Top 10 Highest Paid Kollywood Actors

Top 10 Highest Paid Tamil Actors by Remuneration in 2017, Comparison Of Tamil Actors’ Salary Top 10 Kollywood actors who are paid the most

List of 10 most salaried actors: Besides Bollywood, the Indian film industries also have state specific film industries which are doing considerable well. Same is with the Tamil cinema. Here is an insight into what is the pay of these actors.

Most salaried Kollywood actors, year 2017:

The minimum guarantee regulated in Tamil cinema, was sort to be cancelled and that is why the production cost too is going less and that calls actors to demand less salary form the production.

1. Rajinikanth : – How one can forget the legendary Tamil actor Rajinikanth. He has proved the milestone of acting in Tamil cinema. His movies are epic and so is his cost. From the last 25 years in the industry, he is on the rank 1 for the high salary. For his recent release Lingaa he was given the pay cheque of 50 crore from which 10 were distributed amongst various distributors.

Rajinikanth, Highest Paid Kollywood Actors

2. Kamal Hassan: – A father of two beautiful daughters’ Shruti and Akshara, this talented man has proved the milestone of his acting in various Bollywood movies also. He is 2nd in the list with the salary of 30 crore. The film stage, is where he became bankrupt, and now earns a good sum of 30 crore. He has movies awaiting release in 2017. We wish him a good luck for the new movies.

3. Ajith Kumar: – Constantly demanding the pay of Rs. 25 Crore, this actor is amongst the top salaried employee. His salary ratio is 60% of total cost which somehow discourages the producer to produce any high budget movies with him. This has somehow decreased the number of movies he do.

4. Vijay: – The first actor who is bit flexible for his salary in movies, he takes the payment according to the production cost of the film project and director status. He surprisingly increased his cost on Puli where the remuneration for crew was paid least.

5. Suriya: – The expected cost of Suriya in his industry is 25 Crore but he made considerable decrement in the salary by 5 Crore and made it to 20 crore because of low market condition and presently he is working for his home production to work on the improvement of the status of the industry.

6. Vikram – Generally, he is considered as the director’s favorite actor with the considerable pay of Rs. 12 Crore. Though, from last 10 years the career of Vikram hasn’t seen the major hype but still his performance in Ai was praised a lot, still it didn’t help him to earn more for his movies.

7. Dhanush : – This young actor is life of any movie, he is doing. Not only Tamil cinema but the Hindi movie world is also impressed by his performance. Because of his consecutive success and stardom, he is new entry to the 10 Crore club. He has completed the shoot of Mari, VIP etc. and now he is moving to the shooting of VIP 2 where his pay is of Rs 10 Crore. We wish this talented actor a lighted success future.

8. Sivakarthikeyan: – This good looking actor is followed by many of female and children fans. He is famous amongst all the Tamil people. Last few years have added to his fame and name. Maan Karate and Kakki sattai made him earn name and fame. Recently he is receiving the pay cheque of Rs. 7 crore. Soon he will earn a hafty amount looking at the success.

9. Karthi : – He is 9th on the list with the pay of Rs. 6 crore. Though, his pay is quite unclear because he has done all movies from the home production but still his team has reported this amount. With lots of movie he acted in Madras turned to be milestone for his career.

10. Vishal: – He again is the same as Karthi with the acting in his home production movies only. He is the last in the list with the digits of 5 crore but none of his movies are a great hit.

So, soon a big change has to be seen by the Tamil cinema as the actors are stringent on their high pay policy.