Top 10 Richest Lead singers in The World

Top 10 richest lead singers in the world in 2017, highest paid lead singers.

Hard work always pays you good – Popular Lead singers get full attention and amounts and thus could make place among the top 10 countdown. According to the report via different sources these singers shook the entire world with their bank balance with that of their voice too. The singers are the best in their respective genres. They make the audience whirl in their tune so that they can enjoy to the fullest.

Here we present the names of top 10 richest lead singers 2017

The list of the top 10 is the most amazing one among all the recent updates made this year. The lead singers of the recent era have really made it up for the audience. We are presenting the names of the richest lead singers of the world, who earned fame and money both together immensely because of their hard work.

The list is as follows:

1. Paul McCartney: 800 Million (The Beatles) – one of the best singer of the world had seen till date. The music industry till date thanks him for all he gave to the industry and still continuing to do so. He is ranking first on the list with an account of 800 million from the industry on the net worth.

Paul McCartney, richest lead singers in the world

2. Bono: 600 Million (U2): The 2nd in the list the best human being this industry did see. The world’s great wanker. He is the lead of an Irish popular band; he himself has gained enough respect and praise from politicians and other notable people from the industry itself. He himself explains his journey to be – bit bright and experimental.

3. Jimmy Buffett: 400 Million – this singer not only opened his restaurant chain but rather named this food park according to the song that is famous till date. Well major chunk of money he gets from tours and travels though singing is his passion and he never fails to reach to his audience.

4. Elton John: Net Worth: $320 Million: – This gentleman did hold his fourth position even after spending some 30 million within just two grand years. He therefore persist his position to the UK chart – as the best selling singles. Ranking on the fourth position with a net worth of about $320 million is quite a big deal on the whole.

5. Mick Jagger: Net Worth – $305 Million (Rolling Stones) – Mick was a drug addict but a true lover for music holds fifth in this list – left journalism and politics as profession and joined the brand – this decision was probably the correct and the best. Within half century he proved himself.

6. Gene Simmons: Net Worth – $300 Million (KISS) – the stage name- the Demon always shook his stage and gained immense prestige and amount, successful in all his TV shows as well as reality stages. Gene gained popularity via different medium and a result of about $300 million is not a fun anymore. This sum altogether is not a matter of joke in the recent era.

7. Sting: Net Worth: $290 Million (The Police, Solo) – worth getting number of awards – be it American Music Award or Order of the British Empire he shook the world with his music numbers.

8. Phil Collins: Net Worth – $250 Million (Genesis, Solo)- Collins hold an insane wealth for himself just by being the lead in Switzerland, he earn handsomely via his number Genesis and from other numbers like “Can’t stop loving You”

9. Dave Matthews: Net Worth: $250 Million (Dave Matthews Band) – Mathew a true travel loving person gains amounts from his tours itself unending though the ninth position in the chart reveals all.

10. Prince: Net Worth: $250 Million- Popularly known as-The prince and then after the Artist earns via number of copyright cases- the list includes even YouTube and as well as EBay.

All these lead singers are perfect blend of latest culture in their fields. The refusing of the legacy makes it all the more challenging for the performers when they compete against each other. Thus stay tuned so that you can easily see the difference between them and mark them accordingly. Stay connected to the official page of the top 10 so that you catch up with the latest news updates.