought several matches. He does charity and that army man is a good human being.

  18. The rock is just awesome. He was the best in WWE and he is very good in Hollywood too. His body is so well built and his eye brow movement is so awesome.

    1. The rock a was the greatest entertainer in WWE universe. He is still the best wrestler. He is doing well in movies also. His body is attractive.

  19. Big show is a big performer in wrestling, with his great power and strength. He overpowers his opponents with his powerful punches and chokslam. His size is so huge.

  20. Dwayne Johnson is a great entertainer, may it be in wrestling or now in movies. He’s being exceptional in action movies. He is muscular and looks a hunk.

    1. We have all seen what the rock is capable in the ring and his Hollywood performances. He is gotten super rich with his movies and yes he was a superstar in WWE. He is muscular and has a great physique.

  21. John Cena is the greatest entertainer of WWE till date.
    He is the best. He is always good and accepts challenges well. He has acted in movies too. He is an idol for many kids.

    1. He is my favorite wrestler. He is soft natured and fights till very end. I live whenever he competes in I quit matches. He gives top entertainment in WWE

    2. John Cena is a great wrestler. He is very soft natured and is very powerful too. He is best entertainer at the moment. Apart from WWE, he also does charities and that shows how good a human being he is.

  22. The rock is now a big star in Hollywood. He is doing some great action movies. He is very good looking and his physique makes him a hunk.

  23. HHH is the best wrestler. His hammer is very scary and he is rich also, as his father in law is the CEO and now he is the maneger of WWE. He is a strong and great fighter too.

  24. The rock is a great entertainer!
    He was very good in WWE and now he is Dwayne Johnson in Hollywood and impressing everyone by his movies.
    His iconic eyebrow movement is worth remembering.!

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