Top 10 Richest Hip Hop Artists in The World

7. Curtis James Jackson III-

He is the name that is well known to the fans and he has been in the seventh position in respect of the richest hip hop artists. His net worth is 140 million dollars and he worked for some of the movies as well.

Curtis James Jackson III Richest Hip Hop Artists 2018

12 Replies to “Top 10 Richest Hip Hop Artists in The World”

  1. Eminem has got that one skill to attract the listeners. He has got millions of fans all over and that guy can make people go crazy. Just waiting for his new album dude. That’ll be kickass

    1. I really like him. He is just outstanding and no one can match him in speed, words, rhymes, fluency and the kick that his songs give. It just boosts me up.

  2. Dr. Dre has stated the career for Eminem, Lil Wayne and all. They have been fabulous now and Dr. Dre gets the credits. He is so wonderful and his contribution is so great.

    1. He did a lot of contributions to music and his recordings provided a platform a lot of artists who have made big names now. He was a great rapper then. And then turned a successful businesman.

  3. I guess it was Dr. Dre who set the hip hop on fire in 80s and 90s. He earned a huge wealth from his albums and concerts. And later he turned a business man and his studios was the platform for many of the leading rappers now.

  4. Eminem is the best. He is rightly called the Rap God. He gives ultimate raps with a great lines, phrases, feel and one gets addicted to it. I first heard his Ass like that and I’m still being his fan. I have a big collection of his songs.

    1. Yeah!
      That guy marshal Mathers is the best in the business. Some out of this world kind of raps are under his name. He is just a piece of brilliance. A legend one who gets words and rhymes so effortlessly and gets some best raps and listeners get addicted.

  5. 50-cent he has got some real hits in the high-up world worked with one of biggest in names in hip-hop. G-unit band name he is the real one for the gangsta life of streets made a name for himself with his talent, survived multiple gun shot amazing

  6. Snoop Dogg yo man real legend I just love his tracks one of the godfathers like alot of his track like Drop it likes it hot, Still Dre, Pimp, mostly all of them, sweat, real nice music and everything your up there man.

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