Top 10 Richest Tattoo Artists in The World

The top 10 richest tattoo artists in 2017, Expensive Tattoo Artists In The World.

In the recent time the tattoo artists are the one who have become important aspect of the recent industry of fashion. They are earning millions of dollars for their creative art form. These tattoo artists are incredible artists who have made things easy for the others while making a tattoo on any part of the body. For those who are more popular in the industry for them the charges are little more in comparison to those who have started this job new.

Presenting the List of the top 10 tattoo artists who are rich in 2017

The names in this list are quite exposed and emerged on top hit list. There are even celebrities who charge the most in this list. The richest Tattoo artists reached this position after making lots of effort in this industry.

Here is the list of richest tattoo artists of the world 2017

1. Scott Campbell: He takes about $1,000 for the first hour and then onwards he takes about $200 for the exceeding hour. His clients include names like- Marc Jacobs, Josh Hartnett and the late Heath Ledger. He is specialized in the typography with antique ornamentation all over. The classic designs are superbly known for the classic designs.

Scott Campbell, Richest Tattoo Artists in The World

2. Ami James: The man behind the TLC show is the Ami James. He got his first tattoo when he was just 15 years of age. He eventually opened his own shop called Love hate Tattoos in Miami. James also owns a clothing company named as DeVille. He is reported to have opened his own shop and also net worth of $5.1 million.

3. Anil Gupta: He is the name that is the only Indian which takes about realistic portraits with accurate rendition of artwork. He once copied a cover of the 1974 album by the Grateful Dead entitled- Skeletons from the closet was a tattoo that was inspired by this tattoo artist. He charges about $450 per hour.

4. Paul Booth: He is the man for your tattoo with the realistic horror and the gothic rock. The band members are his clients. The heavy demand and also the advance in a marquee name. He appeared in the CNN, CNBC and also the discovery network. He has even scripted on his face.

5. Kat Von D: The charge that takes about $200+ per hour. Ami James and Kat Von D for four seasons. The minimum charge at Kat’s studio is $200 an hour but the price depends on several factors like the level of details in the tattoo with its size.

6. Stephanie Tamez: The amount of $200 per hour is what she charges. She specializes in typography and the tattoo of lettering and the fronts would look good after a certain period of time as something very classic. She likes to mix up fronts to tattooing and working in famed discouraging clients with the unrealistic goals. Her designs are always elegant and designed.

7. Brandon Brand: This is one of the most successful designers of the times in the year 2017. He also owns Stranglehold, a company that sells any tattoo related products from the movies and the books to clothes and arts. Bond is a fast worker who requires two hour minimum charge, at least $ 400 per session.

8. Dave Tedder: The man is one of the latest designers of the tattoos. There are even many celebrities who seek his expertise to get an incredible tattoo with long lasting charm. The per hour charge that he takes is about $150 per hour. He started his career as a piercer in the South Caroline, state that considers the art of tattooing as illegal.

9. Bob Tyrrell: He is very realistic works of the art. His tattoos are so life like looks like an animate object. He started tattooing when she was already 34. He made sure that made up quickly for the lost of time. Tyrell specializes in the realistic black and the gray portraits. He charges about $150 per hour.

10. Mike Rubendall: He is the man who has scheduled his package for the business of tattooing. He does horror and the non horror mixing of Eastern Art. He loves nature objects a lot; therefore you see many cherry fishes and the fishes to have drawn as a design on his clients.

All these artists are not only fantastic but they are real life asset to the fashion industry. All of them have booking scheduling upon inspiring the eastern culture. Stay connected to the page with the latest updates all together. Stay in touch!