Top 10 Richest Male Singers in The World

Top 10 Richest Male Singers in the World in 2017, highest paid singers list.

Having a melodious voice can bring loads of dollars in your bank account, but it all depends on how well you use it. When you have the talent to soothe any ear as well as mind through your vocal tone, you eventually grab a million hearts. This is what, these singers did and along with a huge fan following, it also bought millions of dollars in their bank account.

List of Top 10 Richest Male Singers in the World in 2017

The below mentioned singers have made a prosperous career in the music industry and have won millions of hearts without a doubt. This list will not only give you chills but will surprise you to see your favorite singers in it.

Take a look.

1. Johnny Mathis ($400 Million) – An American singer, Johnny Mathis is considered to be the third most successful artist of the 20th century. He was honored the lifetime achievement award for his stupendous contribution in the field of music. He was also introduced in the Grammy’s Hall of Fame for his amazing achievements. Apart from being a renowned singer, he is also an investor. He owns a football team as well as a restaurant including investments in stocks and other ventures.

Johnny Mathis, Richest Male Singers in The World

2. George Strait ($326 Million) – Commonly known as the King of Country music, Strait is an American actor, singer and producer. His net worth accounts to $326 million. His debut album was released in the year 1981 delivering the biggest hit called “Unwounded”. He sold more than 100 copies which helped him bag too many awards. Selling more than a 100 records all over the globe, Strait is considered to be the artist with bestselling album recording in the States.

3. Toby Keith ($320 Million) – American by origin, Toby Keith is a renowned country songwriter, producer, singer, actor and has a net worth of $320 million. Apart from being a marvel in the entertainment industry, he is also known to be a successful businessman.

4. Julio Iglesias ($300 Million) – Spanish in origin, Iglesias is a songwriter as well as a singer who successfully sold 300 million copies in 14 different languages all around the world. His complete name is Jose Iglesias de la Cueva and is the father of infamous Enrique Iglesias.

5. Aaron Kwok ($275 Million) – Aaron Kwok is originally based in Hong Kong and is a singer, dancer and an actor. His work is influenced by Michael Jackson. This singer, is a car fanatic and has numerous cars that belong to notable companies like Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Pagani and Ferrari. This goes by no surprise that he is indeed a super-duper rich guy!

6. Kenny Rogers ($250Million) – This American songwriter, singer and actor has a net worth of $250 million. He is counted amongst the best selling artists from all over the world. Throughout his entire music career, he has won awards such as Grammys, CMAs, AMAs and ACMs. He was also glorified with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his long lasting career.

7. Justin Bieber ($200 Million) – Canadian by origin, Bieber is not just a vocalist but also a songwriter and a performer. His success journey began with his debut EP and hit the Billboard charts. Since his debut album, he has won numerous awards and was listed thrice in the Forbes magazine as the third powerful celebrities in 2011, 2012 and ninth in 2013.

8. Robbie William ($200 Million) – Robbie Williams is a British songwriter and singer who was counted as the best selling artist, best selling non-Latino artist and best selling British solo artist as well. In his entire music career, he was introduced in the UK Music Hall Of Fame and awarded the BRIT Awards and ECHO Awards.

9. Jay Chou ($185 Million) – Infamous Taiwanese actor, singer and songwriter as well as multi-instrumentalist, Chou has a net worth of $185 million. He can play a host of instruments like sitar, banjo, clarinet, violin, keyboards and much more. He has also appeared on the cover of Time and has 10 million fans all over the world.

10. Justin Timberlake ($175 Million) – Justin Randall Timberlake, a renowned American songwriter and actor has an estimated fortune of $175 Million. Timberlake did his debut through an album called Justified. He has won four Emmy Awards and nine Grammy Awards as well.

The art of singing made these male singers popular in the industry and their popularity helped them in earning huge and to make their place in the list of top 10 richest male singers of the world.

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